Living A Midst An Information Age

Living A Midst An Information Age

When living in a world where information is so abundant it can feel overwhelming to think about all that there is in the world. At times all the resources that are available go to waste and some people don’t always realize what is truly at their disposal.

Students and any people looking to learn have great potential to do wonders with information and knowledge. However it is easy for many to take for granted the fact that the U.S. has so much access to great education especially when living a comfortable lifestyle. Few people fully acknowledge the value of education, but those who do recognize it often go farther and produce superior value for society.

We are truly living during a special era, which is enlightening in multiple ways. Now people can learn whatever they want! Finding access to the correct materials can take years of searching and it may require certain contacts with people who know good resources, but nowadays exactly anything can be learned.

With libraries, eBooks, iTunes U, YouTube tutorials, and blogs, access to abundant information and knowledge is at your fingertips with internet connection. This means knowledge is available at anyone’s disposal. It comes down to the question of whether people are willing to take the time to tap into valuable resources. It also comes down to one’s drive to learn and make a difference.

By properly evaluating resources and constantly looking for deals on how you can get the greatest return on your investments, this practice helps fund a reason-value logic. Finding the right information according to your interest levels, is critical. The type of information that transforms the way people look at life and the way we go about living is essential in order to output more value for society.

Nobody can become a complete expert at everything that the world has to offer, but finding a way to become an expert in a particular area of interest or interests is crucial for development.

Quite often people get lost in classrooms that are controlled by instructors that force pre-set curriculum’s upon people who have alternative ways of learning. For the critical thinkers, philosopher prototypes, and entrepreneurial minds often times school can be boring and it can feel like a closed box setting.

Learning and finding interesting information are not simply limited to classrooms or a closed box setting. The standard education that is often put out for kids on a silver plate does not always work in the best interest of the real world.

Also the overall well-being of people and the economy as a whole are affected by education. I find it sad that most high schools feel that the idea of joining college or the military is the only option to succeed in life.

One practice that I am beginning to learn more about, which was common in the past, is apprenticeship. Apprenticeship is a good option for young people in search of a future occupation.

I encourage people to go out in the world and learn new trades and skills. I also think that high schools should teach kids the importance of generating cash at an early age or develop kids so they can produce some sort of value for other peoples lives. Despite being in school for 13-14 years straight most kids decide not to challenge the idea of whether a university directly after high school is the best route to take.

I personally feel that one of the most important skills and values to learn at a young age growing up in an educational system is to form trusting relationships with friends, neighbors, and colleagues. If people share ideas and skills with one another we can create a very abundant society.

It ultimately comes down to how wisely people can use the information that is available and how to transform other people’s lives in the most positive way’s possible.

Working for free in pursuit of knowledge and spending time with like-minded people creates a bubble of thought, frequency, and value for the world.

Here is an excellent quote by Anya Kamenetz inside the book Better Than College, “If you were starting a top university today, what would it look like?

You would start by gathering the very best minds from around the world, from every discipline.

Since we’re living in an age of abundant, not scarce, information, you’d curate the lectures carefully, with a focus on the new and original, rather than offer a course on every possible topic.

You’d create a sustainable economic model by focusing on technological rather than physical infrastructure, and by getting people of means to pay for a specialized experience.

You’d also construct a robust network so people could access resources whenever and from wherever they like, and you’d give them the tools to collaborate beyond the lecture hall… If you did all that, well you’d have TED” (Boles, 121).

Here are the links to an excellent article and book…

  1. Article on TED:
  2. Link to Book:

I feel that by placing people who have deep connections and values together, companies and start-ups can flourish. The best way’s of advancement in any industry are by using the tools inside and beyond the classroom and lecture halls of the world.

Creation comes from within, and in order to create you need to learn how to release the inner energy that drives all forms of being.

The best advice I can give is to gather worth within your closest network and build around your web.

Trusted friends with common ideas are the best friends you can ever have. If you are to take on any obstacles the world throws upon you with any success you need to build relationships and relationships only grow stronger through honesty, trust, and positive thinking.

No Dream Is Too Big or Too Small

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Growing up as a young kid, often the world is looked upon with infinite beauty. Visions of what could be and the endless number of things to do and see always keep the young mind inspired.

