Why You Should Create New Habits

Getting away from bad habits such as a regular routine of not doing any form of exercises, eating the same fast-foods, can be very beneficial. Most people have schedules or keep themselves trapped in the habit of continually doing the same activities over and over again, which can actually stunt their growth as well as one’s greater potential.

When you break out of your state of homeostasis or regular schedule so to speak, you begin to realize that you  can actually develop a greater potential inside your mind that you can utilize to expand your personal abilities. It usually isn’t until a moment of awakening  that you begin to encounter a strong force of change. With that force you may begin to feel a need to make a change and it will push you to start re-arranging your typical behaviors.

The human body and mind are smart, but they must adjust to changes. The hardest thing to actually do for many people is to learn how to adapt their body’s and minds to start taking action on deep goals and desires. It is in our nature to be strategically lazy and to do the minimum to get by at all times. But with that said, anyone can re-wire themselves so that they begin to feel a greater need to do things differently than before, with their previous cycle of habits.

A lot of people in our modern age, prefer to take the easy route and live within their comforts and eat the same foods that make them unhealthy and fat as they continue to live in the same place and live a sedentary lifestyle. Many people do to the same events over and over again, and they get so used to this habit that they never try new activities.

I’m going to tell you that you don’t have to live the ordinary drift through life mentality that so many people personify. Life is full of potential possibilities, but it depends on how inclined you are as a person to start taking action. I firmly believe that procrastination and a failure to take action is a growth stunting mentality.

Everyone possesses an infinite ability inside the mind, but not enough people tap into this powerful potential that they possess which allows them to be powerful creators of their destiny.

Most people have senses of their range of talents, but most are stalled at the idea of trying something new or better that can potentially help them enhance their lifestyle and break through old comfort zones.

A big part of life is about expansion and growth. If you remain complacent in your ideas and your repetitive daily habits it can become difficult to break out of the continuous pattern.

In order to make lasting changes here are some tips of advice:

  • Begin to eliminate things from your life one by one that are not serving you well. 
  • Add in new habits and skills that will help empower you to become a better version of yourself.

Start to look around at your life, and ask yourself questions about why you’re complacent in certain areas. Find out things such as, what exactly is inhibiting you from growing as a person? What material possessions are enslaving you? What is keeping you from becoming better and experiencing life at a much higher level? Begin to figure out how you can better arrange your schedule and become more effective as a human being. If something is overly negative and having a bad impact on your thought patterns or keeping you away from accomplishing deeper happiness kick it out of your life.

Ask yourself some value proposition questions

  • What could you add into your life right now, that would potentially bring you much higher value or start to add value into your life?
  •  What decisions are you holding off, that would help improve your life in a positive way if you changed your current pattern of thoughts?

When you ask yourself bigger picture questions, you begin to lay out a road map of where you want to go, as well as which direction you want your life to take. How would your life change if you had more time to spend on certain activities of fun? How would you feel as a person if you could purchase XYZ? What skills and experiences have you always been thirsting for? Begin to open up your schedule to allow in the activities, skills, people, and training that will bring superior value into your life. By opening up your schedule and changing your schedule it will allow you to change in a positive way. By making more time through adjusting your schedule, to spend on developing new habits and skills, it will ultimately help you expand and grow.

-Peace Pete

The Relentless Pursuit of Balance


One of the hardest struggles while steering the wheel throughout life is keeping and maintaining a strong consistent balance. Walking a tightrope or slackline can teach you lessons on life and the importance of being focused on a steady balance.

I came to the conclusion lately that I haven’t fulfilled living life truly and deeply. Living a lifestyle that is fun, balanced, and social are key ingredients for a life well lived. There are many days where people across the landscape fail to take action on movement or do activities on the go.

What I’ve grown to learn, is that the more you incorporate experiences that require movement, the more engaging the experience becomes. Essentially, by being more engaged in experiences the more excitement you add to your life as a result. Having balance and reaching for a state of balance in life is not something that simply takes place overnight. It takes daily discipline and strong implementation of positive habits to truly engage in strong emotional experiences that every human beings ultimately craves.

