Why You Should Always Say Thank You


When going through the daily motions of school and work, many times the simple things are forgotten. Although many people are glad to help out and do things for others, their are also many instances where people just try to brush by their day and you question where their true feelings are. The power of just saying the phrase “thank you” when said with the power of good intention really speaks volumes.

Believe it or not other people will feed off your positive energy and appreciate your presence if you are thankful.

Here are just five benefits of saying thank you for everything!

  1. You will build up a good reputation.
  2. People will absorb your positive energy.
  3. Your level of trust builds between you and the person or people you say thank you too.
  4. It is an infectious word. People enjoy saying thanks, its like your own personal insurance!
  5. It is a good way to close off an encounter or conversation with kindness.

When living in a cold world where the media prefers to steer the subconscious mind with negativity it is important to give a thank you out to those in your day. People will know a real thank you when they hear it or see it. By appreciating the art of other peoples giving you can truly appreciate a thank you.

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