Often times as a kid, one is welcomed to the thought that anything is possible as long as you display the hard work and competency that dreams often require.

For many people though unfortunately their creative genes and visions turn off sometime during the course of growing up. When you start to listen too much to people who say you can’t achieve you should not believe what they tell you.

Relying too much on opinions and letting negative thoughts control you, end in unwanted situations.

Setting hopes, goals, and dreams are a necessity if one is to ever live out their true purpose and reach their highest potential.

Criticism is one of the best motivators out there in the external world, but what matters most is how one bounces back from the critics. Learning through experience and observation one can utilize these tools to fuel their inspiration. Many people like to put you down, but let me ask you how many people like to raise you up?

Everyone always likes to take small steps, but often times small steps are necessary in order to move on to bigger ones. There are no guarantees with any decisions that one makes but one thing that is guaranteed is that people will not always succeed.

  • Failure is a large part of life, and a big part of the learning process.
  • Failing can be humbling and it can be a reality check.
  • Failure can be a report card on your process of growth and progress in all aspects of life.

The biggest gains can come from losses, as it teaches self-worth and value. Being a winner is good, but losing can be just as valuable.

Creation and the formulas of abundance form through the process of meeting the design of thought patterns. By exploring the unknown and by reaching high points and low points we become more aware of what is truly real.

Understanding new ways of relating ideas and relating possibilities all come through reflections of past experiences.

If you ever have something that you truly can’t be without you have to pursue your highest vision. Don’t stop because you feel you’re not good enough or because something is out of reach. Motivation and drive are the forces that keep the creation process going.

Destinations stay put until you get there, but once you get there, the process of work and creating value continues.  To stay inspired look at your surroundings and think of how things can always be improved. Elevating your peers and delivering on your goals that you set, help break hidden barriers.

If you’re blessed with talents you have to utilize them. If you’re too slow, you have to speed up. If you’re too fast, you have to slow down.

No matter what the person next to you thinks, you can always find a way to accomplish. Just look at each day as a new opportunity. Also remember no dream is too big or too small.

The Chemicals You Ingest Affect You

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Have you ever heard the phrase, “You are what you eat”. Most likely, the chances are that you have heard this common quote before.

Since the time of Hippocrates, he even clearly stated, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Going along with this idea, it is important to expand upon the awareness of what we ingest and intake everyday on a daily basis.

Everything in the world is made up of chemical molecules and chemical bonds that formulate the compounds that we know of as food and supplements. Every single day people wake up and they are forced to make a quick choice of what ingredients they will choose to fuel their body. As people go about their day of work, this often becomes a critical decision.

It is crucial to make wise choices nowadays, if you want to have your body working like a well-oiled machine. Having the notice of checking the amount of ingredients, as well as the ability to distinguish particular ingredients are great skills.

In an ever changing world of additives and preservatives being added to foods, as well as cross-contamination of antibiotics and vaccines, education is key.

Many people are often unaware of the long list of side effects and health problems that can develop over the course of poor nutritional habits over time. There have been many long studies that have discussed the problems of pharmaceutical drugs taken over long periods of time. In many cases psychotropic drugs given over the counter interfere with ones mental state of health.

The culture of our youth in America have been especially targeted by the marketing of poor nutrition, resulting in bad food habits. In order to cause some sort of change in our culture, is is essential to cleanse and detoxify the body of foreign impurities and chemicals that our body has a poor time breaking down.

The ability to rejuvenate one’s overall health and continue on living a healthy life after getting rid of impurities is always a possibility. The philosophy behind Naturopathic Medicine and Allopathic treatment revolves around the knowledge of prevention and treating the whole-body for health.

During the course of a lifetime people consume many various forms of food and supplements. Many contain essential vitamins and minerals in order to sustain health, however many foods are also barren of vital nutrients. Many factors can affect the food, such as the environment in which something is grown, as well as the attention given to the plants and vegetation.

By changing the course of menu’s and making healthier cuisines a larger priority in our culture, the epidemic of obesity and large-scale health problems can be globally combated.