Our body, mind, and spirit all deeply seek to be in balance.

For me personally, I’ve always struggled to find a true balance in my life. I’ve always had a tendency to dig too deep into things for a period of time or overwork myself through certain activities which can hinder growth. When it comes to expanding one’s options in life you’ve gotta make smart moves and have the right motives. When you dig too deeply into things for too long, you throw your life out of balance and sometimes cut certain people off by not allowing them access to your time.

The course of balancing work, school, family life, and all other personal daily priorities can truly take its toll on you if you allow it. The important factor in balancing comes down to the body and mind reconnecting especially in order for fun activities to take form. Participating in things such as exploration, leisure, and trying new activities should not be eliminated for long periods of time. The lack of new activities being implemented on a consistent basis will lead to complacency and a feeling of a rigid mindset. This lack of exploration and trying new things on a consistent basis makes a person too conformed to the norm, which leads to a lack of growth.

In order to grow as a human being and create wonderful things for the world such as a sufficient business or steady programs that improve the lives of others through valuable work which aligns with your purpose; one must learn to re-conquer them-self from technology and all the abstract distractions of the world.

A combination of stillness through meditation or yoga and daily movements should be a requirement for creating a stronger mindset and approach in life towards emotional experiences. Our ultimate motive as human beings is to form strong engaging experiences with other like-minded people. Stillness is great, but movement and physical activities are just as essential, if not more essential.

Whether it’s biking, dancing, riding horses, hiking, running, or walking through nature; it doesn’t really matter. What really matters is being active, still, and engaged in activities that you find the most fun for your personal lifestyle.

The time is ALWAYS now to participate and create new fun experiences that incorporate something new and engaging whenever life feels a little unbalanced.

The world is now more mobile than ever before. Whether you want to improve your learning through apps like Udemy or discipline yourself through adding meditation through Headspace or learn cooking skills through Yummly, anything is possible if you pursue it.

Rebuild your pillars and the foundation upon which you stand, and you will begin to notice a life of fuller meaning and purpose.

Personal power belongs in the heart, body, soul, and minds of all people. Balance is a focus on habitual behaviors and how they’re shaping your life.

To live and lead a happy life one needs to expand and encounter fears. To live a life of balance one needs to allow love inwards and negotiate with anger, sadness, emptiness, loneliness, resentment, and self-centeredness.

By bringing in more balancing activities into your lifestyle it can help you see the fuller picture in a greater light. By pointing your nose in a forward direction and imagining your heart as the center of your balance in the universe, you begin to take more positive and effective action towards your goals.

Redirect your mindset towards what brings you the greatest joy in your life and learn the truth behind your thoughts. There are certain thoughts that do not lead to balance such as thinking overly negative, judging, worrying, overthinking, and dwelling on bad experiences. By redirecting yourself towards joy, you begin to accept things such as positive thoughts, clearer thinking, savoring good experiences, and trusting other people who deeply care.

To maintain balance you cannot always believe all of your thoughts. Your negative thoughts that float around your head aren’t always the truth. Finding balance can be like walking a tightrope across water.

Fortunately, there are many ways to improve your life and begin to find peace within yourself and peace within your outer life. You control your own destiny, so if can manage to grab life by the horns and steady your mind and body, you may begin to reconnect to one of life’s greatest gifts.

Satisfaction and good health comes from healthy experiences as well as an inner knowing of stress balance and peace. No matter what branch of psychology you study you will find that being positive through the good times and the bad is the only way to take on life’s drastic measures.

Finding balance starts from within, but it’s a constant stride forward along with tugs from the sides and a little tug from behind.

What Are The 3 Main Type’s of Experience?

The Three Types of Experiences

One might say, that a memorable life that is lived fully and deeply is something that we all innately desire. Life consists of a multitude of conscious experiences.

