Imagination Brings Life To The Front Door


Some of the most powerful people of our time and forward-thinkers have always had loads of imagination. If you look at people like Steve Jobs or Walt Disney who are just two people that come to my mind, they utilized their resources to the fullest and never wasted a minute of their day.

If you are a deep thinker or someone who constantly envisions things, but you happen to look outside only to find so much that can still be improved, then you are a visionary.

Despite all the struggle and turmoil that our world continually pushes through with, their is so much beauty in the world that it is hard not to be excited about what can be done with our surroundings.

The hardest thing for most forward-thinkers though, I believe is actually letting go of things and letting their own success determine their destiny.

If you can let go of the restraints that hold you back or ideas in your head that keep you rooted in a stationary stage in your life then you will begin to move on into your personal endeavors.

Here are some ways that Imagination really begins to seep out in real life…

  1. During the first stages of imagining you really begin to think deep.
  2. You begin to be very curious.
  3. It becomes apparent that you’re eager for knowledge and further “knowing”.
  4. You start to hear your inner-voice or intuition.
  5. The writing down of your ideas becomes a practiced art.
  6. You begin to take a course of action.
  7. Created value begins to be shown for the world.
  8. Others begin to recognize the value that is put forth.

If you can keep your target audience in-shape and release some form of art, you will feel much happier inside and build a stronger balance with the world around you.

In order to be in harmony you have to begin doing the things you say and the things that you most want to do. The only way that magical things can happen is when you keep taking strives forward with your own imagination.

Why Good People Make Life Better

Good People

We all know certain people that we’ve meet in life that can have contagious personalities. These people are always exciting to be around, because they fill your day with such joy and happiness. Perhaps it’s a few people or only a handful of people, ¬†or maybe even more! The point is the more you surround yourself with positive like-minded people, the more likely you are to succeed and achieve great things.

The world is a vast place and ever-growing in population. There are jobs that need to be fulfilled and empty bellies of starving children aching. Prioritizing the things in your life and making sure that you can affect the world and give back to those people who can use your helping hands is important. Helping out people is one of the greatest feats one can submit them self to. I’ve always had a deep level of respect for people who go out of their way to help out someone else expecting nothing in return. Some of the greatest news and headlines are stories that sadly never even make it because they are simply too good and positive that news anchors wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if they read them out loud.

The key idea that I’m trying to get at is, we all need good people around us. By carrying a clean character and building strong personal relationships with other people, we can build a world of great people who think of ways to change the world in more ways than one.

Here are some simple ways good people can affect your life…

  1. Good People Brighten Your Day
  2. They Are Fun People
  3. Good People Make Life Easier For You
  4. They Fill You With More Energy
  5. Good People Are Easy To Get Along With
  6. Good People Are Never Afraid To Give A Helping Hand

Without good people in your life, life can be stressful, hectic, and startling. But if you can find good people in your life its always hard to turn away from them, since they can provide you with so much, often times without realizing. I hope people can start to appreciate the good people in life, so they can start reaching the headlines rather than the negative news feeds, that televisions like to portray. Just remember a little helping hand never hurt anybody.

Remember you can always awaken the hero within you. Never let the villain within you take over your personality and especially your mindset.

Simplicity Is Best

Live Simply

Consumption, hoarding, and accumulating excess things above your needs, can lead to an addiction to a clutter filled lifestyle. One of the problems that people face without realizing at times is that they have accumulated too many material things to the point of exhaustion. What I mean about that specifically is that people may get to the point where they just make purchases to the point where they are not really fulfilling any needs but rather just impulses. In order to to get over slumps or get ride of the questions of why you have so many things piled around your living space or closet, start looking at what you have.

In order to prevent yourself from being in insurmountable debt and having a ton of things that just sit around picking up dust start looking for ways you can clean up your space.

If you feel you have too much here are some helpful ideas…

  1. Give things away to Goodwill.
  2. Give things away to Purple Heart Veterans.
  3. Give things to friends and family who may have interest
  4. Sell things on Garage Sales
  5. Sells things on Ebay or Craigslist
  6. Start living a minimalist lifestyle

There are plenty of ways to still live a happy fulfilling life without having a bunch of junk, or things that you feel you have to show off to everyone in the world. In my own life I feel like I’ve grown a lot by learning how to dissociate wants and needs and move on from there. Once you find the things you really like, you tend to stick with those things. Whether you like quality products, clothing, food, or cars you will likely stick with those things as long as you can afford to do so. But with different lifestyles come different price tags. Some people want to just accumulate more and more, while other people just want to have less and less.

Whether you want to maintain a lavish lifestyle or a simple life it helps if you learn the skills of simplifying and cutting out unnecessary things. As strange of a concept as it is to some people if you want to have more abundance in your life, you first have to learn how to let go of things and have less. If you begin by spending less and build up a budget plan you can then move on and pursue whatever desires and motivations you hold. If you want to maximize your potential begin by cutting out the maximum consumption. Then turn more towards moderation, the key is learning how to adopt the ideals of simplicity and look at your lifestyle and how it currently revolves. By starting a simple life you may have to make adjustments and step out of some comforts but in the end it’s up to you whether you stick with your ideals and pursue the things you want. Start off easy but don’t set things off too much, simplifying is easier said than done.

