The Future Is As Bright As You’re Willing To Make It

Future Is As Bright As You Make It

Waking up in the morning it’s important to count all blessings. We all have blemishes, scars, and imperfections but all real people aren’t perfect. I could also state that perfect people don’t exist.

I recently read a quote by a man named Bob Dean. It went like this, “Success isn’t just about making money. It is about having ethics, building relationships, and feeling, at the end of the day, that you have done something worthwhile.” After reading it, I thought to myself, this is a brilliant quote. The words can really translate to multiple aspects of life.

Part of creating what you want and making a better life for yourself and others is ultimately a test of how you do worthwhile things. If you cheat yourself, or others, you aren’t building strong relationships or building something that will last.

Having the right ideas in mind are critical, but the pieces of the puzzle don’t always allow themselves to fall in place at the right place and time.

Another good quote is by Malcolm X, “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today”. Everyday that you work hard towards your goals, is another step closer to the reality of dreams coming true.

Part of what holds people back is the idea of fear, past mistakes, and it’s chains that hold people down. In any hour of the day you can choose to liberate yourself from fear and reach for your future’s potential. I understand letting go is a strange feeling and it can be a daunting task.

Most people will hold onto things without even realizing it. However through the act of mental contrasting, people can re-evaluate their thinking patterns and develop better plans to action.

Growth is imminent for everybody who reaches for it. By choosing to center in on your possibilities, you may realize that new opportunities suddenly arise.

With every new road that you begin to pave, their are new responsibilities that come with that pathway. The adventures are worthwhile, but only when you build solid relationships and ethics around yourself and your vision.

I believe that people’s abilities are very malleable and that comfort is meant to be tested. Stepping out of comfort zones leads to new ideas, places, and possibilities.

In order to shape your transcendental thoughts into reality, it takes trust and continual action.

If you can’t trust in the parallels of the world between different states of consciousness, and everyday motions, then you may easily be tossed in a whirlwind. By discovering parallels in your life between your goals, and other people’s goals you may work in conjunction to solve worldly problems.

I believe this is one of the most important steps right now. We currently live in a selfie-society. Most people are quick to only fulfill their own needs rather than look at the bigger picture. If we could all somehow work together and integrate our ideas and solutions, I believe we could cure a lot of problems.

I think the step that needs to be taken is a transition from the self-perspective to a worldly-perspective. Once more people open their eyes and stretch their idea muscles we can bring in the new and toss out the old.

Our world suffers from excessive greed and selfish desires. We could all benefit from more unity and cooperation. The future is bright, and we all carry flashlights. In order to make a change we need to turn our flashlights onto high beam and use our capabilities to the fullest.

As the controversial Jordan Belfort stated, “No matter what happened to you in your past, you are not your past. You are the resources and the capabilities you glean from it. And that is the basis for all change.”  This quote reflects that anything can happen to those who have the confidence to act on the mistakes of the past. Or better yet, think of it this way, tomorrow is the first page of your new story, so make it a good story!

Why It’s Important To Unplug From Technology

Take A Break Unplug

Often times we all spend many hours surrounded by screens of all sorts. Whether it’s laptops, tablets, computer screens, televisions, or cell phones we are all consuming a lot of time with technology.

One of the best and healthiest things to do is to take a break, go outside, and enjoy nature and it’s beauty.

Social media is brilliant at stealing people’s precious time. Sadly, most people don’t even realize the large percentage of time that they waste on Facebook and Twitter just to name a few. As busy as life can be and despite all of the distractions and activities that people have to do each day, it is important to not overlook relaxation.

Whether you are currently in school, working, or a combination of the two, I’m sure you can probably use, “some time away”,  from everything.

Here are some goals that everybody should aim for even if you feel you are an outdoor person…

  1. Go on a long bike ride, or off-road pathway with a mountain bike.
  2. Gather a group of people and go on a road-trip in the mountains, or some place far away from the craziness of technology and city life.
  3. Go hiking in a mountain range that you have never seen before, but be prepared with food, drinks, and supplies.
  4. Meditate or do some yoga outside your living space, or in the wilderness.
  5. When it’s warm, lay out on a hammock for a few hours and soak in the sun, and all that nature offers.
  6. Visit new places that excite you or places that may provide a level of culture shock.

Taking a vacation, going for hikes, bike rides, or mountain climbs are great experiences. Getting away from technology is critical for good long-term health. You should really do any outdoor activity that takes you away from all of the daily taxation.

I am a big believer in the soul-body-mind connection, and in order to give all three parts a connection, you have to have a good balance of the world around you, as well as nature and your environment.

By spending time with other people and the beauty of the world, it can be a major stress reliever and a great boost of life-enhancing energies.

Nobody likes to spend too much time in a nine-to-five, or a classroom. Too much inactivity shuts the body down in a sitting position and leaves a person feeling lazy and tired by the time the day is over. What people like to do, and what humans were intended to do, is to travel around, exercise, and explore.

Sitting around and keeping a slouched posture can lead to problems in the long-run. For many people across the globe now, a sedentary lifestyle is now commonplace.

In order to truly free yourself, I believe that being outside and exploring nature is very important, and a very crucial part of experiencing life in itself. Just as a gardener may say, “I did not choose Gardening, it was rather nature’s calling to me”. People and land are supposed to go hand-in-hand.

If people lost their touch with nature, we would no longer be able to live. After all, the food that we consume and all of are body composition is derived from nature and it’s creation’s.