If you believe in serving for a greater cause, whether it be for all of humanity or a particular set of beliefs you will find that you can lead yourself to a greater life beyond belief, but it can only be done with strong willpower as well as strong self-belief. Ultimately we can’t all realistically live in complete luxury like kings and queens, but you might as well strive to lead such a life and make the most of your experiences.

You are not a slave, so the sooner you realize that you’re essence is divine, and that you were mean’t to live fully and deeply, the more meaningful your life will become. The most important measurement to take, is the measurement of your time and how you value it.

Time is one resource that you cannot take back.

Use your time for rewarding experience’s that make your life full.

In life we all go through some painful experiences, but we also go through some fun, loving, and memorable experiences.

“Pain and suffering are required to make progress.” -Brandon Carter

Let me go over the three main types of experience that you likely face in your life.

  1. Experience’s That Enrich You.

Where to begin. These are the type’s of experience’s that we wish could last forever. It could be spending time in a tropical resort feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, or it could be spending your weekend at a self-improvement conference where you network and meet a bunch of young ambitious people who all enhance your strengths and provide you with some wonderful insight on how you can gain further insight and knowledge in your niche. These are the life experience’s that we seek the most. Whether you want to spend it on your own or with someone you love, or even with a group of people who you highly regard. If only you could allocate your time in a manner where you eliminate your time from all the crap that clutters your mind and dumb’s you down, right?

Nobody wants to spend their time in a wasteful matter, that’s why our technology these days focuses so much on automation and proficiency. The more that you can eliminate chore’s and time consuming activities that you find less necessary or pleasurable, the more time you have to optimize your life with fun experience’s. It seems like people just want to do more things that matter to them and provide them with more life fulfilling experience’s.

2. Experience’s That Are Neutral.

These are the experience’s that we don’t mind too much. Perhaps it’s spending three hours of your day in a class that you feel you seek some value. It could also me driving around and running errands, or maybe it’s doing some activity such as cooking dinner for yourself or a family. Yeah maybe you wish you were someplace else or earning big bucks, but think of it this way, you are gaining some sort of value from learning, and it will help you in the future, so long as you are willing to soak it all in, and retain what you need to know.

Another way of looking at neutral experience’s is that they make you feel like you might be wasting your time, but at the same time, you wonder if you’re at the point where you would be providing more value by being somewhere else at the same time.

These neutral experiences may be a common part of the “come-up” phase. Whether you’re hustling your way up a new job, training, or spending time in a meeting these experience’s give you insight and communication with colleague’s. Keep in mind that neutral experiences can provide you with something to gain but it is best to not spend too much time or the majority of your time in neutral. Obviously it’s optimal to spend time more time in a place where you enhance other people’s lives and your own lives but it might not always be possible 24/7.

3. Experience’s That Deplete You.

Depleting experience’s are the worst experience’s. It is here that you sometime’s feel like smacking yourself in the face. Whether it’s spent at a soul-stealing job that you don’t enjoy, or doing something that causes you serious physical, mental, and emotion pain it’s probably not worth your time. In fact, it’s definitely NOT worth your time. These experience’s should be kicked out ASAP!

The problem is that not everyone can necessarily avoid all depleting experience’s. Sometimes we have to put food on the table and sometimes we have to keep our resources in proper management. After all, somebody has to track capital, assets, time, and knowledge. Every person has resources, and all resources must be managed.

“What get’s measured get’s managed.” -Peter Drucker

Whatever you do, don’t waste your time doing things that provide no value for your life or others. Life is too short and there is too much to gain from this world. If you want your true potential to show, eliminate whatever daily experiences that are holding you back. Keep your mind focused, and clarify what it is that you need to accomplish. It’s easier said than done, but try to map out a plan to get to the experiences that your soul really thirsts for. If you keep yourself inside a limiting set of beliefs you’ll get trapped there and you might spend more time in depleted experience’s than you originally intended, however once you overcome this mindset you will be amazed by how you can transform your life around.

