Why Being Crazy Can Be A Good Trait

What's Crazy

One day when I was driving around in my friend’s car, we began speculating the problems of the world and how to make a difference. During our talk I recall how he promptly stated, “We are living in a world where it is more OK to follow than to lead”. After this statement I thought to myself for a little while and wondered why it was so painful to live in a world where so many people still struggle to get by. For too many years we have lived in a world where people would rather follow than lead.

For many folks of different spectrum’s, it is hard to see separation from the regular everyday life. For most people, life consists of a 9-5 schedule or a regular course of classes, which has been drilled into the heads of the American public for many years now. Most people don’t know anything other than to follow the orders set up by other people, let alone, how to train themselves out of this way of thinking.

If you ask me, it seems like too many people look up to figure’s who they assume to be on-top of them.

However what I can say is that if you’re willing to stand out in the crowd and do things that others are not willing to do, it will often result in more success.

The ability to be original and unique and putting yourself out into the world will always work in your favor. All the crazy thoughts that often bounce around in one’s mind often have some purpose to serve. With unemployment and underemployment becoming a larger factor in today’s job market it helps to have your own identity that you can always refer back to.

If you can develop an ability to expand upon your interests and develop a closer connection to people around you, all your crazy talk may end up working in your favor. It may seem like a strange concept to some people, but when you actually speak your mind, you feel more empowered and grateful. All the abundance that life can potentially provide you, can begin to stack with more benevolence, once you get past all the weirdness.

The keys to building yourself are to develop a passion and find forms of motivation that will drive your inner being. The importance of believing in yourself and being self-driven will ultimately determine your destiny.

It is never easy to accomplish anything that you have in mind, but if you are crazy enough to stick to your beliefs you will achieve and evade your enemies.

The stepping stones of craziness include doing things like…

  1. Upsetting the norm.
  2. Taking Calculable and Incalculable Risks.
  3. Pursuing What Some May Say Is Impossible or Out of Your Reach.
  4. Doing What You Enjoy Rather Than What Others Script For You.
  5. Pursuing Things for Love Not Just Currency.

The ability and the willingness to take risks will result in good things. As long as you can manage to utilize your resources well enough and manage time wisely, things will work out well. Focus not on the small things that may upset you and build up a reputation. Just about everyone has their own crazy ways of thinking, and your own may not be so crazy in the long run if you can turn them into reality.

Expanding upon possibilities is important, so it is always important to take steps forward. If you constantly question all aspects of your purpose, you will expand while moving forward. In essence this will create affluence within your life. Also if you can be crazy in some ways and not care when other people say things like, “you’re foolish or silly in your ways of thinking,” this will benefit you. Try your best to escape the pain of listening to negative vibes that people give you in your life as hard as it can be sometimes.

Managing any dilemmas and juggling any situation can be a struggle. Nobody knows exactly why suffering occurs, but what is known is that it is a part of life and it often makes people stronger. Being crazy is just another way of expressing yourself and inner being. Everyone is crazy in their own ways, and I’m pretty sure that you’re not really human if you don’t have any crazy attributes or talents within you.

In life there are no guarantees but what one can guarantee is that one will always grow. Everyone has room to improve all qualities in their life. Nobody is perfectly good at everything as strange as it may seem, we all have strengths and weaknesses.

Being crazy, chances are you will be laughed at and asked why you make certain choices of importance. However you can look at any professional athlete who makes plays during prime time and you can see, just how crazy it is to perform in clutch moments. If you put yourself in an athlete’s shoes, chances are you will develop your skills and you will start making big time moves which may be crazy to some but a great attribute to others. In essence take chances with the talents that are unique to you, and explore the possibilities.

Sometimes you have to be a little crazy if you’re going to make a difference in the world. However, if you truly focus, you may just provide a beacon of light upon those around you.

2 thoughts on “Why Being Crazy Can Be A Good Trait

  1. Awesome post! Being crazy is a great attribute, who would want to be “normal”.. and what exactly is “normal”? Here’s a quote by John Fruscinate I really like… “What the fuck do you think is so cool about Flea and Anthony in the first place? Or Jimi Hendrix or David Bowie? Or Little Richard? They waved their freak flag high! We should all follow their lead! Have respect for those who do this(whether they’re famous or not)and you will develop the courage to do this yourself. Everyone of you is a star.”

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