Why You Should Create New Habits

Getting away from bad habits such as a regular routine of not doing any form of exercises, eating the same fast-foods, can be very beneficial. Most people have schedules or keep themselves trapped in the habit of continually doing the same activities over and over again, which can actually stunt their growth as well as one’s greater potential.

When you break out of your state of homeostasis or regular schedule so to speak, you begin to realize that you  can actually develop a greater potential inside your mind that you can utilize to expand your personal abilities. It usually isn’t until a moment of awakening  that you begin to encounter a strong force of change. With that force you may begin to feel a need to make a change and it will push you to start re-arranging your typical behaviors.

The human body and mind are smart, but they must adjust to changes. The hardest thing to actually do for many people is to learn how to adapt their body’s and minds to start taking action on deep goals and desires. It is in our nature to be strategically lazy and to do the minimum to get by at all times. But with that said, anyone can re-wire themselves so that they begin to feel a greater need to do things differently than before, with their previous cycle of habits.

A lot of people in our modern age, prefer to take the easy route and live within their comforts and eat the same foods that make them unhealthy and fat as they continue to live in the same place and live a sedentary lifestyle. Many people do to the same events over and over again, and they get so used to this habit that they never try new activities.

I’m going to tell you that you don’t have to live the ordinary drift through life mentality that so many people personify. Life is full of potential possibilities, but it depends on how inclined you are as a person to start taking action. I firmly believe that procrastination and a failure to take action is a growth stunting mentality.

Everyone possesses an infinite ability inside the mind, but not enough people tap into this powerful potential that they possess which allows them to be powerful creators of their destiny.

Most people have senses of their range of talents, but most are stalled at the idea of trying something new or better that can potentially help them enhance their lifestyle and break through old comfort zones.

A big part of life is about expansion and growth. If you remain complacent in your ideas and your repetitive daily habits it can become difficult to break out of the continuous pattern.

In order to make lasting changes here are some tips of advice:

  • Begin to eliminate things from your life one by one that are not serving you well. 
  • Add in new habits and skills that will help empower you to become a better version of yourself.

Start to look around at your life, and ask yourself questions about why you’re complacent in certain areas. Find out things such as, what exactly is inhibiting you from growing as a person? What material possessions are enslaving you? What is keeping you from becoming better and experiencing life at a much higher level? Begin to figure out how you can better arrange your schedule and become more effective as a human being. If something is overly negative and having a bad impact on your thought patterns or keeping you away from accomplishing deeper happiness kick it out of your life.

Ask yourself some value proposition questions

  • What could you add into your life right now, that would potentially bring you much higher value or start to add value into your life?
  •  What decisions are you holding off, that would help improve your life in a positive way if you changed your current pattern of thoughts?

When you ask yourself bigger picture questions, you begin to lay out a road map of where you want to go, as well as which direction you want your life to take. How would your life change if you had more time to spend on certain activities of fun? How would you feel as a person if you could purchase XYZ? What skills and experiences have you always been thirsting for? Begin to open up your schedule to allow in the activities, skills, people, and training that will bring superior value into your life. By opening up your schedule and changing your schedule it will allow you to change in a positive way. By making more time through adjusting your schedule, to spend on developing new habits and skills, it will ultimately help you expand and grow.

-Peace Pete