Why You Need To Go All In

Go All In

One thing that I’ve learned over the past year is that accomplishment really depends upon your level of focus. For some time I have been trying to satisfy the demand of multiple goals and expectations that I have set upon myself.

Without completely realizing, I have only been putting forth only about 20% focus on writing, 25% effort on reading, and 50% focus on school.  This is just a guesstimate, depending upon the day and how I feel, these numbers can fluctuate and differ. As a result, what I’ve come to realize is that when you don’t completely focus on one area of your life or you start to neglect certain facets, it can seat you in a stationary state. As a result your potential to create and successfully maneuver to your desired place can be inhibited.

The importance that I’m trying to emphasize is that it is important to set goals for yourself and do as much as you think you’re capable of.  At the same time, it is very important to keep a balance. Starving yourself to the bone, or surviving off Pop-Tarts for a week, might help you get ahead with a massive amount of studying. But it probably won’t keep the conversations between your stomach and your esophagus at a standstill for very long. Or anyone who renders themselves blind by staring at computer screens for fourteen hours and twenty-two minutes a day, may be intellectual, but lack muscular definition.

What I’m getting at, is that what ever your motivations and focus is, you need to dive in deep and fully but do it carefully and with awareness.

A lot of people have dreams that appear unrealistic at the surface but can be fulfilled through proper guidance. Don’t let reality scare you off. If you take the proper steps and apply effort in the right directions anything can be accomplished.

In order to get closer to goals or dreams you have to be willing to take some risk. A lot of times, the risk may not always pay off with a reward,  so don’t be intimidated by failure. The deeper you dive, the more confidence you will have to build up in order to build yourself back up, especially to become even greater than you were beforehand.

The biggest enemy anyone has to conquer is fear. The biggest factor that affects decision-making is the fear of trying for the sake of failure. So go all in. Do what you like and reach for greater possibilities. Stretch your boundaries and do things to the best of your ability. As this Norman Vincent Peale quote states, “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Are you going to live the jet-life, traveling around the world? Will you be visiting old architectural sites, spending your lunches sipping on margaritas? If that’s your goal, well start figuring out a way that you can make enough income to support your travel costs or better yet, try to develop a passive income of some sort. Are you going to have one job for your career or will you jump to other careers for the sake of curiosity and potential? Write out the jobs that you can’t stop thinking about. Have you visited with any professionals, now is the time to start! Get out in the world and let people know that you are interested and willing to learn. Are you going to climb up the business ladder, of an exciting new start-up near you? What companies near your current location need help or are creating new branches? Start asking questions and find a way to answer these questions.

Are you already working for a company or are you still in the search for a job? You need to take directions in the pathway that you want to select. That’s how things get done, and that’s how the ball gets rolling 9.8 times out of 11.

Do you want to change the world by working for yourself, or by working under someone else?

Are you looking for ways to simply get paid, or are you willing to take the time and search out what you love to do? Once you feel you’ve made strides in the right direction, formulate a way to get paid for it!

Keep a balance and put your best work forth. If you place a little effort here and a little effort there, at times it’s needed. From a far when you do multiple tasks, it may not seem like you’re doing much, but if you know that you’re making strides everyday to become better, stronger, and faster at accomplishing goals then time will spell things out clearly. It’s called soul searching or discovering new pathways.

In order to find out which path best fits your persona you have to go all in and test different boundaries. Sometimes you have to break rules, cause some eyebrow raising or make others think deep, but eventually if you spend your time in the right areas you’ll discover your truest potential.

When you fully submit yourself towards any road ahead, you develop a  specific mindset.

A mind set upon reaching a planned destination is one that can conquer all obstacles even when staring in the eyes of defeat. Part of the beauty of writing or visualization, is that planning is something that can be applied. You can write out exactly how everything will fit snugly into your life, and how you can see it all happening if life works out fluidly. If you’re not that type and you prefer to go with whatever opportunities shape in your direction, well that can work too. Just remember, if things don’t work out, you can see where you made your mistakes.


If you apply what you learn, you won’t make the same mistakes twice.

Everyone has to take time to reflect and figure out their greatest strengths and learn how their personal dynamics can be applied. Everyone has separate skill sets, but once you discover those skills, apply them to the real-world, and do it with your whole heart. Remember that you control your own destiny, and what you produce comes down to the quality of your inner drive!


Trials With Rejection

Trials and Rejection

If you had to pick a set of characteristics would you choose confidence, strength, and security? Or would you choose hesitation, lack of ambition, and frustration?

