Comparing Blenders With Juicers

Blenders Vs. Juicers

When it comes to trying to live healthy and incorporating the right foods into your diet, it is not always an easy task for everyone. Thankfully, with modern technology and appliances, people can quickly incorporate healthy foods through juices and smoothies.

I understand, not everyone has a blender or a juicer. Many people can get confused and struggle to decide whether a blender or a juicer is right for them. I believe both are great and they offer different capabilities depending upon the brand and model that you purchase.

The benefits of a blender may include…

  • Ability to add supplements along with your other list of simple ingredients. (You can add powders and oils to boost your nutritional value inside your shake).
  • Rather quick clean up by the course of hand wash, dishwasher, or running the blender with soap inside.
  • Quick and easy to operate, most blenders will take no longer than 30-45 seconds to blend, but it honestly depends on the ingredients inside. If you incorporate a lot of ice and frozen fruits with little liquid the process may take longer. Also Vitamix or Blendtec blenders are very strong, but if you put extremely hard ingredients inside it may take longer in order to completely break down. (By hard ingredients I would mean something such as coconut chunks, avocado seeds, pineapple cores, etc.)

The benefits of juicers may include…

  • They offer fresh juice which is loaded with healthy enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that are processed and broken down differently than a blender.
  • They offer multiple speeds and some offer different features. Some are better suited for citrus fruits and some can do tougher veggies such as wheat or barley grass. Their are even some models made by Omega that offer a pasta maker, the ability to homogenize, a food processor, or even the ability to make nut butters.
  • Juicers are very quick and they not only get the job done but they make you much healthier in the process.

Ultimately I use blenders a lot more than juicers because it is quicker and not such a pain to clean up. My biggest downfall, when it comes to juicers is that the cleanup process takes me a while and I feel like the pulp often goes wasted.

I am aware that there are recipes out there that do use leftover pulp broken down from fruits and vegetables, but that is a whole different process in itself.

Whether you are looking for a way to become healthier or you feel you lack energy and you are looking for ways to change your lifestyle in a more beneficial way, juicing and blending can make a difference. I have had some sales experience where I worked for a company that sold and offered blenders and juicers.

The decision comes down to the consumer, but I just like to add my thoughts and advice for those who are looking to move towards juicing and blending. Blenders and juicers can get pricey, but if it is something that you are going to use daily, it is worth investing in a good one.

A lot of products are made overseas and the parts can easily crack and break down, but some brands do offer warranty’s and some stores will accept returns.

Adding fresh juice has really personally helped my overall vitality and energy levels. Someday’s my mind and body feel super refreshed and I know exactly the reason why. The body and mind really can rejuvenate and heal through the course of healthy habits and through the use of more fruits and vegetables.

By being consistent with healthy habits, it can make all the difference in a person’s life.

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