Another thing that I want to cover is rejection. When you face a lot of rejection in life you might feel like you’re being depleted, but in fact it’s really just meant to teach you that you need more time to learn and grow in order to overcome your depleted experience’s. If you want to have a significant life that holds significant value, you NEED to overcome your fears that have kept you inside of experience’s that deplete you.

The Three Negative’s That Can Be A Part of The Sixth Sense:

  1. Indecision.
  2. Doubt.
  3. Fear.

As Napoleon Hill state’s in his book Think and Grow Rich, these simple emotions often keep us trapt inside of a continuous flow of depleting experiences. It is only the reversal of these negative emotions that will open your mind up to a life of confidence where you can defeat the odds that were set up against you.

To summarize, it is important to differentiate and understand how to separate your experience’s into these three categories. If you want to begin re-shaping your life, it is important that you realize where you spend your time and whether you could be optimizing your life and your experience’s through re-assessment. In order to reach a point of self-awareness and self-reliance you need to be able to differentiate between your experiences and allocate your time wisely.

Life Lesson’s That Must Be Learned

Life Lessons To Learn

“Life is short but sweet for certain.” -Dave Matthews Band

Over the years of my life, I’ve had to face some lessons and learn from them head on.

Sure I haven’t made a lot of money in my life, I haven’t started up multiple businesses, or played sports at professional level, which is what some people may define as obtaining a high level of success in life. However, what I have learned through life experience is some wisdom that I feel would benefit a lot of people.

I may not hold any fancy degree from an ivy league school that I can show off as a title to people, but with that said, I don’t think that is an absolute necessity in order to make it in the world nowadays and thrive in the modern business world. What I do believe in is having a great work ethic, having strong self-belief, and having ambition for creating and delivering great value.

I think that my words could definitely benefit those who may have hit some roadblocks on the way towards achieving successful endeavors.

Here is my list of five lessons that must be learned…

  1. Life is Too Short for Regret. 

Don’t sit back and dwell about what has happened to you, you’ll get left behind. As painful as some experiences might be, it isn’t healthy mentally to get caught up over things that happened in the past. For example don’t get overly pissed off that someone repeatedly rejects you every time you try to contact them and meet up. Don’t become overly upset when a job offer doesn’t pull through that you had your mind set on. The worst thing that you can do is get angry and let your negative emotions take over and sit and dwell on the past. You can sit in regret, but that’s not what a true winner does. Always keep moving forward. No matter what sport you play, whatever job you hold, or business world venture you participate in, you can always improve and there is no such thing as being overly-prepared. Life is short, so in order to gain an edge you need that extra motivation to turn things around when events don’t turn out as expected. Turn your passionate energy into fuel, so you can allow yourself to go the extra miles that your competitors are afraid to take. This leads to the next lesson.

2. Never Give Up.

Keep pursuing your life goals. Failure is not the end all be all. Even if you fall flat on your face and burn yourself out. If you have natural talent and strong work ethic, you will outwork your competition and you will dominate your peers. You can keep getting up and you can keep on trying. I’ve been in this situation before, I just wish I woke up earlier from my slumbers. Heck I’ve been on a hospital bed laying there wondering if I would ever be able to live my life to the fullest again. I’ve done laps around a hospital wishing that I’d never have to see the depressing building ever again. If you keep on trying and perfecting your deepest passions some door will likely open up for you. You always have to think positively, it’s the only thing you can do when things aren’t going your way. Keep your head up and keep pushing forward, no matter what happens you’ll be much happier knowing that you gave life your best shot.

3. Put Your Heart Into Everything You Do.

Whatever it is that you consider your strengths you must always put your heart into it. When you work to the point of sweat and tears and you reach new heights of achievement that you never thought were possible for yourself that’s when you know you’ve really put your heart on the line. When you out work your competition and never accept mediocrity you’re destined for a great life. As Bruce Lee would say, “If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not say there, you must go beyond them.” Your heart can do anything if you work for it.