Common sense would make you think that if you want to get the most out of life and everyday experiences, you would receive much more if you lived with confidence, strength, and security. Finding a good balance of these three characteristics may take you far, but still it takes more to go far in life.

Everybody has to face rejection and facets of negativity. The ability to bounce off of negative thoughts or reactions of others takes practice and requires resilience.

Take for example an encounter that I just witnessed at a coffee table at Barnes and Noble. A young man was having a long conversation about work, personal issues, and affairs with a barista girl across the counter. After a good conversation of over ten minutes, there was another young man who was sitting at a coffee table who seemed to be frustrated. After a break in the conversation, the man sitting at the table turned around and told the boy conversing with the barista girl that he should apply for a job with Barnes and Noble or Human Resources, so he can deal with other people’s problems. The man who was at the counter then reacted and said that he already had a job and that he wasn’t interested. This was not a satisfactory response for the man sitting at the coffee table. He told the man at the counter what he thought he should do. Get a job where he can talk all day; because he couldn’t handle sitting and listening to the conversation while he had to concentrate and focus. After hearing this conversation I had a good laugh and couldn’t help but hold a smirk on my face. Although the confrontation wasn’t too vulgar, I understood that their were a few feelings going on. A sense of jealousy and a sense of trying to put down the other opponent.

What I’m trying to relate to the audience in this lesson are a few things. In order to carry through trials of rejection you have to carry a fighting spirit and the ability to not let others put you down. One thing that everybody inevitably has to face is that some people will always try and put a negative spin on your day or take down your vibe.

The lesson that has to be learned is within. You have to learn to not give a flying hoot what others say or think and just carry on. Learn to smile or brush off what the other person says. Talk is cheap, so you can’t let little words get to your head or sway you in the wrong direction. It takes some practice, but if you can learn to compliment the other person or just laugh off something that another person says to you, you’re a pro.

If you add resilience to the suitcase of your personality that you carry with you across the world, you never know what magic you can cultivate. Learn to master and sharpen your current deck. Test out new scenarios and everyday confrontations. Just through observation you can learn something new everyday!

What You Can Do To Achieve More Happiness

Achieving Happiness

The more that you experience, see, and hear in the world around you, the more you begin to realize important little things about the world. As one should expect, the areas of your life that you emphasize will be your strong points. Although everybody makes mistakes here and there, part of life is what you gain from the experience’s that you’ve had.

Although being in a constant state of happiness or bliss might not necessarily be realistic for everyone, it is possible to drift in and out of happy states. As long as you can master the steps that help you become happy, you’ll be in great shape to conquer all obstacles that you encounter.

Here’s a list of things that you can do that can help with reaching a state of happiness…

1. Stop Negative Thoughts.

2. Stay Away From Things That Don’t Serve You Well.

3. Do Things That Release Stress.

  • Exercise
  • Lift Weights
  • Do Yoga
  • Meditate
  • Laugh
  • Enjoy Life
  • Spend Time With The People You Love
  • Eat Raw Healthy Foods

4. Relax (Yes relax even if you’re in a crazy-state of mind living a hectic lifestyle.)

5. Work on Interpersonal Relationships. (Aim to perfect how you relate and communicate with other people.)

6. Embrace Each Day As A New Beginning.

7. Be Confident In Yourself.

8. Build Up Other People.

9. Focus On What Truly Matters To You.

10. Avoid Destructive Behaviors. (Avoid thoughts or words that bring others down.)

11. Listen To The Words of Happy People.

Practicing a set form of steps can often help people better understand how certain things work. In order to truly learn how to be happy, I don’t think it’s something that is exactly achieved by simply reading a list. Being happy often depends on how you act, react, and choose to go about your daily routine. You can view life with pessimism, but it’s just way more effective to look at things with a fresher outlook.

Being proactive and picking up routines that not only display guidance to others but also for yourself often leads to productivity and good health.

From my perspective I seem to think that most of happiness comes through the grooming of strong emotional intelligence.

After all being happy comes down to how well you control your emotions. If you ask somebody who they think the happiest person that they know happens to be, it’s generally not somebody who happens to be an emotional wreck. Finding and maintaining emotional balance often leads to prolonged states of happiness.

I believe that everybody’s really living to strive towards happiness. But the secret of obtaining happiness narrows down to being in a setting where you can maintain good vibes and feelings. Sometimes we all feel like we have to search far and wide, but in reality you don’t have to go very far.

