Be Original


Throughout life people always look up to other people or try to replicate what others do. When mimicking the actions of others it really does nothing to separate you from the crowd. One of the most important things to avoid is the idea of trying to be just like everyone else or keep up with others around you. Everyone has their own unique abilities and talents that can be expressed and getting away from the notion of reciprocating the ways of life that is taught to you early on in life throughout school is important if you are to diversify.

Part of being original and growing, is developing the ability to separate yourself from the pack and allowing your inner-self to really be expressed. If you can come to the point where you’re willing to step up and perform tasks that you feel need to be done or accomplished without any regard to what someone else might think, than you are beginning to pave your way. By setting aside outer chatter and focusing your totality on what your true skills sets are, you can do what it is you intend to do.

Here are some of my thoughts…

  1. Live Out Your Interests Once They Are Found
  2. Research and Expand Your Present Knowledge
  3. Do What YOU Like
  4. Always Do The Best You Can Despite What Others May Say
  5. Find Ways To Express Your Creativity
  6. Find Your Niche and Let It Out For The World
  7. Avoid The Victim Ideology
  8. Avoid Becoming Another Clone of Somebody

Whether you have ideas floating around in your mind or not there is plenty that can be done out in the world. There are fresh new waves of opportunities out in the midst, you just have to conquer yourself first so you avoid being fearful. Disappointments happen and successes happen. Learn to play odds in your favor and always be yourself first, rather than the second best version of your favorite idols. You might be surprised by what you’re actually capable of doing if you start trying and pry open hidden talents. The keys to yourself are only owned by you. Other people can only try, but they will often fall short when trying to be someone else. By keeping originality closely gripped you will always travel far in any endeavor.

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