Are You Being Productive?

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Have you ever asked yourself what is preventing you from getting done what you want to get accomplished? Do you ever find yourself at the end of the day or already laying in bed at night and asking yourself how much did I actually do today? Well if you find yourself asking these questions too often, perhaps you have a dilemma at hand which could benefit from re-thinking the way in which you go about your schedule.

For many people procrastinating is their dear savior and tracking down one’s day to visualize time management is not a practiced aid.

Once you start realizing how much of your time is possibly being wasted doing things that are not putting you in the place or stage you want to be at in your life your production will elevate.

Awareness is really a big key asset in this category. We now live in the 21st century where everyone is so engulfed in technology. Everywhere you turn smartphones, tablets, and laptops consume a lot of daily activity for students, parents, and even at work with business related matter.

With each device comes applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to name a few. Also the way we watch television has evolved with company’s like Netflix and Hulu.

Top that with the abundance of sports and music around us and you will literally find that their are infinite distractions out their in the world waiting to boggle you down and slow you down from accomplishing your tasks at hand.

I fully understand what a full load of school or work each week feels like. Your days pass you by and you ask yourself when you’re gonna have enough time to go to the gym, when you’re gonna visit with your friends, oh yeah and don’t forget to finish that paper for Tuesday, then clean the dishes and walk the dog when you get home.

Life can be hectic but it can also be very fun to manage and a great experience if you don’t let stress captivate your feelings. Being really productive is a great feeling and it makes you feel great when you start accomplishing things in your life that you set out for yourself. Life and the daily grind are very much balancing acts and far too many people set out too heavy a load on their daily schedules without really realizing it.

Once you start plotting out your day you can begin to notice and see what could be potentially harming you and your ability to be productive and accomplish what you are setting out for yourself.

Once you identify what it is that you’re potentially doing that’s setting you back for example watching too many TV shows, you can calculate or project in your mind how your day could be different if you substituted a particular act of watching a TV show out of your day.

Let’s say you want to lose weight or become fit, you can begin to prioritize what you truly aspire for that will make you a better person. If you are disgusted with your self-image or body weight look at the problem and ask yourself how you’re going to fix it. Start to focus one step at a time with time management!

Time management is a big first step which leads you in the direction of being more productive. Another key is developing your awareness to the status of self-realization.

If you are depressed because you’re not as healthy as you want to be, this could result in slowing you down from achieving your life and dreams around you. Once you begin to realize more, you can look and reflect why you are not getting what you want. Start small by setting goals everyday.

Live your life moment by moment and inspect with every detail what you are doing. Continually ask yourself how am I spending my day? Why am I not accomplishing or doing the things that I truly want and desire?

Look at the roots of your problems and start from scratch. Sometimes it may feel very simple, but when you live in a complex world simple can be hard to find sometimes.Having a lot on your plate is not a bad thing, but a happy day is a productive day for a lot of people.

I do believe if you want to be successful with your daily grind it is good have a busy day but reflect on how your spending those hours and your life can change for the better. Just begin to narrow down on the tasks that you prioritize and throw distractions aside.

Some things we strive for in our day can wait. Also somethings really don’t necessarily even need to be a part of your daily schedule. I hope this article is a good start to give you some inspiration and reflect upon how you truly spend your free-time, whichever way you manage to juggle your current situation.

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