10-20 Minutes of Quiet A Day

10-20 Minutes of Silence

During the course of a day, people often go through a lot of commotion. Generally the tolls of an everyday life can consist of a grinding schedule that often repeats day to day making people tired.

Most people have tried different methods in order to stay awake and energized throughout the day. Some may take short power naps, while others may take caffeine supplements or drink coffee to keep awake.

All the chitter chatter that goes on during the day, and all the material things that cover society all help to divert the human psyche. As a result all these distractions can make one feel tired and exhausted. Sadly, people often forget how important it is to take some time and relax and let go of the things that don’t serve your life in a positive fashion.

The method that I find that works the best for me is striving to obtain 10-20 minutes of silence a day. Specifically, I mean that I generally try to take some “time out”, to relax the mind and ease away any stress. As a result these methods help to build resilience and strength within.

Forms of meditation, yoga, stretching, or even shortly-timed power naps can often help one feel revitalized and therefore happy and healthy.

All the disturbances and things that side-track the mind can be temporarily forgotten when you take the time to be still.

Internally most strive to find a sense of solace but it is not easy to achieve. It takes time and discipline to know what you’re capable of becoming and knowing what your true path will include.

Everyday people devote their energy to given time in order to accomplish and in order to strive forward. It takes time to learn intuitive intelligence just as it takes time to learn verbal, contextual, and idea based knowledge.

Through the practice of Mind-body healing and breathing techniques, the body can learn through the course of silence. The practice of relaxation and visualization  are important techniques since they help create certain matters of a desirable reality.

Through confinement of relaxation it can be a healthy experience. As stated in the book Natural Healing Wisdom & Know-How by L. John Breathing, Ph.D. “Breathing properly is healthful; it increases the amount of oxygen in the blood and strengthens weak abdominal and intestinal muscles. When you are relaxed, your breathing deepens and your heart rate decelerates (Rost, pg.303).

Whatever form of relaxation works best for you, it is best to stick with what you’re comfortable with.  Relaxation and finding some positive feelings inside helps you know tranquility. Everyone has their own preferences and creating peace and calm feelings are an important aspect of life for everyone.

By conducting acts of peace, you discover how your awareness increases. You also become more attentive to your surroundings. Life is full of beauty and the more mental clarity you have the more beautiful life will become.

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