Why You Should Stop Worrying About What Others Think

Making Leaps #2

Despite how we envision ourselves in day to day life, it is a common characteristic to share thoughts about other people. Nobody simply thinks purely about themselves, it is through human contact that we meet other people and share common experiences and memories together.

The beauty of living is meeting all the wonderful people along the way despite how you look at them and whichever way others look back at you.

Throughout life you will see that many people will pass you by and certain people come and go, while others choose to stick close and stay in your presence.

The most important thing to do once you have a vision of some sort of purpose is to begin to create. In order to create you must release fear and find abundance through the gifts you already have inside. Your inner wealth will always overpower the beliefs of other people and non-believers.

There simply is not enough time in the day to sit back and worry about whether every person around you likes you or not. Sitting back in sorrow is a waste of time and energy, so learning to get on with life and issues is an asset.

It is much better to look for ways to make a difference in your life and other people’s lives around you. Seek and find people who support you and your particular interests.

Reach out for endeavors and go out and do it! Nobody else is going to do the work you want to do out in the world for you anytime soon.

Begin to thank people who are in your closest support network for always lifting your spirits up bringing cheerfulness into your life. There are certain things that you cannot control in your life. Such things that may be included that are not in your control  may consist of your birth place, your parents personalities, and innate health problems you are born with.

In order to live a happily functioning life you have to let go of the worry about what others think of you because nine times out of ten, that opinion is out of your hands. The only safe thing you can become is to become your true-self.

No matter how many times other people reject you, put you down, or slap you silly, you have got to strive. Move on and let go of things that do not serve you the way you would like to be served. You have to push yourself beyond your normal limitations and repeat your effort if you want to make a leap. For many across the world faith is what binds them to make certain quantum leaps across foreign boundaries.

The best choice you can make is to eliminate your mental space for the negative people of the world. Hatred is a blinding element so if you choose to love the structure of your spirit and you’re closest network’s spirit you will always accomplish greater things than you originally sought for alone.

So now go eliminate your worries and add value to other people’s lives, despite whatever other people might think of you, their opinion isn’t exactly your reputation.

How To Transition Into A Healthy Lifestyle

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen it comes to the idea of eating and eating good foods specifically, it can be a sensitive subject for many across the spectrum. In order to really understand health and having a healthy body, you really have to begin to reexamine how you feel every day and what foods you consume.

The idea that you can eat whatever you want when you’re young, really isn’t a valid way of looking at health and your body anymore. When you begin to consider the population of overweight people and all-time obesity rates it can be saddening.

Also, if you factor in the abundance of fast-food chains and restaurants globally taking hold, you can begin to open the curtains of a surging problem of over-eating.

Across America over the last several decades people have really neglected their health and really set it on the back-burner resulting in ever increasing cancer rates and diseases that can all show links to poor health choices.

Although eating well by itself is not enough to simply prevent all diseases and cancers out there in the world, current studies and real life examples have shown it sure does help set your life in the right direction.

Whenever you have the power to take your own health into your own hands and if you begin to research what exactly you’re putting into your body you’re awareness will expand.

Here is a list of 10 ways you can begin to start out on a healthier track, translating into a healthier lifestyle…

  1. Cut out processed food from your diet and your pantry immediately.
  2. Make fruits and vegetables a staple in your diet. Minimize meat consumption. Allow your diet scale to elevate fruits and vegetables above meat.
  3. Get a gym membership or invest in exercise equipment for your home if you’re too lazy to drive to the gym.
  4. Research more into nutrition, “Your health is your greatest wealth.” Life is too short to waste away your good health. The more you learn about healthy food the more you’ll know how beneficial it is to incorporate it into your own diet.
  5. If you fear your weight is too high, look into a low carb-diet to begin cutting weight. The Paleo diet is one of my personal favorites.
  6. Also if weight is a problem cut out foods high in sugar, as well as refined carbohydrates.  Simple carbs also known as white grains found in white bread, supply a quick burst of energy for your body. However they are bad for your blood sugar levels which can later result in diabetes. Make the switch to whole grains in your diet if bread is a necessity. Also switch to brown or wild rice rather than white rice if possible.
  7. It’s no myth carbohydrates are addictive. If you’re addicted to carbs, and sugary foods which are providing you empty calories, be aware that you WILL go through withdrawal like symptoms. The hill is hard for many people to get over and more often than not people give up dieting for this specific reason, most can’t let go of processed foods and fall back for simple carbs. Specifically people’s brains get hooked on the addicting additives of processed foods, so constant hunger becomes a problem and the mind and body get confused, not realizing when it should stop eating.
  8. Stay off soft drinks and soda. Drink water, yes A LOT of water if you want to clear your system of impurities and detox chemicals out of your body. Invest in a filter also since most city water is full of junk and high concentration of trace elements that can harm you if consumed in high supply. Drink tea, sip herbs and 100% juice, not junk full of additives and sugary high fructose corn syrup.
  9. Exercise can be as simple or as intense as you can handle, as long as you exercise that is the most important factor if you want to stay in shape. Jogging and walking are healthy as low-key as it may be. Lifting weights and body-building are great too. Play a sport or multiple sports to stay versatile and flexible. Do whatever your body can handle and your body will be happy and healthy.
  10. Find solitude in silence. Meditation and Yoga which are more Eastern Ways of thinking may be unfamiliar foreign ideologies to most American folks, especially a consumption based society. But this trend is here to stay especially once you start to live out the positive changes that these mind exercises provide. The benefits of digging deep within your own mind teaches you a lot about life.  The lessons that deep experiences from your own psyche teach, will affect those around you causing global change. Their is nothing stronger than your inner wealth.