Despite the skepticism of mainstream media and some believers of conventional medicine, I believe the power of the mind and the personal aura, help lead to happiness. A good balance of emotions in various chakra’s, can help anyone attain a strong vibrational field of positive energy.

Developing your aura can lead to amazing things in the world around you and help you resonate positive feelings.

The mind is a beautiful tool and it’s capable of many things. One of the greatest things that most people simply let slip is their ability to create a whole reality built upon their inner emotional powerhouse.

What you do to achieve happiness starts today, it starts in the present moment. As long as you’re happiness surrounds the activities you do, you will always be able to find that happy state of being!

How The Way You Perceive Things Can Change Outcomes

Perceive Your Outcomes

A lot of times people look at things with an open-eye but that does not always translate into a broader perception. Take for example looking at your day to day grind and your overall finish as a means to reaching your end goals. Are you viewing your life simply as survival? Or are you looking at each day with the idea of thriving?

If you are vibrant and optimistic, than you will be self-confident and sure in yourself. Living check to check, just barely getting by and transitioning  from one shift to the next shift feeling like a tired sloth is not the way to thrive.

There are some major differences that you will begin to notice in your outlook, when you consider your life with a thriving mentality. When you consider the word thriving, according to the Merriam-dictionary website. What it actually means to thrive is, “to grow vigorously, or to  progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances.” Just as stated in the following:  http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/thrive.

Producing results at an optimal level always relates back to how you perceive things. Many people can twist results in their own favor, simply by mastering their perception and how the psychology of success and motivation really works. No matter what field or industry you work under, everyone involved in work has to produce results and spend time meeting and actualizing results.

If you look at each day fresh and renewed, you will easily approach working circumstances with the belief that you will work hard, and elevate your production level to meet the demand of your agreement.

Without a change in perception you cannot lead yourself into a positively inclined orientation.

Here is a list of how I like to change outcomes…

  • Be realistic within your time frame.
  • Set goals and know how much you are capable of in a given day.
  • Look at every outcome and focus on how you will thrive rather than succumb to pitfalls.
  • Know that the world is full of helpful resources.
  • Work hard until you know you have reached what you’ve been seeking.

Many people forget to emphasize how important it is to look at things with a fresh pair of lenses, but every time you renew and refresh you will see how standards continually change and how it takes further strength to build up your personal abilities.

Once you focus on what is really in front of you, and set your focus on that particular demand, you will find that many paths mimic one another no matter what field you choose to pursue.

Success, happiness, contribution, and leadership are all values of positively correlated output. If  you are to gain rapport and precedence in your specific field of interest, it all starts from inner potential.

Learn how to identify yourself, identify others, and learn how specific areas work. Once you develop a mindset of how certain areas work and you put yourself in scenarios that mimic the real-world, you can see your true ability. Constructing results always comes from personal potential. Potential always exists, but it comes and goes in swarms. As I’m sure you’ve experienced, some days happen to be more productive than others, it all depends upon how well you tapped into your potential for that given day.

Imagine yourself in an environment of constant fluid movement and constant welcoming of new tasks and assignments. The way you look at things constantly changes and the more you focus on bettering yourself the better others will function as well. When you spend time with others you bounce ideas and conversation with one another and once you’ve cultivated positive-thinking anything can happen.

Because of vibrancy and the ability to change outcomes for the better through perception, it shouldn’t matter how unpromising things may look or how tough someone’s life has been. If you cultivate resilience and build yourself through wise teachings, skills, and habits it will no longer matter where you’ve been and how bad your struggle once was.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve been told in the past, it doesn’t always matter what credentials you hold, what matters is how you believe in yourself and what levels you are going to seek in order to define your life’s ultimate achievements. What matters is how everyone and everything is linked through a unified level of perception. Through this level of unity we can all see beyond what was once just an idea.

As Author Jenny Blake states, “Don’t let others’ limited views of your possibilities discourage you. It is your unique vision or dream, and it is perfectly fine if they can’t see it yet.” What you perceive will ultimately determine what your reality will look like. All positions and all structures of design begin with your thoughts and how far you carry them.

Imagination comes from the mind, and imagination is one of the greatest tools of human perception. Just as Napoleon Hill says in his book Think and Grow Rich, “All breaks you need in life wait within your imagination, imagination is the workshop of your mind, capable of turning mind energy into accomplishment and wealth.”

If you adjust your mentality towards good values and you practice your knowledge and expertise, you can always win-out with positive thinking. All big changes begin through the motion of changing your waves of perception.