The Chemicals You Ingest Affect You

2013-08-18 15.22.16

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You are what you eat”. Most likely, the chances are that you have heard this common quote before.

Since the time of Hippocrates, he even clearly stated, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Going along with this idea, it is important to expand upon the awareness of what we ingest and intake everyday on a daily basis.

Everything in the world is made up of chemical molecules and chemical bonds that formulate the compounds that we know of as food and supplements. Every single day people wake up and they are forced to make a quick choice of what ingredients they will choose to fuel their body. As people go about their day of work, this often becomes a critical decision.

It is crucial to make wise choices nowadays, if you want to have your body working like a well-oiled machine. Having the notice of checking the amount of ingredients, as well as the ability to distinguish particular ingredients are great skills.

In an ever changing world of additives and preservatives being added to foods, as well as cross-contamination of antibiotics and vaccines, education is key.

Many people are often unaware of the long list of side effects and health problems that can develop over the course of poor nutritional habits over time. There have been many long studies that have discussed the problems of pharmaceutical drugs taken over long periods of time. In many cases psychotropic drugs given over the counter interfere with ones mental state of health.

The culture of our youth in America have been especially targeted by the marketing of poor nutrition, resulting in bad food habits. In order to cause some sort of change in our culture, is is essential to cleanse and detoxify the body of foreign impurities and chemicals that our body has a poor time breaking down.

The ability to rejuvenate one’s overall health and continue on living a healthy life after getting rid of impurities is always a possibility. The philosophy behind Naturopathic Medicine and Allopathic treatment revolves around the knowledge of prevention and treating the whole-body for health.

During the course of a lifetime people consume many various forms of food and supplements. Many contain essential vitamins and minerals in order to sustain health, however many foods are also barren of vital nutrients. Many factors can affect the food, such as the environment in which something is grown, as well as the attention given to the plants and vegetation.

By changing the course of menu’s and making healthier cuisines a larger priority in our culture, the epidemic of obesity and large-scale health problems can be globally combated.

We are reaching a critical stage where the availability of key nutrients and supplements obtained from healthy whole foods is becoming a global war. The health of the body is not always a priority for large parts of the nation. When poverty and poor access to quality food is a driving force throughout inner cities, it only makes the lack of nutritional education in curriculum’s look like the tip of an iceberg.

Through a unification of knowledge, information, and growth of healthy foods our world can begin to elevate in health and overall well-being. By building the awareness of nutrition and the importance of what one consume’s, people will be well nourished and live better lives overall.

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