How To Do Simple Cooking

Simple Cooking

Although cooking for yourself takes time and energy out of your day, it can be a pleasurable experience. If you enjoy eating and I believe that most people do, you can make it fun. I must say though it is definitely helpful if you cook when you’re not starving, cause this can be uncomfortable indeed.

Personally, I like to eat healthy and stay away from processed foods as much as possible so I do like to utilize fresh veggies and do a lot of stir fry’s. Cooking on the pan is pretty simple, all you need is some healthy oil such as olive oil or coconut oil, my two personal favorites. In addition, you need a fine knife and some cutting boards. The knives and cutting boards are a wise investment as it allows you to finely chop, dice, and mince your veggies or meats just as you would like.

Picking the right pan to cook on is important as well, I understand some people like non-stick since they believe it is convenient, however some pans have harmful chemicals that one should be aware of such as PFOA. More can be read on this site…

I like cast iron pans, but these pans are heavy and they can be a pain to clean up, so if you are generally a hurried person, who doesn’t like to take time to clean this pan may not be suited for you.

I understand that cooking takes time and you often have to run to the grocery store, but cooking for yourself is one of the best and most efficient ways of saving money. It always boggles my mind, as to how much money people actually spend going out to eat. If you can teach yourself how to be a good chef, you can begin to thrive and save money.

Also cooking simple meals will make you much healthier, in essence this leads to a much happier life and it’s often fun to cook for others! Becoming a better chef in the kitchen is a good skill to have. By developing cooking skills it symbolizes that you are able to cook for yourself and others, translating to the fact that you’re a dependable person.

Although cooking is a pain for some people and some people are clueless in the kitchen, it is never too late to try and learn how to cook.  After all, everyone has to eat and feed themselves. A great way to save money, have fun, and live simply, is to try some simple cooking.

I’m pretty sure just about every human-being loves food, it is one of the great treasures that life provides  us. Cooking can be a fun hobby and a good way to eat healthy. When you pick the right foods and cook for yourself, it is a great way to turn away from unhealthy processed foods that make you feel sick!

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