Simplicity Is Best

Live Simply

Consumption, hoarding, and accumulating excess things above your needs, can lead to an addiction to a clutter filled lifestyle. One of the problems that people face without realizing at times is that they have accumulated too many material things to the point of exhaustion. What I mean about that specifically is that people may get to the point where they just make purchases to the point where they are not really fulfilling any needs but rather just impulses. In order to to get over slumps or get ride of the questions of why you have so many things piled around your living space or closet, start looking at what you have.

In order to prevent yourself from being in insurmountable debt and having a ton of things that just sit around picking up dust start looking for ways you can clean up your space.

If you feel you have too much here are some helpful ideas…

  1. Give things away to Goodwill.
  2. Give things away to Purple Heart Veterans.
  3. Give things to friends and family who may have interest
  4. Sell things on Garage Sales
  5. Sells things on Ebay or Craigslist
  6. Start living a minimalist lifestyle

There are plenty of ways to still live a happy fulfilling life without having a bunch of junk, or things that you feel you have to show off to everyone in the world. In my own life I feel like I’ve grown a lot by learning how to dissociate wants and needs and move on from there. Once you find the things you really like, you tend to stick with those things. Whether you like quality products, clothing, food, or cars you will likely stick with those things as long as you can afford to do so. But with different lifestyles come different price tags. Some people want to just accumulate more and more, while other people just want to have less and less.

Whether you want to maintain a lavish lifestyle or a simple life it helps if you learn the skills of simplifying and cutting out unnecessary things. As strange of a concept as it is to some people if you want to have more abundance in your life, you first have to learn how to let go of things and have less. If you begin by spending less and build up a budget plan you can then move on and pursue whatever desires and motivations you hold. If you want to maximize your potential begin by cutting out the maximum consumption. Then turn more towards moderation, the key is learning how to adopt the ideals of simplicity and look at your lifestyle and how it currently revolves. By starting a simple life you may have to make adjustments and step out of some comforts but in the end it’s up to you whether you stick with your ideals and pursue the things you want. Start off easy but don’t set things off too much, simplifying is easier said than done.

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