4. Don’t Do Something Just To Impress Someone.

This is a big lesson. If you’re doing something just to win someone over or make them fall in love with you, it can leave you empty in the end, if things don’t work out in your favor. Just work with your heart and passionately follow through. Do something that you feel truly matters and you’ll make your dent in this world. When you act with the intent of genuine love it holds much deeper meaning. Doing something artificially for the sake of impressing someone won’t lead to lasting fulfillment. Ask yourself what will make you a better leader rather than a follower. If you’re really a leader you’ll be doing things for self fulfillment and for the betterment of humankind, not just for the sake of impressing one person.

5. Don’t Worry So Much About What Other People Think.

Some people might read this and think WOAH. Look I’m not trying to tell you that you should be a conceited egotistical freak. What I would emphasize is to not sit there and worry about what everyone else is doing with their lives and copy cat the way that they live. Don’t spend your time sitting and dwelling on how others feel about you and over react to other people’s opinions. Instead, focus on what you’ve got to do and avoid outer distractions. In other words use forced focus and concentrate on what you control, rather than external influences in the world that are out of your control. Put your focus on your best work and put it forward in front of you, so you can see it. As Henry David Thoreau said, “If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away.” Don’t forget about your purpose. Admire the skills and talents that others have, but learn and build so you can create a better life and conquer the things that you set out for yourself ever since you were a child ready to achieve his dreams. I don’t recommend that you ignore people and never help anyone. Set a clear goal and figure out what resources you need, as well as who you should get into contact with in order to get to your next destination.

Don’t always follow the crowd, and don’t focus your mental energy on regret. Some people will try and make life decisions for you, but don’t allow it. Get in the drivers seat and decide for yourself, become the decision-maker. Make it your aim to make smart-choices. It’s easy to get trapped in your own head, but live life concentrating on what you love to do and learn from other people.

Life is a lesson to learn, but don’t take everything that happens too serious.

Two Blogs That Have Had A Positive Impact On My Life


Over the years there have been two blogs that come to mind that have had a significant impact on me and my life. When it comes to the topics of self help, health, business, and lifestyle there have been no other blogs that have had as strong of an impact on me as the two blogs that I’m about to mention.

I have become a bit of health freak because that subject is what really fascinates me day after day. After lots of research and different reading material and implementing the principles, I have developed the core of what it takes to reach certain levels of wellness. Through all the digging up of all sorts of books and information on the topic of health, supplements, and dieting there are two blogs that really stand out when it comes to quality content and getting true results.

Reader beware, I’m about to give you an in depth summary and honest advice on two bloggers who live out the life of their dreams and inspire others to do big things that truly matter.


With this blog the author Mark Sisson focuses on the Paleo Diet and how implementing this diet and lifestyle can have such substantial effects on the body, health, and overall happiness. This blog is pure gold. It is filled with wonderful recipes, supplements, and cookbooks.

I truly believe that this is one of the most, if not the most effective diets and lifestyles for achieving weight loss and a trimmed body. If you have the discipline, mindset, and energy to implement Mark’s tips he will guide you towards a healthy lifestyle on the beaches of California along with steps towards working out like a true cave man or as his character (Grok).

Mark isn’t afraid to brag about how he can continually crank out at least 20 pull-ups consecutively on the beach and he proves that aging is really nothing to worry about if you take your health seriously. Through his blog, Mark proves that his Primal Blueprint leads to a successful lifestyle without the need for unhealthy filler foods. When you commit to the primal lifestyle of Grok, you cut out all the unnecessary carbohydrates that keep fattening up your gut and deplete your immune system.

