Why You Should Read More And Watch Less Television

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When it comes to the idea of an education, not all forms of learning are treated equally. For some people a degree may automatically be associated with the thought that financial security and freedom will be granted automatically.

But with anything that you aspire for, you have to learn new ways to pursue and seek things out in life. By going out and seeking the things that you want to accomplish rather than sitting around and waiting for things to come and line up for you, you begin to develop discipline and what I call, character-shaping.

One of the biggest distractions that commonly holds people back from their ultimate potential is often times the TV screen, Laptop monitor, or Portable electronics. However out of the three that I mentioned the TV generally prevents the most human potential, due to its alpha frequency waves that often hypnotize people, resulting in hours of wasted time. Check out www.cognitiveliberty.org, for more details on that.

With that being mentioned most people seem to lower their cognitive potential by limiting their learning only to a classroom environment. The truth of the matter is that our whole world is a learning environment and that books are one of the greatest tools for the mind to utilize. Without learning new things people would never grow or expand in potential.

Sometimes I am truly surprised to find out how much time some people waste watching Television. It’s good to entertain yourself but hours upon hours of watching certain things often cuts down your potential. Personally I love football and soccer, so that’s generally what I’ll watch on TV, but it’s important to keep a balance. I also enjoy watching movies on Netflix, but I make sure not to overspend my time doing so.

Reading is fun if you do it right. If you aren’t doing it right, it’s probably because you feel like you’ve been forced to read things you didn’t like your entire life. When you’re grown up, nobody should be forcing you to read anything. It should be your choice.

When it comes to education and reading, it often comes in many different shapes and forms. Some forms of education are more expensive than others.

School and books can have varying costs but the world is abundant when it comes to information. It really isn’t hard to simply put a few hours a day into reading a book or exercising your brain.

Whether it’s college textbooks or any book of interest, often times learning new things can be a very fun and rewarding experience. Some people may find reading to be a waste of time, but I would have to say that is a narrow minded approach. Learning is never wasteful, especially if you can retain something from a reading experience.

If you want to grow in potential you have to begin to cut out the things that hold you back and prevent you from getting ahead of your peers. Most people like to take the easy way out and wait for things to come to them. However if you can go out and get the things you want you will quickly learn that when being proactive, life will generate more possibilities.

Self-education is a big quality if you want to possess entrepreneurial skills or possess any traits that may put you ahead of competitors. By following your own path and learning your greatest interests, you will quickly become an expert in your field, career, or any area that draws your attention.

I believe anybody can be smart or a highly educated person. Often times a diploma doesn’t always fairly represent what someone knows. What truly matters is what you take away from the things that you learn in your life. Retaining the information you learn, especially from specific learning environments will often lead to great things.

Textbooks provide a lot of good quality information, but not everything supplied in textbooks always applies to everyday life. Some skills and learning are only supplied through the qualities of hands on experience. Some people quickly learn that by working out in the real world, you begin to realize things that were never taught in a classroom environment. Also unfortunately some subjects that need further research in our world are very intriguing but may not even be available in schools.

The key is to stay ambitious, pursue the things you want to learn, and always find ways to reward yourself for accomplishments. By reading more books you always benefit yourself and others around you. By turning off the TV screen, often times you are one step closer to a successful path. The more pages you turn, the more educated you will become. The more educated you are, the more likely you are to get ahead in whatever you desire.

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