What Is A Tribe and Why Do You Need One?

Having your own tribe, or circle of influence can be very beneficial for your emotional and mental well-being. By surrounding yourself with like-minded people that share and have similar goals and visions of the future, you are enabling more synchronicity in your life in order to create a better future.

It is quite important to have qualities and strengths of character that one can put forward when working with others in a group environment.

Many folks have friends and family that they surround themselves with, yet what is lacking is a true foundation of trust and support. People are eager to simply be themselves around other people, yet we all are guilty of getting trapped in our busy lives of work, school, commuting, and other daily living responsibilities.

What I am emphasizing is the importance of developing a tribe type network in your life which will enable you to develop very strong and sturdy relationships with the people in your life.

Your tribe may contain a Master-Mind group of people who are all able to work and contribute to the same cause, ideas, and projects.

Without a tribe it is hard to make true changes within a community and see the forces of change at work. If you really want to have a positive impact in the world it is truly essential to have a tribe of people within your network that you can work with both creatively and innovatively, as well as productively.

Before you join a tribe or group, or before you develop a large base of support, it is essential to work on yourself and have unique abilities that you’ve developed over the years of striving to improve.

By having a tribe, you have a group of people who share accountability and support one another in a positive way. The truth is, that it can be really difficult to do everything by oneself and be alone throughout various processes of achievement.

When you have a tribe developing, you will spend more time with people that elevate your confidence and elevate your happiness. With a tribe you spend your time with people that love and support your ideas versus people that tear you down.

The cure is to find a way to connect and join together within your community with people that have a similar vision as yourself.

So you may be asking yourself, Where do I find my tribe?

Here are some places you can develop and grow a tribe of support:

  • At a local gym that offers classes.
  • At a local church that offers group discussions and activities.
  • At a business networking event in a conference room.
  • At a local college or university that offers groups and extracurricular sign-up activities within your subject of interest area.

The key to making a change is by action. By choosing to develop a tribe you are becoming a part of something bigger than yourself. When you make the decision to grow a tribe of support surrounding yourself; you allow your talent, education, faith, and genius to impact people across the planet.