I hope that you can begin to feel the benefits of making changes to your health. By spreading the message of living a healthier lifestyle you will feel much stronger and as a result you can live out your life in a much happier way when you are constantly feeling your best.

I suggest you begin to look more deeply at what you put in your body. You are what you eat and your body is the vehicle for your mind, so take care of it! If you eat poorly you will likely put your health into poverty. Get off your chair or couch and get active you’ll be much happier down the road when you can exercise and look good.

Nobody likes to turn down the wrong road into the darkness of an unhealthy lifestyle, so let go of laziness and let in some hope of brighter days!

What Are Your Biggest Distractions?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you are ambitious or if you have goals floating around your mind are you accomplishing them? Before you go about your day and before you sleep past your alarm, take a night off one day and write out a list of your goals for yourself.

After you have made a list of your goals divide your list into three different categories. When you divide your list separate it into weekly goals, monthly goals, and goals for the current year.

Once you have separated your list into these categories, now think to yourself what are the things in your life right now that are preventing you from getting what you want?

Once you give it a deep thought make a list of your biggest distractions. Write them out in bold, permanent marker, or highlight these words after writing them. Then if you have to make multiple lists, write out multiple lists and carry one with you so you begin to build up your awareness so you can realize what is preventing you or holding you back in your daily life.

I have found that personally this is a great way to break off bad habits and any commotion going on. I understand everybody has distractions but don’t let certain temptations hold you back from what you’re truly capable of accomplishing out in the world. The sky is the limit if you can begin to cut ties with deception. If you can, seek out people in your life who are great mentors, and just sit and observe or watch and observe.

With time, you can build a wealthy sense of direction in your life even if you have yet to experience an adequate amount of service in your vocation. If you can build up your self-development it will pay off later in life or perhaps even immediately if you can narrow out distractions.

In order to start cultivating excellence one has to first cultivate resilience. I hope this piece may help you out so you can begin to flourish and thrive. I believe the more you broaden your horizon, the more the world becomes a level playing field, especially for people who seek a better world for themselves and others around them.

How Do You Make Sure You’re On The Right Track?


Finding a reason or a peak to aim for when going through the daily motions can be hard to grasp for some people cognitively. First of all, when beginning off your day you have to ask yourself some basic questions one being, am I thankful for my surroundings? Ask yourself are you happy to wake up in your bed to begin each day in your shoes or are you sitting back in regret, thinking of how you’re going to dig yourself out of a messy situation?

Due to the fact that everybody is born into a different body with contrasting experiences, it can be hard to know whether your doing the right things everyday with your life. What is true and most important is how you go about your day and specifically the mentality you possess. Every person contains inner desires and when you are not fulfilling your desires you can feel void inside. If you can always begin each day with a glass half-full mentality and find ways to reach happiness without asking for much in return you are doing alright. In fact you may be doing yourself a favor and others around you admiration by giving away sources of positive vibration.

When you consider the manner for which you begin going about your day and you accomplish and do the things you want in proper balance you are in sync with the world. When you are in sync,the world around you is happy to provide you the wealth of happiness, peace, and well-being. By giving your best effort to make a change, however big or small in other people’s lives around you, your possibilities of progression in any way of life that you desire increases dramatically.

When considering the idea of whether or not your taking steps in the right direction consider certain key qualities. Are you taking steps forward, backward, or are you feeling stagnated. Are you climbing over the roped hurdle or are you getting your feet tangled. Their are many factors at hand and everyone has different goals at the end of the day since people contain spontaneity. With those thoughts in mind beginning your foundation for your purpose is a solid ground to start upon to spark inner creativity.

In order to live in a fulfilling manner a person must release his or her fears that are strapping them to a seat in turn preventing creation. Manifestation can only be played out when the strings and burdens of mental fears are released. Today many people have built up such a focus on material things in the physical world that they sometimes forget to pursue their passions. Everyone possesses different passions which is what makes us all unique. One thing I will tell you though is that once you find your niche your life will forever change and you will be much more grateful for all their is and all to come upon in your life. From sunrise to sunset living out your inner thoughts, and acting out your internal art of being is essential.

