Be Aware of Dishonesty


The world is full of scams, and all things that we seek come with a price-tag. However it is important to note that not everything that catches the eye of attention is worth having. As the saying goes, “All that glitters is not gold.” We all face things daily that we wonder about, such as the question of authenticity.

The other day I came across a supplement scam, in which you could start a trial at a near free price of $1.95. But the dilemma was, that once I signed up my information, it was very difficult to back out. Also I had to go through the hassle of long phone calls. On top of the phone hassles, I had to cancel my trial in order to prevent being billed past trial days. I also had to pay for the package to be sent back to the company as part of the trial. I can relate this struggle with other forms of payment in which people often blindly sign for a commitment, without looking into future consequences. It is very important to look deeply at the face-value of any investment or future goal. Many times people and companies will try and rip you off or certain investments may cost you an arm and a leg, just so things can work out in the opponents favor.

It is a sad truth, but the world is not always full of rose gardens and marbled floors. With each day their are security nets and people who don’t necessarily receive the care they really need. Each day everyone also faces choices, and with each choice we are left to make decisions. I recall an assembly when I was in Middle School in which a principal was introducing my new 6th grade class of students. He told my class, “As you move up from this point in your life, you will continue to develop more choices”. His statement was absolutely the truth, life is all about choices and ultimately what you gain, either positive or negative from the choices that you make.

To help avoid dishonesty it is important to find the sunny days rather than the cloudy days. Ultimately happiness and honesty go hand in hand and they are states of mind in which goals are pursued and obtained to their truest potential. If you are being dishonest it is really hard to satisfy your true needs that you hunger for.

Part of diversifying and growing potential comes through the acts of honest content. Life is full of complexity and things will always continue to evolve in sophistication and intelligence. But without honesty some of the greatest powers such as love and inspiration can never unite. Through honesty, similarities and differences can be found between two related variables. Fortunately we all have the ability to change and adapt to changes so we can all detach from dishonesty. By the strength of knowledge people can recognize truth and reason through the logic of what is being defined. To rule is to serve, and to motivate it requires incentive. The only thing that we can guarantee is that intelligence will continue to grow, but the question is how much will we let dishonesty affect the outcomes of our morality?

Nobody likes rules, but we all need rules to regulate. Also note that being honest will bring you far, but if you cannot improvise or adjust you cannot defeat dishonesty. We should all realize that determination is the ultimate motivator, and that drive never forgets or steps away from the strength of learning. Be aware of dishonesty and overcome it with adversity and resilience.

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