Why It’s Important To Unplug From Technology

Take A Break Unplug

Often times we all spend many hours surrounded by screens of all sorts. Whether it’s laptops, tablets, computer screens, televisions, or cell phones we are all consuming a lot of time with technology.

One of the best and healthiest things to do is to take a break, go outside, and enjoy nature and it’s beauty.

Social media is brilliant at stealing people’s precious time. Sadly, most people don’t even realize the large percentage of time that they waste on Facebook and Twitter just to name a few. As busy as life can be and despite all of the distractions and activities that people have to do each day, it is important to not overlook relaxation.

Whether you are currently in school, working, or a combination of the two, I’m sure you can probably use, “some time away”,  from everything.

Here are some goals that everybody should aim for even if you feel you are an outdoor person…

  1. Go on a long bike ride, or off-road pathway with a mountain bike.
  2. Gather a group of people and go on a road-trip in the mountains, or some place far away from the craziness of technology and city life.
  3. Go hiking in a mountain range that you have never seen before, but be prepared with food, drinks, and supplies.
  4. Meditate or do some yoga outside your living space, or in the wilderness.
  5. When it’s warm, lay out on a hammock for a few hours and soak in the sun, and all that nature offers.
  6. Visit new places that excite you or places that may provide a level of culture shock.

Taking a vacation, going for hikes, bike rides, or mountain climbs are great experiences. Getting away from technology is critical for good long-term health. You should really do any outdoor activity that takes you away from all of the daily taxation.

I am a big believer in the soul-body-mind connection, and in order to give all three parts a connection, you have to have a good balance of the world around you, as well as nature and your environment.

By spending time with other people and the beauty of the world, it can be a major stress reliever and a great boost of life-enhancing energies.

Nobody likes to spend too much time in a nine-to-five, or a classroom. Too much inactivity shuts the body down in a sitting position and leaves a person feeling lazy and tired by the time the day is over. What people like to do, and what humans were intended to do, is to travel around, exercise, and explore.

Sitting around and keeping a slouched posture can lead to problems in the long-run. For many people across the globe now, a sedentary lifestyle is now commonplace.

In order to truly free yourself, I believe that being outside and exploring nature is very important, and a very crucial part of experiencing life in itself. Just as a gardener may say, “I did not choose Gardening, it was rather nature’s calling to me”. People and land are supposed to go hand-in-hand.

If people lost their touch with nature, we would no longer be able to live. After all, the food that we consume and all of are body composition is derived from nature and it’s creation’s.

Finding a way to unplug and let in the restfulness that the outdoors provides is very soothing for the soul, body, and mind.

If you go out into nature and truly explore, I’m sure that you will return back as a much more strengthened individual and much more well-grounded. Often people take too much for granted and they do not realize how much the world has already provided, and so they want more and more, leading to excess greed.

For me personally and I’m sure other people as well, nature is always one of the greatest reality checks that one can find. Mother nature always makes you more humble and appreciative for life and all of existence in general.

If you take a break and unplug, you may feel out of place at first. However, you may return more thankful and you may observe how far humanity has traveled as a whole. Technology and the world can be exhausting, but one should never forget or ignore the beauty of the world, which can be seen right outside in a forest or mountain near-you.

Live life, explore, and learn. Enjoy your moments and do the best you can with each day that you’re given!

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