Why Self-Education Can Be Just As Dazzling As College

Where Is Opportunity

All people have different interests. That is part of the reason why everyone goes their own separate ways when it comes to achieving an education. Some people believe that a world-class education is only defined by the school that someone attends, however I would have to refute that belief. I believe that a world-class education is dependent upon the material that you consume, not really the institution that you attend.

Everyone has their own personal learning styles that fits their unique personality as well as strengths and weaknesses. In this day and age information is abundant and courses are spreading out over all sorts of contexts.

With the abundance of MOOC’s students can now get a world-class education from any seat of the house, apartment, condo, or whatever living space. People can pursue MBA’s at an institution or take online only courses through Business directed MOOC’S. Depending upon a person’s personal travel situations and the location and convenience that certain programs offer you don’t always have to be physically present for each classroom type learning experience.

Many people always debate the question of furthering their education, which is always beneficial, but it always comes with a cost. Ultimately, As Blake Boles stated in his book, Better Than College, “Time, not money, is the ultimate nonrenewable resource.” This statement really emphasizes how the resource that exists, which we cannot go backwards to receive more of, is time.

Whatever time you spend is precious and education is a vital part of anybody’s identity and their future. If you truly want to have a bright future and not put yourself in a position where you feel like a number or strangled in certain ways, self-educating or creating your own educational template is probably the best thing you can possibly do.

A lot of people tend to focus primarily on credential, and this is simply because for the past four to five decades it was the only way to get into certain areas of the workforce. When you look at today’s economy it really couldn’t possibly be any more open. The number of people who are overqualified for their jobs is outrageous. If you go around asking, you are likely to discover a lot of people who have degrees that don’t even pertain to the job title that they hold.

Also, honestly I think that the economy will just continue to open up through alternative revenue streams. As more global competition crosses borderlines of countries all across the globe, we will see how fierce the competition of well-paying jobs will become.

The world is becoming a giant marketplace for talent and certain companies and agencies are licking their chops as they gander upon all the potential employees that exist across multiple landscapes.

If you can get ahead by pursuing your own personal interests and you can find a way to expand your knowledge in a way that benefits vocational work, you can skillfully begin to produce by both engaging your hands and mind.

Certain jobs will always exist and I happen to be a big advocate of free-lance opportunities. Free-lance jobs are not very concrete since they are primarily just projects that don’t always guarantee any future long-term income from particularly a single source. However they do allow you to creatively grow and expand through the course of valued work.

During my stint of self-education for the past several months I have found how much a person could do if they truly set their mind to certain goals. Ultimately learning on your own is much different than a class-room environment and there is no teacher or professor yelling or telling you to turn in assignments or to complete your quiz, but self-education doesn’t necessarily mean that it is any less beneficial for future qualifications.

I like to create and discover, and by making my own schedule and learning templates, I find much more personal freedom.

Some of the most beneficial parts of self-educating includes…

  1. Getting an edge in upcoming industries and areas of work.
  2. More personal freedom when it comes to learning material.
  3. The ability to meet small or large goals depending upon your personal ambition.
  4. Discovering new ideas, themes, and possibilities.
  5. Limitless ways you can grow your potential for future job opportunities and school programs.
  6. The possibility of becoming great in a particular area of study or any personal interest.
  7. Developing a better sense of social media and how to use it to your advantage and success.

Curiosity stretches across multiple spectrum’s and by reading your own material and following unanswered questions, you begin to realize how wide open the world happens to be. I believe that a lot of people are getting cheated by their educations since they are overpaying for simple degrees that may not be necessary within the next 10 years or less. I can’t predict the future but I do know that the world wide web is ever expanding and the world is becoming more debt-ridden.

Quality education is truly what you make of it, and the libraries of the world offer some of the greatest literary art that anyone could fathom. For the young kids of the world who are looking to make their mark and potentially rebuild our countries future and the economy’s of the world, we all have to consider education and balancing the equality of the education offered.

If you have discipline, ambition, and tenacity you can easily create your own assignments and read material that you feel interests you personally and helps build your identity so you can benefit your community and the world as a whole. Instead of just “getting ahead in school”, with higher education, make a concrete goal. A goal such as reading 15 books in five months, writing 50 blog posts, writing a book, or designing a business plan can all teach you things and benefit people in the process.

As psychiatrist Heidi Grant Halvorson from Harvard once stated, “But there’s just no fooling yourself if you’ve set a specific goal; you know when you’ve reached it and when you haven’t. If you haven’t, you have little choice but to hang in there and keep trying if you want to succeed.” Whether you are in school or not, chances are that you set certain goals for yourself. Everybody creates to-do lists and we all have priorities but it is ultimately up to the person on far you want to proceed with certain goals.

By finding a way to learn new things and expand your knowledge base ,whether you start off in a college classroom or in a library, you are always taking a beneficial step towards a brighter future. When you expand knowledge it really benefits the world in a collective way since everybody is connected to each other in intuitive ways.

Degree’s and college education can get your foot in the door for certain positions, but the rest is up to you. Some of the most successful people have made their fortunes through working hard and smart. Advanced degrees are not always a requirement although they may appear to be a good resume booster. Hard-work and competency are in short supply, and these days, these qualities will bring you the farthest, regardless of what your educational credentials happen to be.

Hard work plus talent equals opportunity. If you beef up your knowledge base, the amount of skills you have will help you stand more confidently a midst an ever growing crowd of people with little skills on how to utilize talents to their advantage. Don’t be a victim of the suckers who try to bite you. Only your personal drive and the resources around you will help you reach the position that you’ve always dreamed of fulfilling.

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