Mark also has his own line of supplements that he offers that can help anyone reach their next level of wellness. If you take the supplements that Mark recommends such as vitamin D, probiotics, and whey protein you will develop a strong frame along with the consistency of his Primal Blueprint. His Paleo diet is definitely not for vegans, as it includes quite a bit of meat in the diet along with a balance of fresh fruits and plenty of vegetables.

I believe that this diet is quite healthy and has some reasonable comparability to the Mediterranean diet as it consists of a good amount of meat and some seafood. The only major difference would be the consumption of grains in a Mediterranean diet compared to the Primal diet of Marks Daily Apple.

The semi vegetarian lifestyle of combining both meats such as grass fed beef from farm raised cattle along with the consumption of big ass salads full of greens and colorful veggies makes for quite a healthy life. The Primal diet excludes refined carbs and potatoes, so tubers and sweet potatoes are the main replacement in order to have a healthy primal diet.


The second blog that has helped me in many ways is Earlytorise.com. The authors include big names such as Bedros Keuilian and Craig Ballantyne who are self made men who offers great content on building up a website and proving that anything is truly possible if you really have the balls and discipline to take action. The authors offer a simple kick ass mentality that has helped me to form better habits and develop the desire to take action.

The blog includes lots of good advice that will carry any man a long way if you set up a plan and structure your life around your business schedule. The articles happened to help me get my priorities straight so I could develop an income and build up my own online legacy. Reading advice from personal trainers on business and productivity have helped influence me so I could accomplish more and conquer the fear of being successful and going broke.

When you read the blog Early to Rise, you start to become addicted to becoming physically and mentally stronger. It’s kind of hard to describe but it really leads to a constant hunger for more success and instills a drive within that make’s the reader want to do more in the world and conquer all obstacles that land on the roadways of life.

Early to Rise provides the writing content to help anyone become a rockstar blogger if they correctly put their talents to good use. There is very valuable advice on entrepreneurship and making money in the fitness realm as well as other coaching industries. The website gives advice on how any person can make a larger stream of income online with their own website.

I like to live a frugal life and I like to build myself from the bottom up through boot strapping. The authors share tips on financial wisdom through his great advice on money and the evils of buying on credit and being in debt. As one should know, the country of America is in big debt and being in debt or facing financial hardship is something that enslaves and hinders many people across various landscapes.

If you want to learn how to get rich, or you want to create a lifestyle that enables more freedom through your own passions, you better start reading books and you better start learning from some articles from Early to Rise.

This blog has helped me develop a money making mindset. The blog also gave me advice on how to become much more dedicated and structured with my time. In addition it helped me open my eye’s to create my own passive income through ebook sales.

After reading a lot of material on Early to Rise, I realized that I need to put my knowledge into action so could become an entrepreneur, start making money, and stay out of debt.

Changing lives and helping make the world a beautiful place by taking bold steps through smart lifestyle decisions is what we should all strive for!

Be sure to check out the Primal Blueprint Store.

Also be sure to check out books from Early to Rise.

An Introduction To My Art of Blogging

The Art of Blogging

I first got introduced to blogging and following a blog consistently when I found marksdailyapple.com.  The author Mark Sisson, had a great lifestyle which had a magnetizing effect on me and how I wanted to potentially live my life.

During my junior year of high school, I really began to develop a strong interest in diets, eating healthy, and overall health and wellness in general. After researching the Paleo diet and seeing the benefits of developing more lean muscle, better skin quality, and overall well-being, I figured out that the Paleo diet was a lifestyle worth implementing.

I say lifestyle because the diet and the foods that you consume are truly based upon your lifestyle and how you choose to live. Dieting is much like philosophy because it depends on your set of beliefs as well as your surrounding environment. Whether you want to live fast and in poor health, or take extra time to be creative and make your own meals, what you eat is up to you.

Over the course of time my interests have always been expanding and new ideas have constantly erupted exponentially. As a result I constantly turn towards new areas of learning and ways to become better and a more productive person for society.