Strawberry Peach Chocolate Hemp Smoothie


Starting off your morning right with an extra boost of energy is a great way to to stay healthy and in-shape. My most common personal combination of breakfast is generally oatmeal alongside a nutritional powerhouse smoothie. For many people breakfast is the most skipped meal which can really lead to ill health. In order to stay healthy and balance your desired weight and well-being, eating enough calories for your body and staying away from starvation techniques and binges is vital.

By making a smoothie in the morning I am able to nourish my body with many great nutrients, and it also provides me with enough energy that I am able to stay away from the likes of coffee and red bull beverages. Smoothies are a great way to add fruits and vegetables into your diet especially if you are a picky person who doesn’t like the taste of particular exotic fruits or vegetables. The key is switching your mentality into the fruits and vegetables cavern, which with later lead to a healthier more satisfied body and physique. Smoothies with the addition of key supplements can be utilized as a meal replacement or addition to a meal depending on your body’s particular needs.

It is common for those who participate in athletic performance and weight lifting to utilize protein shakes. But in my eyes the addition of fruits and vegetables, whether fresh or frozen pack a much stronger punch. By adding more whole food supplementation it really fuels the body so your muscles and joints can function more like a well-oiled machine. After athletic performance it is essential to refuel by in-taking protein and carbohydrates to help muscle and body recovery and repair. I personally like to add hemp protein as an alternative supplement, but I know Whey is generally the most common alongside Soy and Rice proteins.

Here is a quick recipe of a shake that I recently came up with…



  • 1 cup chocolate almond milk
  • 1 cup orange juice (not from concentrate is best, has more nutrients preserved)
  • 2 Tablespoons Hemp Protein
  • 1 pinch of cranberries
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 cup frozen peaches
  • 1 fresh banana

This recipe works generally for 1-2 people but depending on how many servings you would like you can always increase the load and pile up some more ingredients and enjoy the goodness!

Be Original


Throughout life people always look up to other people or try to replicate what others do. When mimicking the actions of others it really does nothing to separate you from the crowd. One of the most important things to avoid is the idea of trying to be just like everyone else or keep up with others around you. Everyone has their own unique abilities and talents that can be expressed and getting away from the notion of reciprocating the ways of life that is taught to you early on in life throughout school is important if you are to diversify.

Part of being original and growing, is developing the ability to separate yourself from the pack and allowing your inner-self to really be expressed. If you can come to the point where you’re willing to step up and perform tasks that you feel need to be done or accomplished without any regard to what someone else might think, than you are beginning to pave your way. By setting aside outer chatter and focusing your totality on what your true skills sets are, you can do what it is you intend to do.

Here are some of my thoughts…

  1. Live Out Your Interests Once They Are Found
  2. Research and Expand Your Present Knowledge
  3. Do What YOU Like
  4. Always Do The Best You Can Despite What Others May Say
  5. Find Ways To Express Your Creativity
  6. Find Your Niche and Let It Out For The World
  7. Avoid The Victim Ideology
  8. Avoid Becoming Another Clone of Somebody

Whether you have ideas floating around in your mind or not there is plenty that can be done out in the world. There are fresh new waves of opportunities out in the midst, you just have to conquer yourself first so you avoid being fearful. Disappointments happen and successes happen. Learn to play odds in your favor and always be yourself first, rather than the second best version of your favorite idols. You might be surprised by what you’re actually capable of doing if you start trying and pry open hidden talents. The keys to yourself are only owned by you. Other people can only try, but they will often fall short when trying to be someone else. By keeping originality closely gripped you will always travel far in any endeavor.

Discover Your Potential

Your Potential

The hardest thing for people to do at times is to actually do what it is they are capable of doing. Finding out what you enjoy doing the most is one of the most important things to determine during adolescence in my eyes. When you really research topics that interest you and you pursue knowledge with a sense of love, this is often a sign that this is your passion. One of the biggest problems that people face nowadays though is finding something that they are passionate about and still being able to make a living and pay their bills on time not to mention any credit that may have piled up along the course of time. However some might argue that even if you accumulated a lot of debt over the course of time, by still pursuing your dreams and whatever your devotion is, you can still make it out alright. In the long run, pursuing your inner bliss often results in an outcome of satisfaction. By sailing towards the force that is leading you in your life you can cultivate successful outcomes.

So you might wonder how do you truly find your potential?

