Why You Gotta Put Up A Fight

Put Up A Fight

Without realizing at first we all face little confrontations in our daily life. No matter how big or small we have different challenges or dilemmas in our life at varying levels.

The thing that people have to realize though is that in the end everybody is facing similar struggles. All people really want in life is to get by and live their life to the fullest and face the least amount of challenges possible.

Well maybe I’m wrong, maybe challenge is necessary. Perhaps with challenges come a sense of triumph and a sense of purpose in life. After all, through trial and error, people generally learn that you can overcome obstacles.

With that being said though, I still feel like nobody is completely free of confrontation and making errors. Nobody is perfect and flaws are part of human nature.

A quote by James Altucher an author of the book Choose Yourself once wrote, “Everyone is trying to get by. Both the rejected and the rejecters in life.”

So with life their will always be those who will get rejected, and those who conduct the rejecting. In life you can find people who are satisfied in some ways and empty and unbalanced in other ways due to neglect.

You can receive every pricey gift and fulfill every desire, but still look around and fear the relevance of your status and question your level of attention that you draw.

If you want something you can pursue it, but pursuit doesn’t always translate into receiving what you want.  Life requires resilience, yet not all things can be completely overcome. There are internal scars and there are external scars.

You can receive  praise and you can receive criticism. No matter how many times you try, you may still be told that you are not good enough. People will always try and mold you and shape you into what “they” want you to be. However someone else’s intention may not always be your best suited journey.

So you might think why should I take criticism? Why should I listen when I don’t want to listen? Why should I do what someone else is telling me? You may even face your own ego and think that you’re just too good at what you do and too good to listen to advice of what other people say.

Everything that I mentioned above are all questions of certain degree and egocentric qualities that people possess. We all face our own questions and we can never escape all the chatter our mind withholds from the world. Liberation of the mind is possible but it takes a lot of dedication and spiritual pursuit which may not be a part of everyone’s best interest.

Nothing is attainable without facing some sort of dilemma or challenges. Whether you want to separate yourself from others around you or join together in arms. Everyone has to conquer. Whether your goal is providing value for yourself or providing value for others you have to aim for achievement.

In order to divide and conquer your own beliefs and your own challenges you have to be willing to fight for what you stand for. Once you can utilize the knowledge that you possess and the knowledge that has been passed down for millenniums you can provide some answers to internal questions.

Through the basis of self-control and self-restraint you test your abilities and you reach for limits that your body is capable of doing but often never brought to.

Gaining and maintaining power in the position of a government perspective is all about fulfilling the need to control all aspects and variables of community life. But when you can gain and maintain power in the position of your own hands and mind you put that power at your own feet.

If you can have the position of power in your hands and your neighbors hands would you choose that gain? If you could place all the power in the position of those people whom you are not sure are trustworthy would you do it?

In any aspect and with any problem you have to put up a fight. With any win or loss you always confront a battle. Without a fight their is never internal freedom and their is never freedom for the outside world, in which we all live.

Look at the world and ask yourself where we would all be if people never put up when they had to. Remember that struggle helps make people stronger. Everything you stand for, that you feel is truthful and worthy must be stood by firmly and pursued.

I hope people seek out the struggles of life and overcome what has always restrained them from their highest ambitions. With every problem you’ve gotta fight raging rapids, but giving up just cannot be done. Live up to the battles of today, and bring upon a better tomorrow!

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