We are reaching a critical stage where the availability of key nutrients and supplements obtained from healthy whole foods is becoming a global war. The health of the body is not always a priority for large parts of the nation. When poverty and poor access to quality food is a driving force throughout inner cities, it only makes the lack of nutritional education in curriculum’s look like the tip of an iceberg.

Through a unification of knowledge, information, and growth of healthy foods our world can begin to elevate in health and overall well-being. By building the awareness of nutrition and the importance of what one consume’s, people will be well nourished and live better lives overall.

10-20 Minutes of Quiet A Day

10-20 Minutes of Silence

During the course of a day, people often go through a lot of commotion. Generally the tolls of an everyday life can consist of a grinding schedule that often repeats day to day making people tired.

Most people have tried different methods in order to stay awake and energized throughout the day. Some may take short power naps, while others may take caffeine supplements or drink coffee to keep awake.

All the chitter chatter that goes on during the day, and all the material things that cover society all help to divert the human psyche. As a result all these distractions can make one feel tired and exhausted. Sadly, people often forget how important it is to take some time and relax and let go of the things that don’t serve your life in a positive fashion.

The method that I find that works the best for me is striving to obtain 10-20 minutes of silence a day. Specifically, I mean that I generally try to take some “time out”, to relax the mind and ease away any stress. As a result these methods help to build resilience and strength within.

Forms of meditation, yoga, stretching, or even shortly-timed power naps can often help one feel revitalized and therefore happy and healthy.

All the disturbances and things that side-track the mind can be temporarily forgotten when you take the time to be still.

Internally most strive to find a sense of solace but it is not easy to achieve. It takes time and discipline to know what you’re capable of becoming and knowing what your true path will include.

Everyday people devote their energy to given time in order to accomplish and in order to strive forward. It takes time to learn intuitive intelligence just as it takes time to learn verbal, contextual, and idea based knowledge.

Through the practice of Mind-body healing and breathing techniques, the body can learn through the course of silence. The practice of relaxation and visualization  are important techniques since they help create certain matters of a desirable reality.

Through confinement of relaxation it can be a healthy experience. As stated in the book Natural Healing Wisdom & Know-How by L. John Breathing, Ph.D. “Breathing properly is healthful; it increases the amount of oxygen in the blood and strengthens weak abdominal and intestinal muscles. When you are relaxed, your breathing deepens and your heart rate decelerates (Rost, pg.303).

Whatever form of relaxation works best for you, it is best to stick with what you’re comfortable with.  Relaxation and finding some positive feelings inside helps you know tranquility. Everyone has their own preferences and creating peace and calm feelings are an important aspect of life for everyone.

By conducting acts of peace, you discover how your awareness increases. You also become more attentive to your surroundings. Life is full of beauty and the more mental clarity you have the more beautiful life will become.

Taking A Break From Formal Education

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After spending two years at a local community college where I grew up, I felt very restrained with what I was able to accomplish. Although I had a great experience learning interesting things and meeting new people in class I still felt a drive to do more with my life then spend four straight years in lecture halls and classrooms filled with exams and quizzes.

Inside my heart I felt a need to drive away to sense a feeling of freedom and exploration. My days in college often were exhausting as I would spend half my day in classrooms, the library, or the tutoring center in order to get ahead in my education. During the major course of my first two years in college, I also spent a considerable amount of time working each week in order to pay bills and fund my educational investment.

During my course of school I often read and studied to the point of exhaustion. The classes I took were in preparation of a medical pathway. My schedule which contained heavy course loads and constricted time management all battled the supplies of school, work, health, and family matters.

I always felt like every week my to do list was expanding and it seemed like I was never able to completely focus on everything I had set in mind.

After doing some research and exploring some possibilities I decided that taking a break from school, and developing some practical skills and real-world experiences may help nurture my future. The prospects of future education also appear to be leaning more towards a self-educated population, especially as more learning material becomes more openly available.

Also with the idea of a home-school education, often times depending on the environment, these students far surpass their peers when it comes to skill sets and academic performance levels.

It is becoming more and more apparent that not everyone who attends college, holds the common interest of their future education as their number one priority when attending school. However if the ultimate goal of a student is not to become highly educated, the best attribute to develop is social characteristics.