Everyone enjoys success stories but some of the best stories go about unspoken in the light of everyday. If you can live on the tracks of affection yet still remain calm, you will be on the right track. The best decision you can make is to be your true-self and don’t be afraid if you fall off track. Many of the greatest achievers fall and return a few times because with every new turn comes a new destination with endless possibilities. Seek fulfillment through living out your greatest potential.

Why You Should Always Say Thank You


When going through the daily motions of school and work, many times the simple things are forgotten. Although many people are glad to help out and do things for others, their are also many instances where people just try to brush by their day and you question where their true feelings are. The power of just saying the phrase “thank you” when said with the power of good intention really speaks volumes.

Believe it or not other people will feed off your positive energy and appreciate your presence if you are thankful.

Here are just five benefits of saying thank you for everything!

  1. You will build up a good reputation.
  2. People will absorb your positive energy.
  3. Your level of trust builds between you and the person or people you say thank you too.
  4. It is an infectious word. People enjoy saying thanks, its like your own personal insurance!
  5. It is a good way to close off an encounter or conversation with kindness.

When living in a cold world where the media prefers to steer the subconscious mind with negativity it is important to give a thank you out to those in your day. People will know a real thank you when they hear it or see it. By appreciating the art of other peoples giving you can truly appreciate a thank you.

Are You Being Productive?

Mult-Taking Living Positive

Have you ever asked yourself what is preventing you from getting done what you want to get accomplished? Do you ever find yourself at the end of the day or already laying in bed at night and asking yourself how much did I actually do today? Well if you find yourself asking these questions too often, perhaps you have a dilemma at hand which could benefit from re-thinking the way in which you go about your schedule.

For many people procrastinating is their dear savior and tracking down one’s day to visualize time management is not a practiced aid.

Once you start realizing how much of your time is possibly being wasted doing things that are not putting you in the place or stage you want to be at in your life your production will elevate.

Awareness is really a big key asset in this category. We now live in the 21st century where everyone is so engulfed in technology. Everywhere you turn smartphones, tablets, and laptops consume a lot of daily activity for students, parents, and even at work with business related matter.

With each device comes applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to name a few. Also the way we watch television has evolved with company’s like Netflix and Hulu.

Top that with the abundance of sports and music around us and you will literally find that their are infinite distractions out their in the world waiting to boggle you down and slow you down from accomplishing your tasks at hand.

I fully understand what a full load of school or work each week feels like. Your days pass you by and you ask yourself when you’re gonna have enough time to go to the gym, when you’re gonna visit with your friends, oh yeah and don’t forget to finish that paper for Tuesday, then clean the dishes and walk the dog when you get home.

Life can be hectic but it can also be very fun to manage and a great experience if you don’t let stress captivate your feelings. Being really productive is a great feeling and it makes you feel great when you start accomplishing things in your life that you set out for yourself. Life and the daily grind are very much balancing acts and far too many people set out too heavy a load on their daily schedules without really realizing it.

Once you start plotting out your day you can begin to notice and see what could be potentially harming you and your ability to be productive and accomplish what you are setting out for yourself.

Once you identify what it is that you’re potentially doing that’s setting you back for example watching too many TV shows, you can calculate or project in your mind how your day could be different if you substituted a particular act of watching a TV show out of your day.

Let’s say you want to lose weight or become fit, you can begin to prioritize what you truly aspire for that will make you a better person. If you are disgusted with your self-image or body weight look at the problem and ask yourself how you’re going to fix it. Start to focus one step at a time with time management!

Time management is a big first step which leads you in the direction of being more productive. Another key is developing your awareness to the status of self-realization.

If you are depressed because you’re not as healthy as you want to be, this could result in slowing you down from achieving your life and dreams around you. Once you begin to realize more, you can look and reflect why you are not getting what you want. Start small by setting goals everyday.

Live your life moment by moment and inspect with every detail what you are doing. Continually ask yourself how am I spending my day? Why am I not accomplishing or doing the things that I truly want and desire?

Look at the roots of your problems and start from scratch. Sometimes it may feel very simple, but when you live in a complex world simple can be hard to find sometimes.Having a lot on your plate is not a bad thing, but a happy day is a productive day for a lot of people.

I do believe if you want to be successful with your daily grind it is good have a busy day but reflect on how your spending those hours and your life can change for the better. Just begin to narrow down on the tasks that you prioritize and throw distractions aside.

Some things we strive for in our day can wait. Also somethings really don’t necessarily even need to be a part of your daily schedule. I hope this article is a good start to give you some inspiration and reflect upon how you truly spend your free-time, whichever way you manage to juggle your current situation.