Our Culture Is Missing Love And Affection

Life Requires Love

When I look at the way our world is run and in particular the culture of America I see a lot of anger and distress. The power of patriarchal control for the dominant part of our nations history has lead to a lot of aggressive tendencies. With war and greed at the forefront of our nation it is hard for most of the population to see past the gloomy clouds.

The lack of nurture and negative energy that politicians try to use to feed your brain and control your thought patterns are all part of an ugly plan. However if you turn towards peace, people can lead their communities into a place of  prosperity. If people join together and share the gifts of human nature, the best abilities of everybody can be shown.

The media is full of scare tactics and ideas to push people towards the evils of greed and selfishness, but the world is much greater than that. Within everyone is the power of love. We can all change other people’s lives for the better.

Take a moment to reflect upon the chaos that is created by those in power for each and everyone of us to swallow and digest. It is not difficult to see that some of the most powerful and rich people who rule the world don’t always have the common man and woman in their best interest.

In a world full of greedy people at the top of the hierarchy, most politicians just want what is only in their own best interests. The fear of letting go of anything and in particular material possessions and personal wealth are quite apparent. For millenniums of human history we have had the majority of the population and communities run by royal families. Those in power prefer to keep everything running in their favor since it narrows out competition for particular resources.

But the purpose of this article is not to focus simply on greedy people who like to control the financial rulings of the world. My purpose is to unfold the blindfolds of what is truly missing.

What is truly missing in our world is love and affection. When I visited my family overseas in Poland, the culture of my homeland was much more open and loving. The frustrations of American society narrow down to the lack of love and compassion for others and especially those who are close.

Maturation starts off through the love and affection that begins early during the development of an infant. Every human seeks love and affection and the lack of it really hurts the world and society. If given correctly the love that your mom and dad provides you when you develop is one of the key determinations of your destiny concerning affection.

It is through the hugs and kisses that we find a wonderful comfort within. It is through love and affection that we develop close bonds and our body’s are filled with magical chemicals that make us happy and generous. Everyone likes to feel good and share with others and live together in unity without quarrel.

The biggest part of the human psyche and our connection to the world and planet as a whole is through the spiritual energies that are not physically visible. It is through our quantum realm and alternative forms of consciousness that we are able to see the world at a grander whole. When consciousness changes our perception is able to understand and perceive how everything is connected in unbelievable ways.

When family and friends produce affection, it affects the world in multiple ways and it especially turns off the ideas of hatred, anger, and violence.

The pains of the world are in large part due to frustrations and particularly a continual addiction to the flights of power. It is through greed and selfishness that select parts of the world’s population can never simply “get enough”. This conflict within the mind is a serious problem, especially when many lives are at risk through the turmoils of war and destruction.

But as the saying goes, “It is through destruction that creation breeds”. As one would observe fallen trees and bark disintegrate and break down, so that our soil can mix it together and eventually produce new life. So I hope that people can see through the perils of deceit that we need to rebuild the world the way it should be built. The best way our world runs, is through the form it was naturally intended to be run. Our world revolves around the foundations of love and affection.

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