One of the best abilities to develop in educational institutions is the ability to socialize and network. The ability to connect with people and prospects who hold common interests can lead to internship opportunities as well as future job opportunities.

The price tag of self-education and exploring the opportunities of what the world has to offer can be as big or small as one can manage. However the costs of education from an institutional aspect continues to skyrocket at an alarming rate, leaving many wondering whether the risk-reward will lead to a favorable future.

The testing grounds are not only subject to classrooms. Many offices and facilities across the nation and the globe are in search of ambitious learners and researchers. The opportunities of the world are available, they are just becoming harder to seek out and competition is becoming more arduous as degrees become more common place in the market of our economy.

The ability to utilize key resources, become versatile, and develop poise are necessities. Looking at life with a smile and taking it head on will help one embody a better tomorrow.

Remember to look at life as a never-ending learning cycle and steer your thoughts with positive intentions. As a result you will go far.

How Traveling Expands Your Perception

Traveling Expands Perception

Traveling is not always a possibility for everyone. This is one fact that I have learned over the course of my life.

Fortunately I will admit I have been blessed to have been able to travel around a bit in my lifetime.

Whether it comes down to financial strains, lack of curiosity, or fear of traveling, I understand it can be difficult to travel. However, upon my experiences of traveling I must say, I have had some spectacular experiences.

I have enjoyed sight seeing, and opportunities to view places have arisen. I have seen foreign places which do not possess any remnants of any environment that I have been familiar with growing up.

By growing up in American suburbia, I feel I have really missed out on some of the spectacular places that the world encompasses. The journeys of seeing the world outside my usual living space have been mind-opening to say the least.

The different places that people inhabit as well as the daily tasks come in different shapes and forms.

Through the course of seeing another country, as well as speaking another language the experience itself, from another side of the globe is nothing short of astounding. The fascination of viewing all the history and various art forms that have survived the course of history help you see how things have changed and evolved over the years.

Traveling Art

To expand upon that, many cultural values continue to repeat and artists never truly die. You can look back in time when things were much simpler and technology didn’t consume as much time as it does now, and artists truly thrived. It was through love across vast cultures, that many art forms branched into being and inspiration sprouted.

With the different places, bring different faces. Along travel’s you can begin to observe the course that other people embark upon. Everyone that you meet have their own walks, their own styles, and their own character.

Some people live life in a hurry,  while others are calm, chill and relaxed. These same calm people feel so blessed just to see another day of sunshine and enjoy the present moments that life has to offer. Their are also those who live life to their fullest potential, while others choose to beg and wait for the glory days that never come.

When you begin to view the people that you run into during traveling, it is always hard to fully understand where they came up from. Following up on that, their are certain folks who carry themselves in a fashion in which they can be understood.

All the people that you encounter have their own habits, cliches, and personas.

During traveling you see how countries run different rules and regulations as well as different traditions that pass through the course of time.

Along the ride of traveling, you can see exotic regions and places that share so much rich beauty that words cannot always explain them. A picture is worth a thousand words, but what are traveling experiences worth? An experience and a journey is worth a billion words or more, especially when journey’s always continue in growth.

By traveling you get to see things that may contain links to your families past. You also get to potentially share feelings that your distant relatives had sometime during their existence.

The beauties of the world are truly breathtaking and really can touch one’s soul. I really wish that other people could experience and see other parts of the world and the wonderful scenery’s. Dreams can be far richer than picket fences and five bedroom homes filled with gadgets.

When you share with family and friends it always builds up an experience, but traces of loneliness can’t always be fled from. The mind-expansion that takes form during travels is always worth the risks and fear that one endures. By living fully and deeply you experience great joy and satisfaction from traveling.

Nothing beats the experiences of traveling and seeing new things, especially the potential learning that comes from the encounter. Although I can’t prove any dendrite growth from traveling, I can almost guarantee that the experience itself will generate some life-long memories, creating intelligence.

The way you perceive life, and the many trials that you embark upon often change when you travel. Plus, you never know how much new destinations really may inspire you or the people you know. Life is a never-ending loop of ups and downs, so learn to make the best with what you’re given each day!

