An Introduction To My Art of Blogging

The Art of Blogging

I first got introduced to blogging and following a blog consistently when I found  The author Mark Sisson, had a great lifestyle which had a magnetizing effect on me and how I wanted to potentially live my life.

During my junior year of high school, I really began to develop a strong interest in diets, eating healthy, and overall health and wellness in general. After researching the Paleo diet and seeing the benefits of developing more lean muscle, better skin quality, and overall well-being, I figured out that the Paleo diet was a lifestyle worth implementing.

I say lifestyle because the diet and the foods that you consume are truly based upon your lifestyle and how you choose to live. Dieting is much like philosophy because it depends on your set of beliefs as well as your surrounding environment. Whether you want to live fast and in poor health, or take extra time to be creative and make your own meals, what you eat is up to you.

Over the course of time my interests have always been expanding and new ideas have constantly erupted exponentially. As a result I constantly turn towards new areas of learning and ways to become better and a more productive person for society.

I have worked various jobs outside of school, which have helped me develop a sense of discipline and provided me with an idea of practicing support for customers and shoppers. The plus side is whenever I am able to connect well with everyday people and provide them with answers and solutions to their searches. Although my jobs have provided minimal pay which enable little freedom without the display of hard work for many hours, I believe the experiences that I’ve gained in different working environments have helped shaped my personality and my outlook on how to change the world one step at a time.

My school experiences have been spent in public schools and college, although I have always felt that my greatest interests and hunger for learning seem to spark when I teach myself through self-education.

I believe that school systems provide a strong set of standards for people in order to learn and good guidelines to follow, however many children slip up, or get caught up with personal situations and they often feel like the school system doesn’t always provide them the care and assistance that they need.

It is easy for the youth today and many people to become trapt in a negative mindset through the influence of media and sources that put down the idea of human potential. As a result I would like to help rejuvenate the minds of people in order to help restart the potential of businesses, workers, students, and people of all trades and professions.

As a result I have designed a destination where people can go to find themselves and reach deeply within in order to help find a way in which life can be lived with a radiance of positivity.

When you visit my website you can find multiple facets. You can find my personal philosophy, ideas on the current health paradigm, advice, recipes, and even possible stories of experiences.

Despite the struggle that I face of figuring out a way to balance income generation with school and my passions, I have found that the only way to conquer obstacles is through self-reliance.

In order to become a better person or a stronger being, learning how to become self reliant and teaching yourself the discipline of action is a must.

It is easy to be complacent and lazy, however it is much harder to always produce through successful action.

As I have discovered the blogosphere, I have found that it is loaded with an infinite amount of topics. In order to conduct a blog in a compelling manner it is essential to build a generous following and provide an attractive writing style. I have found that there appears to be different classes of blogs:

  1. Messenger Blogs- These are blogs that serve as purpose maximizers. With this the author is trying to send a lasting message.
  2. Informative Blogs- These blogs look to teach and spread knowledge through the use of research and recent global news affairs.
  3. Product Blogs- This type of blog pushes a product or service in a niche area towards a target audience or customer base.

A blog can have different influences. Some people simply look to share their expertise and knowledge on various subject matter. For me I’m simply looking for a way in which my message can spread throughout local communities all the way across the globe. If I can spread the message of positive beliefs, I believe a better world of leaders can emerge.

As Walt Disney once stated, “Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.” I hope I can create the world that I want, even if starts off word by word before steps of action.

My goal is to display my true self and to let others see that creative vision can be shared by everyone. If I can provide hope and share love for life I’ll try to use that light to lighten the path of others. I feel that by sharing knowledge and skills, every person can make life better and live a more fulfilling life. While I am anxious and hungry to always learn and discover new pathways I am aware that action comes through creative visions.

While vocations can come and go for some, I know others find occupations of passion that don’t feel like work at all. If I can provide that little daily bag of sunshine for lives in any way possible, I know that I’ll have lived fully, deeply, and vibrantly. After all, why not live fully and presently in every moment and make a difference in other people’s lives if you think you can do so?