What Are You Holding?

What Do People Hold

At times we all forget what we may be clinging onto or things that have happened in the past that affect the way we go about life. Holding onto ideas, people, or qualities can be a good thing, but too much of anything always ends up resulting in bad situations or addictive behaviors.

As part of a healing exercise I have learned that one of the best ways of learning about yourself and how to apply problem-solving techniques for yourself is to list what you hold onto.

If you can come up with a list of ways you hold onto things and why you do it is a very liberating experience. For example if you write down what you are doing now, what you are with-holding yourself from doing, what you’re avoiding, why you’re avoiding things, and asking yourself what you really want, it is a terrific exercise.

Here is my own sample piece…

Where Are You Holding?

  • I am holding onto security and people I feel comfortable with.
  • I am holding onto the idea that education is only defined by a piece of paper or classroom environment.
  • I am holding onto the idea that I always have to be in a hurry and that I can’t slow down.
  • I am holding onto fear and taking chances.
  • I am holding still in order to explore what is truly possible if I take matter into my own hands.
  • I am holding back from helping others to live up to their true potential in order to build and create a beautiful universe.
  • I am holding onto the idea that I must become an expert in many different fields rather than focusing on certain fields and areas or niches. I should give other experts more of my personal time in order to learn from them.
  • I am holding onto an idea that I should try and know all sorts of answers but rather I should be more humble and avoid acting like I know magical answers to unknown questions.
  • I am holding onto the idea that success is defined by SIMPLY by money.
  • I am holding onto the idea that I can’t become wealthy or successful at a young age, simply because society and school teaches me so.
  • I am holding back from taking risks and gambles, primarily due to the fact that I am afraid of falling on my face, going broke, or losing hard-earned money.
  • I am holding onto new ideas and possibilities rather than taking action upon them.

There you go!

By doing this exercise or brainstorming why you hold onto things or asking yourself why you are the way you are, you learn a lot. Sometimes you have to weigh the similarities with the differences, and the differences with similarities and BOOM look what you might find.

Always explore and always release yourself from certain things. Being attached or holding onto something for too long is never healthy. In order to build resistance you have to learn how to let go and you also have to learn how to let in.

Life is short, but it is also sweet. Life can be a slice of whole wheat bread or life can be a slice of key lime pie, it’s all up to you! Life is a steady process of becoming something and combining strengths and weakness’s. Often times we can look at other people and we can even trade our traits and characteristics in order to build and create the impossible.

What the world really needs is people who are not afraid to live and not afraid to dream. Keep exploring until you have found out what’s really holding you back. Once you find what’s holding you back let it go and let it be. Then find a way in which you can fix the problems that you might be facing.

Nobody should ever let anything distract them from the end result of their personal pursuits. Sit down and begin to gain some insight on what it is that you need to do.

Grow your propositions, build your engines, receive feedback, and collaborate your ideas in order to innovate. Cheers to building a better future and the pursuit of your personal will!

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