Why You Should Read More And Watch Less Television

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When it comes to the idea of an education, not all forms of learning are treated equally. For some people a degree may automatically be associated with the thought that financial security and freedom will be granted automatically.

But with anything that you aspire for, you have to learn new ways to pursue and seek things out in life. By going out and seeking the things that you want to accomplish rather than sitting around and waiting for things to come and line up for you, you begin to develop discipline and what I call, character-shaping.

One of the biggest distractions that commonly holds people back from their ultimate potential is often times the TV screen, Laptop monitor, or Portable electronics. However out of the three that I mentioned the TV generally prevents the most human potential, due to its alpha frequency waves that often hypnotize people, resulting in hours of wasted time. Check out, for more details on that.

With that being mentioned most people seem to lower their cognitive potential by limiting their learning only to a classroom environment. The truth of the matter is that our whole world is a learning environment and that books are one of the greatest tools for the mind to utilize. Without learning new things people would never grow or expand in potential.

Sometimes I am truly surprised to find out how much time some people waste watching Television. It’s good to entertain yourself but hours upon hours of watching certain things often cuts down your potential. Personally I love football and soccer, so that’s generally what I’ll watch on TV, but it’s important to keep a balance. I also enjoy watching movies on Netflix, but I make sure not to overspend my time doing so.

Reading is fun if you do it right. If you aren’t doing it right, it’s probably because you feel like you’ve been forced to read things you didn’t like your entire life. When you’re grown up, nobody should be forcing you to read anything. It should be your choice.

When it comes to education and reading, it often comes in many different shapes and forms. Some forms of education are more expensive than others.

School and books can have varying costs but the world is abundant when it comes to information. It really isn’t hard to simply put a few hours a day into reading a book or exercising your brain.

Whether it’s college textbooks or any book of interest, often times learning new things can be a very fun and rewarding experience. Some people may find reading to be a waste of time, but I would have to say that is a narrow minded approach. Learning is never wasteful, especially if you can retain something from a reading experience.

If you want to grow in potential you have to begin to cut out the things that hold you back and prevent you from getting ahead of your peers. Most people like to take the easy way out and wait for things to come to them. However if you can go out and get the things you want you will quickly learn that when being proactive, life will generate more possibilities.

Self-education is a big quality if you want to possess entrepreneurial skills or possess any traits that may put you ahead of competitors. By following your own path and learning your greatest interests, you will quickly become an expert in your field, career, or any area that draws your attention.

I believe anybody can be smart or a highly educated person. Often times a diploma doesn’t always fairly represent what someone knows. What truly matters is what you take away from the things that you learn in your life. Retaining the information you learn, especially from specific learning environments will often lead to great things.

Textbooks provide a lot of good quality information, but not everything supplied in textbooks always applies to everyday life. Some skills and learning are only supplied through the qualities of hands on experience. Some people quickly learn that by working out in the real world, you begin to realize things that were never taught in a classroom environment. Also unfortunately some subjects that need further research in our world are very intriguing but may not even be available in schools.

The key is to stay ambitious, pursue the things you want to learn, and always find ways to reward yourself for accomplishments. By reading more books you always benefit yourself and others around you. By turning off the TV screen, often times you are one step closer to a successful path. The more pages you turn, the more educated you will become. The more educated you are, the more likely you are to get ahead in whatever you desire.

Why Being Crazy Can Be A Good Trait

What's Crazy

One day when I was driving around in my friend’s car, we began speculating the problems of the world and how to make a difference. During our talk I recall how he promptly stated, “We are living in a world where it is more OK to follow than to lead”. After this statement I thought to myself for a little while and wondered why it was so painful to live in a world where so many people still struggle to get by. For too many years we have lived in a world where people would rather follow than lead.

For many folks of different spectrum’s, it is hard to see separation from the regular everyday life. For most people, life consists of a 9-5 schedule or a regular course of classes, which has been drilled into the heads of the American public for many years now. Most people don’t know anything other than to follow the orders set up by other people, let alone, how to train themselves out of this way of thinking.

If you ask me, it seems like too many people look up to figure’s who they assume to be on-top of them.

However what I can say is that if you’re willing to stand out in the crowd and do things that others are not willing to do, it will often result in more success.

