Why You Should Take Pride In Independent Thinking

Think For Yourself

Many times people tend to neglect the practice of independent thought. One of the most important skills to develop in one’s lifetime, is the ability to think on one’s own feet and to be sharp and mentally present as much as possible.

When living at a fast pace where no day should be taken for granted, a lot of people like to accept the idea of following orders rather than taking their own personal lead into a new entry.

In order to begin a new venture it requires a lot of thought and preparation, leading to countless hours of mental fatigue. Through the course of repeatedly volunteering your off-hours to a set goal or ambition; everyday can be a day closer to a dream come true.

Ultimately we all know that every person has to make individual decisions and that nobody but ourselves can be blamed for our own personal choices, mistakes, and failures. The keys to independent thinking involves utilizing the knowledge and wisdom to the best of one’s abilities from peers, adults, and professionals in the surrounding world.

Without the advice and experience of past-veterans and people of skill and expertise, young apprentice’s would never grow and prosper. Life is a never ending learning cycle, but without teachers and leaders in particular industries the cycle of skills and trades would never pass on from generation to generation.

It is always important to listen and observe from those of higher levels of experience in any industry, but it is just as crucial to utilize independent forms of thinking. Without new ideas and thoughts being used one can ever grow and prosper in ways that the world has never seen before.

Some may argue that authority is necessary in order to enforce certain rules and guidelines, however it is just as crucial to allow freedom of thought in order to maintain growth and expansion. Self-sufficiency is a great ability for just about any personal skill, because it proves that someone has taken the steps necessary to run and organize a set of given tasks. By interceding independent thought patterns along with the ability to be self-sufficient it is a mighty feat.

Although certain parts of the American culture likes to hold certain people back from their potential, it is important to break free from the chains of incompetence. Without people thinking for themselves and creating new ideas and inventions people become too dependent upon others. When people become too dependent on others to build, make, and create things this defeats the purpose and function of living a self-sufficient life, and continuing the groundwork’s of a independent thinking nation.

For instance if one were to look at the course of manufacturing in the U.S; for years now people have become too dependent upon purchasing and buying material goods from the nation of China. As a result certain skills and trades have become forgotten and people’s time has not been put to good use, since people have become over-consumers. People have become so comfortable buying and accumulating that most people have forgotten the time and skill that life requires in order to create and innovate.

I believe that people can transform the economy and themselves by re-organizing the way that they live their lives, but it will take a radical shift in thinking for many across the nation. For some they are still blinded to the reality of the fact that many jobs and industries have been stolen, and that many people’s past paychecks are being sent to people overseas. Some people have also accepted the idea of working harder for lesser pay than what they previously obtained. The simple fact is that industries have moved overseas in order to increase profits, avoid higher taxes, and pay for cheaper labor for those on the bottom of the corporate ladder.

Although their may not be positive things along with the fact that jobs are becoming scarcer in the U.S; it is important to keep awareness and to always incorporate independent thinking. Opportunity always exists, ultimately it comes down to an individuals drive and mental focus. The mind is a special weapon and nobody can use it better than you!

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