Why Incorporate The Art of Giving

The Art of Giving

During tough economic times many families suffer through hardships and many find it hard to squeak by. The other day I faced a challenge where I meet a wonderfully vibrant person who was filled with happiness and strength. He was a wise old man who told me how important it was to help others and give away.

The old man told me about the blessings that can come one’s way once one begins to give. Inside the man, there was a bold spirit within him. The experience I had with the old man was filled with laughter and joy. But the experience ended sadly when he left because he was unemployed and struggling with no money in his hand.

The important lesson I learned was that their are people in need, and that what goes around comes back around. However, it depends on how you treat others. If one is seeking blessings or strength from above they need to treat others the way they would like to be treated. It is sad, but a lot of times we search and go so far in order to try and succeed and achieve, yet at times we forget about the importance of helping others in need.

There are times I can remember where I felt I could have done more to try and help other people but I felt perplexed in the moment. It’s as if I simply did not know what to do, even though in my heart I felt I should do something. It’s a struggle to change a mindset and it’s difficult to help others in need when you feel slightly trapped.

When I look back at times I see that I could have done so much more, yet I know there is no time to dwell on the past. Giving back and helping people is one of the greatest feelings. Also I like the quote, “Once you give, you begin to live.” This is a line from Dave Matthews Band in the song You Might Die Trying. It saddens me at times when I see people who deserve much more than what they receive.

Another good line from the song You Might Die Trying is, “To change the world, Start with one step. However small, The first step is hardest of all.” I hope that I can inspire some people to go out and do more good in the world, despite what other people say about you, it is your true reputation that matters. Forget the hate and spread the love.

The world heals through love and unity. The world also heals through the art of giving to others.

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