The ability to be original and unique and putting yourself out into the world will always work in your favor. All the crazy thoughts that often bounce around in one’s mind often have some purpose to serve. With unemployment and underemployment becoming a larger factor in today’s job market it helps to have your own identity that you can always refer back to.

If you can develop an ability to expand upon your interests and develop a closer connection to people around you, all your crazy talk may end up working in your favor. It may seem like a strange concept to some people, but when you actually speak your mind, you feel more empowered and grateful. All the abundance that life can potentially provide you, can begin to stack with more benevolence, once you get past all the weirdness.

The keys to building yourself are to develop a passion and find forms of motivation that will drive your inner being. The importance of believing in yourself and being self-driven will ultimately determine your destiny.

It is never easy to accomplish anything that you have in mind, but if you are crazy enough to stick to your beliefs you will achieve and evade your enemies.

The stepping stones of craziness include doing things like…

  1. Upsetting the norm.
  2. Taking Calculable and Incalculable Risks.
  3. Pursuing What Some May Say Is Impossible or Out of Your Reach.
  4. Doing What You Enjoy Rather Than What Others Script For You.
  5. Pursuing Things for Love Not Just Currency.

The ability and the willingness to take risks will result in good things. As long as you can manage to utilize your resources well enough and manage time wisely, things will work out well. Focus not on the small things that may upset you and build up a reputation. Just about everyone has their own crazy ways of thinking, and your own may not be so crazy in the long run if you can turn them into reality.

Expanding upon possibilities is important, so it is always important to take steps forward. If you constantly question all aspects of your purpose, you will expand while moving forward. In essence this will create affluence within your life. Also if you can be crazy in some ways and not care when other people say things like, “you’re foolish or silly in your ways of thinking,” this will benefit you. Try your best to escape the pain of listening to negative vibes that people give you in your life as hard as it can be sometimes.

Managing any dilemmas and juggling any situation can be a struggle. Nobody knows exactly why suffering occurs, but what is known is that it is a part of life and it often makes people stronger. Being crazy is just another way of expressing yourself and inner being. Everyone is crazy in their own ways, and I’m pretty sure that you’re not really human if you don’t have any crazy attributes or talents within you.

In life there are no guarantees but what one can guarantee is that one will always grow. Everyone has room to improve all qualities in their life. Nobody is perfectly good at everything as strange as it may seem, we all have strengths and weaknesses.

Being crazy, chances are you will be laughed at and asked why you make certain choices of importance. However you can look at any professional athlete who makes plays during prime time and you can see, just how crazy it is to perform in clutch moments. If you put yourself in an athlete’s shoes, chances are you will develop your skills and you will start making big time moves which may be crazy to some but a great attribute to others. In essence take chances with the talents that are unique to you, and explore the possibilities.

Sometimes you have to be a little crazy if you’re going to make a difference in the world. However, if you truly focus, you may just provide a beacon of light upon those around you.

Almond Flax Tropical Blend

2013-08-29 09.21.35

With all the allergies and various health ailments that people may be suffering from nowadays it is important to consider different alternatives. Being health conscious is a good characteristic to have if you wanna avoid the pitfalls of getting sick all the time.

If you’re letting your ill health get in the way of fun times, then it’s time to consider some healthy choices and substitute out some processed foods.

I’ll be honest I’m a real smoothie fanatic, so a lot of the fruits in my diet are derived from the smoothies I make every morning for breakfast and later meals. It’s a great way to reap the benefits of essential vitamins and minerals, not to mention a tasty method as well.

Making smoothies are an easy way to experiment with different supplements as well. Depending on what you feel is necessary to incorporate into your diet, their are plenty of natural supplements that can provide a pleasant boost to your daily routine.

I came up with this quick recipe which is pretty tasty and free of lactose, gluten, and soy. I also decided to incorporate coconut oil and flax seed oil as key supplements. Their are numerous benefits of coconut oil, some I can say include…

  • Acts as natural sun-block
  • Helps skin texture
  • Promotes weight-loss (It is high in saturated fat which is generally bad when derived from animals, however since it is derived from a plant source, the body absorbs it differently.
  • Helps boost metabolism
  • Can help prevent bacterial infections and viruses (acts sort of like an antibiotic)
  • High source of lauric acid, which can build energy levels

All the information provided above about coconut oil can be found through sources such as My point is that it is great and versatile with a lot of positive benefits for anybody’s health.