I have worked various jobs outside of school, which have helped me develop a sense of discipline and provided me with an idea of practicing support for customers and shoppers. The plus side is whenever I am able to connect well with everyday people and provide them with answers and solutions to their searches. Although my jobs have provided minimal pay which enable little freedom without the display of hard work for many hours, I believe the experiences that I’ve gained in different working environments have helped shaped my personality and my outlook on how to change the world one step at a time.

My school experiences have been spent in public schools and college, although I have always felt that my greatest interests and hunger for learning seem to spark when I teach myself through self-education.

I believe that school systems provide a strong set of standards for people in order to learn and good guidelines to follow, however many children slip up, or get caught up with personal situations and they often feel like the school system doesn’t always provide them the care and assistance that they need.

It is easy for the youth today and many people to become trapt in a negative mindset through the influence of media and sources that put down the idea of human potential. As a result I would like to help rejuvenate the minds of people in order to help restart the potential of businesses, workers, students, and people of all trades and professions.

As a result I have designed a destination where people can go to find themselves and reach deeply within in order to help find a way in which life can be lived with a radiance of positivity.

When you visit my website you can find multiple facets. You can find my personal philosophy, ideas on the current health paradigm, advice, recipes, and even possible stories of experiences.

Despite the struggle that I face of figuring out a way to balance income generation with school and my passions, I have found that the only way to conquer obstacles is through self-reliance.

In order to become a better person or a stronger being, learning how to become self reliant and teaching yourself the discipline of action is a must.

It is easy to be complacent and lazy, however it is much harder to always produce through successful action.

As I have discovered the blogosphere, I have found that it is loaded with an infinite amount of topics. In order to conduct a blog in a compelling manner it is essential to build a generous following and provide an attractive writing style. I have found that there appears to be different classes of blogs:

  1. Messenger Blogs- These are blogs that serve as purpose maximizers. With this the author is trying to send a lasting message.
  2. Informative Blogs- These blogs look to teach and spread knowledge through the use of research and recent global news affairs.
  3. Product Blogs- This type of blog pushes a product or service in a niche area towards a target audience or customer base.

A blog can have different influences. Some people simply look to share their expertise and knowledge on various subject matter. For me I’m simply looking for a way in which my message can spread throughout local communities all the way across the globe. If I can spread the message of positive beliefs, I believe a better world of leaders can emerge.

As Walt Disney once stated, “Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.” I hope I can create the world that I want, even if starts off word by word before steps of action.

My goal is to display my true self and to let others see that creative vision can be shared by everyone. If I can provide hope and share love for life I’ll try to use that light to lighten the path of others. I feel that by sharing knowledge and skills, every person can make life better and live a more fulfilling life. While I am anxious and hungry to always learn and discover new pathways I am aware that action comes through creative visions.

While vocations can come and go for some, I know others find occupations of passion that don’t feel like work at all. If I can provide that little daily bag of sunshine for lives in any way possible, I know that I’ll have lived fully, deeply, and vibrantly. After all, why not live fully and presently in every moment and make a difference in other people’s lives if you think you can do so?

Dealing With The Priority of Money Management

Money Management

One of the biggest elements that prevents people from living a free life or a life of unlimited choices usually depends upon money. I think that one of the most essential skills for Americans to learn is the crucial skill of  learning how to spend one’s money.

The biggest problem that many people face is excessive debt, or what I call debt slavery. The sorry state of having money hanging over your head, usually isn’t something that people like to brag about at the bar. Whether you spent too much money on an education, your car or home, it has been a common characteristic of Americans over the last 20-30 years to spend beyond reach. We live in a society that praises heavy consumption, yet little people produce enough goods or value to compensate for the amount of money we all spend on purchasing.

The essential knowledge of financial literacy is the same skill that we should have been taught as young children. Saving money is the key to growth as it leads to the ability to finance capital investments.

After all, if we never had people with savings and capital for investing, we wouldn’t be able to regenerate  job creation or increase the output of goods and services for society.

