How Have You Built Your Character?

Present Yourself

When growing up, we all face certain obstacles in our life that may be inevitable. The qualities that you carry upon your shoulders really depend on a multitude of factors, beginning with the nature of the environment you’re born into. Everything that you showcase is a self-representation. We all hold certain traits that help define who we truly are as well as free us from the chains of carbon-copy replications.

To possess what one would consider to be good character, one has to be in line with integrity. In order to obtain any representation or alignment of good characteristics one must also hold key qualities.

In my eyes these are some good character traits:

  1. Loyalty
  2. Honesty
  3. Independence
  4. Sincerity
  5. Self-less love
  6. Courage
  7. Patience
  8. Respect

If you hold regrets or can’t come to face with real-life problems and situations you will weaken your character. Nobody enjoys letting people into their life who simply look to cash-in on everything you have to offer them, for no respect in return. I love helping other people and displaying my kindness in everyday circumstances but dishonesty really eradicates ones values. By judging other people it is often unfair to speak poorly of other people. We can never truly experience other people’s lives simply through a gaze or by simple conversations because a lifetime of wealth is only defined through character. Despite all odds and circumstances it really helps to always put your truest reputation out their for other people to see. You can hold sympathy or empathy for others but the best thing you can do is put yourself at another person’s level.

For Ages people have always tried to change themselves in certain ways. Another thing is people often attempt to be other people or replicate other’s actions instead of just being oneself. As hard as it may be to address false identities and people who don’t always walk their talk, nobody is perfect. Everyone has flaws, so perfection is just a fantasy we all strive for but fall short of in the end. So what am I trying to say you might ask, well I’m not trying to say much, I’m just suggesting that people relate back to their experiences and build new experiences that can help nourish the body of ones character. We all have our own unique personalities and life experiences which blend together to make-up who we truly are.

If you can learn ways to make the best of every situation with any person you are with, you have good character. Always show that you care and people will appreciate your presence. With every new day, just always look for ways to better yourself and make a difference for those around you!

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