No Dream Is Too Big or Too Small

2013-08-01 15.10.51

Growing up as a young kid, often the world is looked upon with infinite beauty. Visions of what could be and the endless number of things to do and see always keep the young mind inspired.

Often times as a kid, one is welcomed to the thought that anything is possible as long as you display the hard work and competency that dreams often require.

For many people though unfortunately their creative genes and visions turn off sometime during the course of growing up. When you start to listen too much to people who say you can’t achieve you should not believe what they tell you.

Relying too much on opinions and letting negative thoughts control you, end in unwanted situations.

Setting hopes, goals, and dreams are a necessity if one is to ever live out their true purpose and reach their highest potential.

Criticism is one of the best motivators out there in the external world, but what matters most is how one bounces back from the critics. Learning through experience and observation one can utilize these tools to fuel their inspiration. Many people like to put you down, but let me ask you how many people like to raise you up?

Everyone always likes to take small steps, but often times small steps are necessary in order to move on to bigger ones. There are no guarantees with any decisions that one makes but one thing that is guaranteed is that people will not always succeed.

  • Failure is a large part of life, and a big part of the learning process.
  • Failing can be humbling and it can be a reality check.
  • Failure can be a report card on your process of growth and progress in all aspects of life.

The biggest gains can come from losses, as it teaches self-worth and value. Being a winner is good, but losing can be just as valuable.

Creation and the formulas of abundance form through the process of meeting the design of thought patterns. By exploring the unknown and by reaching high points and low points we become more aware of what is truly real.

Understanding new ways of relating ideas and relating possibilities all come through reflections of past experiences.

If you ever have something that you truly can’t be without you have to pursue your highest vision. Don’t stop because you feel you’re not good enough or because something is out of reach. Motivation and drive are the forces that keep the creation process going.

Destinations stay put until you get there, but once you get there, the process of work and creating value continues.  To stay inspired look at your surroundings and think of how things can always be improved. Elevating your peers and delivering on your goals that you set, help break hidden barriers.

If you’re blessed with talents you have to utilize them. If you’re too slow, you have to speed up. If you’re too fast, you have to slow down.

No matter what the person next to you thinks, you can always find a way to accomplish. Just look at each day as a new opportunity. Also remember no dream is too big or too small.

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