Here’s some guidelines for putting together the Almond Flax Tropical Blend

2013-08-29 09.38.39

  1. Add 1 cup of Purecoconut Milk (Can be original or vanilla flavor)
  2. Add 1 cup of Orange Juice
  3. Add 1 tablespoon of Flax Oil
  4. Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  5. Include 2 tablespoons of Almond Butter (can be crunchy or creamy, providing protein boost)
  6. Use 1 cup of  frozen strawberries
  7. 1/2 cup of mango
  8. 1/2 cup of papaya
  9. 1 Fresh Banana

I think that whether you’re looking to become healthier or simply supplement your diet, this smoothie recipe can help boost health and overall vitality. I understand that not everyone has access to all ingredients and that you may have to leave out some parts of the recipe. I hope people can start to feel the great benefits of this nutritious blend!

Our Culture Is Missing Love And Affection

Life Requires Love

When I look at the way our world is run and in particular the culture of America I see a lot of anger and distress. The power of patriarchal control for the dominant part of our nations history has lead to a lot of aggressive tendencies. With war and greed at the forefront of our nation it is hard for most of the population to see past the gloomy clouds.

The lack of nurture and negative energy that politicians try to use to feed your brain and control your thought patterns are all part of an ugly plan. However if you turn towards peace, people can lead their communities into a place of  prosperity. If people join together and share the gifts of human nature, the best abilities of everybody can be shown.

The media is full of scare tactics and ideas to push people towards the evils of greed and selfishness, but the world is much greater than that. Within everyone is the power of love. We can all change other people’s lives for the better.

Take a moment to reflect upon the chaos that is created by those in power for each and everyone of us to swallow and digest. It is not difficult to see that some of the most powerful and rich people who rule the world don’t always have the common man and woman in their best interest.

In a world full of greedy people at the top of the hierarchy, most politicians just want what is only in their own best interests. The fear of letting go of anything and in particular material possessions and personal wealth are quite apparent. For millenniums of human history we have had the majority of the population and communities run by royal families. Those in power prefer to keep everything running in their favor since it narrows out competition for particular resources.

But the purpose of this article is not to focus simply on greedy people who like to control the financial rulings of the world. My purpose is to unfold the blindfolds of what is truly missing.

What is truly missing in our world is love and affection. When I visited my family overseas in Poland, the culture of my homeland was much more open and loving. The frustrations of American society narrow down to the lack of love and compassion for others and especially those who are close.

Maturation starts off through the love and affection that begins early during the development of an infant. Every human seeks love and affection and the lack of it really hurts the world and society. If given correctly the love that your mom and dad provides you when you develop is one of the key determinations of your destiny concerning affection.

It is through the hugs and kisses that we find a wonderful comfort within. It is through love and affection that we develop close bonds and our body’s are filled with magical chemicals that make us happy and generous. Everyone likes to feel good and share with others and live together in unity without quarrel.

The biggest part of the human psyche and our connection to the world and planet as a whole is through the spiritual energies that are not physically visible. It is through our quantum realm and alternative forms of consciousness that we are able to see the world at a grander whole. When consciousness changes our perception is able to understand and perceive how everything is connected in unbelievable ways.

When family and friends produce affection, it affects the world in multiple ways and it especially turns off the ideas of hatred, anger, and violence.

The pains of the world are in large part due to frustrations and particularly a continual addiction to the flights of power. It is through greed and selfishness that select parts of the world’s population can never simply “get enough”. This conflict within the mind is a serious problem, especially when many lives are at risk through the turmoils of war and destruction.

But as the saying goes, “It is through destruction that creation breeds”. As one would observe fallen trees and bark disintegrate and break down, so that our soil can mix it together and eventually produce new life. So I hope that people can see through the perils of deceit that we need to rebuild the world the way it should be built. The best way our world runs, is through the form it was naturally intended to be run. Our world revolves around the foundations of love and affection.