A society that lacks any savings cannot grow, and an individual who lacks savings cannot build and create until proper financial management is resolved.

People need to increase savings and produce value. On the other hand we all need to decrease unnecessary spending and debt. Overall as a society the western world ruled by global banks has reached a point of high consumption and little production.

As Peter Schiff states in his book The Real Crash, “We have been trading production for consumption.” (Schiff, 19).

One way to identify what may be causing problems within one’s own life or your families life is to track where your money is being spent.

Here I have created a list of things that people generally spend their money on. There is a good chance that I may have left some items off of the list, that may be playing a role in your own personal life. Feel free to make your own additions, if you feel any additional items may be a part of your expenses.

What Do People Spend Their Money On?

  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Shelter/Housing
  • Health and Medicine
  • Entertainment/Leisure
  • Education
  • Exercise Memberships
  • Supplements
  • Alcohol & Drugs
  • Travel Expenses
  • Childcare
  • Pets & Accessories
  • Material Goods & Toys
  • Manual Services
  • Care-giving
  • Therapy
  • Dental Care
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Internet

Chances are that if you live in the western world you spend money on multiple listings that I mentioned above. It is not necessarily a bad thing to spend money on items that I mentioned above. A lot of things are essential for human survival and for the progress of everyday life.

My ultimate goal for myself and other people is to find a way to build discernment and discipline of what I should say no to. The best way to save money or build a larger income is to learn how to say no and cut off areas of unnecessary spending.

If you want a good practical guide on how to Say No to certain experiences and everyday matters that may negatively be effecting you, check out James Altucher’s book.

One way that I like to look at expenses is by asking which accessories can easily be downsized, or what stuff I can sell off  that I don’t need. It really isn’t necessary to continue paying for a 2000 square foot house for instance when a married couple no longer has children living at home. It also isn’t necessary to pay a lease of $700 a month on a nice luxurious sedan like an Audi A6, if you were only making $40,000 a year.

Another great way to fatten up the wallet is to cut down transportation costs and drive less or take advantage of public transportation. Biking to school or work, or even using a car with good gas mileage is always a win-win. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, “Transportation is the second largest expense for the average American family.”

Nowadays it’s all about making smart decisions and using your own logic and common knowledge to figure out what is worth the cost and what exists within your own personal market of spending.  If you are spending just for the sake of pleasure and self-indulgence when you have no real money to back that spending, it results in a foolish wreckage of debt or even worse personal bankruptcy.

I’m not saying that people should sell everything that they own, or never buy anything at all. My main focus is to re-direct people so that they learn how to live within their own means and lead a happy life by not entangling themselves with financial chaos.

If you are smart enough to master your area of interest or create something of value for other people’s lives that other people will pay for, I’m sure that you can laugh all the way to the bank.

The problem for most people is deciphering what is worth one’s time and what isn’t worthwhile. Once you decide what is worth your time, you can begin to develop methods of making money and saving money in your free-time. If you are the type of person who has ideas but no money, look for possible opportunities of partnership or possible investment companies.

Don’t be the type of person who waits half their life-time before they actually take any form of action to obtain personal enrichment.

The paper chase is something that everyone has to deal with, but not everyone has to chase paper. Money management requires clear vision and a well rounded understanding of cash flow.

The beautiful thing about money is the freedom that it can enable for you to do the things that you enjoy. In order to seize freedom you have to execute opportunity. The best way to achieve freedom is to build a platform from which you launch your personal arsenal of strategies.

It doesn’t always make much sense to focus your energy on spending less money, when you can redirect your focus on making more money. Yes, the small changes to cut expenses will pay dividends down the road, but your potential earning power is the one factor that theoretically holds an unlimited value. My best advice to obtain a full plate is to keep your projects and if haven’t already, start to emulate the behaviors of the income generating genius’ that walk their talk.

Deal with money as a means to an end, and be a nighthawk who never sleeps on the adoption of monetary details!