How To Transition Into A Healthy Lifestyle

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen it comes to the idea of eating and eating good foods specifically, it can be a sensitive subject for many across the spectrum. In order to really understand health and having a healthy body, you really have to begin to reexamine how you feel every day and what foods you consume.

The idea that you can eat whatever you want when you’re young, really isn’t a valid way of looking at health and your body anymore. When you begin to consider the population of overweight people and all-time obesity rates it can be saddening.

Also, if you factor in the abundance of fast-food chains and restaurants globally taking hold, you can begin to open the curtains of a surging problem of over-eating.

Across America over the last several decades people have really neglected their health and really set it on the back-burner resulting in ever increasing cancer rates and diseases that can all show links to poor health choices.

Although eating well by itself is not enough to simply prevent all diseases and cancers out there in the world, current studies and real life examples have shown it sure does help set your life in the right direction.

Whenever you have the power to take your own health into your own hands and if you begin to research what exactly you’re putting into your body you’re awareness will expand.

Here is a list of 10 ways you can begin to start out on a healthier track, translating into a healthier lifestyle…

  1. Cut out processed food from your diet and your pantry immediately.
  2. Make fruits and vegetables a staple in your diet. Minimize meat consumption. Allow your diet scale to elevate fruits and vegetables above meat.
  3. Get a gym membership or invest in exercise equipment for your home if you’re too lazy to drive to the gym.
  4. Research more into nutrition, “Your health is your greatest wealth.” Life is too short to waste away your good health. The more you learn about healthy food the more you’ll know how beneficial it is to incorporate it into your own diet.
  5. If you fear your weight is too high, look into a low carb-diet to begin cutting weight. The Paleo diet is one of my personal favorites.
  6. Also if weight is a problem cut out foods high in sugar, as well as refined carbohydrates.  Simple carbs also known as white grains found in white bread, supply a quick burst of energy for your body. However they are bad for your blood sugar levels which can later result in diabetes. Make the switch to whole grains in your diet if bread is a necessity. Also switch to brown or wild rice rather than white rice if possible.
  7. It’s no myth carbohydrates are addictive. If you’re addicted to carbs, and sugary foods which are providing you empty calories, be aware that you WILL go through withdrawal like symptoms. The hill is hard for many people to get over and more often than not people give up dieting for this specific reason, most can’t let go of processed foods and fall back for simple carbs. Specifically people’s brains get hooked on the addicting additives of processed foods, so constant hunger becomes a problem and the mind and body get confused, not realizing when it should stop eating.
  8. Stay off soft drinks and soda. Drink water, yes A LOT of water if you want to clear your system of impurities and detox chemicals out of your body. Invest in a filter also since most city water is full of junk and high concentration of trace elements that can harm you if consumed in high supply. Drink tea, sip herbs and 100% juice, not junk full of additives and sugary high fructose corn syrup.
  9. Exercise can be as simple or as intense as you can handle, as long as you exercise that is the most important factor if you want to stay in shape. Jogging and walking are healthy as low-key as it may be. Lifting weights and body-building are great too. Play a sport or multiple sports to stay versatile and flexible. Do whatever your body can handle and your body will be happy and healthy.
  10. Find solitude in silence. Meditation and Yoga which are more Eastern Ways of thinking may be unfamiliar foreign ideologies to most American folks, especially a consumption based society. But this trend is here to stay especially once you start to live out the positive changes that these mind exercises provide. The benefits of digging deep within your own mind teaches you a lot about life.  The lessons that deep experiences from your own psyche teach, will affect those around you causing global change. Their is nothing stronger than your inner wealth.

I hope that you can begin to feel the benefits of making changes to your health. By spreading the message of living a healthier lifestyle you will feel much stronger and as a result you can live out your life in a much happier way when you are constantly feeling your best.

I suggest you begin to look more deeply at what you put in your body. You are what you eat and your body is the vehicle for your mind, so take care of it! If you eat poorly you will likely put your health into poverty. Get off your chair or couch and get active you’ll be much happier down the road when you can exercise and look good.

Nobody likes to turn down the wrong road into the darkness of an unhealthy lifestyle, so let go of laziness and let in some hope of brighter days!

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