  1. Find The Things That Bother You Personally About The World
  2. Do The Things You Enjoy Doing
  3. Spend Time With Older People Who Have Experience In Many Areas
  4. Shadow People Who Do The Things You Enjoy
  5. Spend Time Researching And Pursuing Passions
  6. Experience Teaches Best

By tapping into ideas that drive you and ideas that inspire you, life will open up doors. All you have to do is chase the most precious thing out there, your true purpose. Everyone has their own talents and gifts you just have to learn how to start tapping into what it is you enjoy doing. Once you find your inner bliss you will know it cause everything you do will focus around your bliss. At times it is difficult to focus but getting out their in the world and trying new things and looking into things that generate your interest is the best way to start. Always keep your options open towards new ideas. Also look to discover ways more of your talents can be expressed creatively.

Help The Young And The Old

Help The Young And The Old

One of the best ways to make an impact in your community is through volunteering your time. Some of my most memorable hours that I have spent have been when I was surrounded by those who were less fortunate in health than me. Spending time with elderly patients who held mental health issues helped me learn how to be patient and caring. Most importantly I helped develop a bond with the idea of how people should truly be treated when elderly, which is with true respect. If you believe in the statement, “treat others the way you would like to be treated”, then living it out in real life is the first step to making a difference in your community.

By volunteering you can steer yourself into the direction of giving. By giving back it does your community a favor and affects the world around you with global effect. Also often times you will find more satisfaction when giving your time away for free to others than receiving pay because you feel a different level of appreciation. By helping others you start to develop a new love for life and learn what being unselfish is.

The time that you spend with the youth helps nurture tomorrows seeds. It’s always critical to always teach and lead the youth in the right direction. I have always enjoyed spending time with my nieces and nephew knowing that it is critical to feed them with wisdom in this crooked world.

Some ideas I have for making a difference among the young and the old…

  1. Look Into Volunteer Locations Near You
  2. Discover Your Particular Area of Interest That You Enjoy
  3. Find Others Who’d be Interested to Join Your Effort
  4. Get to Know People and Meet Them

If you don’t know where to start, you can look into nursing homes, assisted living facilities, homeless shelters, or soup kitchens just to name a few places. The sooner you go out into your community and meet a broad spectrum of people from all aspects of life, the more you’ll appreciate the art of helping people out. Many people often don’t realize how lucky they are to have what they have. When you go out in the world you begin to see people who are less fortunate than you and everyone could use a helping hand sometimes.

Through some of my experience in an Assisted Living Facility I gained a lot of wisdom from war veterans, farmers, and business men who helped out the U.S. during their prime years. By developing the heart to help others, you will go far in emotional and spiritual wealth. The results of volunteering can affect the build up of a facility which can in effect build up a community. By aiming to make a positive difference in the lives of others you aim for the development of a better tomorrow. Strengthening your community starts through strengthening yourself.

Why You Should Build Up Your Network

Communicate Network

Connecting with people that you meet in life is one of the greatest skills that you can develop. When you start to connect with people who think like you, or who have skill sets that may be of benefit to you, it can lead to great achievements. Part of the struggle is overcoming certain obstacles that may be holding you back from your true potential.

Here are just five things that come to mind that I’ve personally experienced at different levels…

  1. Fear
  2. Rejection
  3. Poor Self-Portrayal
  4. Social Incompetence
  5. Comfort Zone Mentality

Although we all hold flaws and characteristics that we may regret or wish to get rid of, we as humans beings are easily adaptable, and have the ability to make change. If you have a past that you would prefer to forget, than changing your mindset and focusing on creating today, will result in a better foundation tomorrow.

Setting obstacles aside, your network of communication is a key to your success and development in the world around you. If you want to maneuver your way to a successful path in career, family, spirituality, physical health, and or emotional health you need to know how to communicate effectively. The power of talking to others and broadening your network along with knowledge only leads to positive outcomes. This is especially true when you network with people who share similar ideas and goals in life as your own. The sources that you obtain your wealth of social skills from, depend upon your network of communication.

In order to be an effective net-worker you need to establish a level ground of confidence to the point where fear and rejection are no longer emotions that hold you back from your potential. One needs to develop an idea in their mind that for every person that you meet that person could potentially be another person that will cooperate and effectively work with you in your working environment. If you can make it a priority to cooperate with other people even if you don’t like everything about someones personality this way of living will greatly lead you. By establishing a level ground with other people and effectively communicating your goals and forming friendships, you can develop a strong team of people in your network. Your team of workers will be destined to change the world and help shape the world in a positive way if you can effectively cooperate and get rid of the idea of always trying to be number one in each and every category.

Through exploration and seeking out new experiences it leads to growth in ways you may have never thought possible. Just by taking chances you can enhance your inner wealth. By being courageous and seeking out the world around you will defeat fear. Your network will be strong and build in numbers if you can continue to make a difference in lives around you and cooperate with yourself. If you want to be good at what you do you have to build a strong network within the outer-net of the world around you. The world is a large vast environment and only through the course of action do bridges get built.

The only way to expand your potential and see more new faces is to network and spread your name out there. Nothing works better than a nice hello, a handshake, and a short introduction.