Finding a way to unplug and let in the restfulness that the outdoors provides is very soothing for the soul, body, and mind.

If you go out into nature and truly explore, I’m sure that you will return back as a much more strengthened individual and much more well-grounded. Often people take too much for granted and they do not realize how much the world has already provided, and so they want more and more, leading to excess greed.

For me personally and I’m sure other people as well, nature is always one of the greatest reality checks that one can find. Mother nature always makes you more humble and appreciative for life and all of existence in general.

If you take a break and unplug, you may feel out of place at first. However, you may return more thankful and you may observe how far humanity has traveled as a whole. Technology and the world can be exhausting, but one should never forget or ignore the beauty of the world, which can be seen right outside in a forest or mountain near-you.

Live life, explore, and learn. Enjoy your moments and do the best you can with each day that you’re given!

Why You Should Create Resolutions and Create Change

Resolutions and Creating Change

Do you feel you have reached a climax, or feel like you’re still trying to get to a higher place? Putting actions into practice can be a lot harder than what people originally expect. That is why it is important to test your own personal drive and willpower.

One thing that many people forget or miscalculate is the need to take adequate rest. It is easy to set multiple goals or high marks for individual achievement, but people often forget about recovery. After any form of achievement, or creation it is critical to take some recovery time and recuperate yourself after the reward.

Resisting temptation and delaying self-gratification may seem like disciplines of the ancient past, but they are important foundations. Whatever it is you want, or whatever you are looking to achieve may require critical thinking and lead to mental strain.

If rest is never taken, you may be cutting yourself short of greater feats. Humans have the ability to stretch their ambitions very far, as a result miraculous achievements and inventions can be put forth on display.

What may have been a dream yesterday, could very well be your routine today. Everything comes down to the moves you’ve made. At any moment it’s easy to give up, or to quit and say, “I’ve had enough”, but focus on the tracks ahead. If you feel like you’re always drained or putting yourself in vulnerable positions, it’s probably because you are.

Focus on one thing at a time. It is too easy to become distracted in the 21st century. If you easily give into impulses let me ask you, how strong is your willpower?

If you can tackle your personal issues and conquer them, then you will succeed in your endeavors.

In order to tackle issues, you must change the way you think. If you change the way you think, you will begin to analyze questions that you confront.

By changing your thought process you do things differently for once, as a result this may lead to conquered goals and resolutions.

Make today the day that you start taking action in certain activities. Don’t simply aim to stop a certain activity, you need to focus on behaviors centered upon starting and creating.

If you can start the actions or steps that you want to partake in, you are closer to achieving. If you stop a behavior, you may become confused by what you should do instead, that is why starting new goals is essential.

Once you decide and associate your mindset with good behaviors, your plans will turn into desirable outcomes and achievements!

Why Controlling Consumption Is Crucial


In order to keep a good balance with anything, it is important to not over-think and overspend. Most people are probably aware, that over-consuming is generally a harmful behavior, especially if you don’t truly need something.

By using something too much, or by consuming things endlessly without providing, or putting out any value into the world, this usually results in wounding the outer world.

In order to establish a sense of harmony with your environment and the world as a whole, I think that it’s important that people know what they are consuming and investing their money into. I was once told, “You vote by the way you spend your dollar”. As this quote states, people show what they care about and support, through the way people spend their money.

Although consumption and investments are generally ruled through the course of one’s cash flow, they can also be factors through time and the way someone’s time is spent. Wise investments of time and money can often lead to great businesses, inventions,  and creations for the world to utilize.

By using your time, or collected wealth in a way that is wasteful, it often leads to less positive output for society.

If you are purchasing things just to show off, or “look the part”, this will not lead to long term wealth. Keeping up with the Jones’ is rather an expensive habit of over-consumption.

Here are some things to consider…

  1. By cutting consumption, you save more money. This can be done through the act of differentiating buying things you need, versus buying things that appear appealing, but are not necessities.
  2. By cutting consumption you may negate the guilt of indulging in something too much or too often.  For example: this can be such activities as weekly clothing shopping spree’s at your local mall, or Saturday night gambling extravaganzas.
  3. If you can control consumption, you learn to contain yourself and with-hold from consuming. This leads to the development of discipline. By developing discipline this can lead to greater output and action in other parts of your life that need more attention, focus, or repair.
  4. If you can control consumption, you are developing a mindset that focuses on healthier financial standing. If your cash flow remains local it supports local economies and as a result this will positively effect your friends and neighbors providing them with work and support. By over indulging on material goods from countries with poor labor rules you may be fulfilling your own self-gratification and your own personal desires. However, this indulgence may possibly be contributing to harmful effects on the job sector of your local economy and your own finances.

I understand that it is easy to get carried away by strategic marketing and “good deals”, but it is important to learn certain lessons such as when to spend, invest, and consume versus holding firm. To put it simply, if you can’t afford it, or you don’t need it, then don’t purchase it.

You can always go back to something and receive it when you’re ready, but if you always give into something right away, this is a poor display of self-discipline. Aim for the things that are possible, and try your best to remain realistic. If you want something that is out of your range, then build the steps and write out the goals that it will take, in order for you to reach the destination. If you really want the consumption, service, or investment badly enough, you will rectify the steps in a necessary manner and you will succeed by getting what you want.

Prioritize and pay attention to the things that you consume. You may be pleasantly surprised by how much you can save and build if you control your personal consumption habits.

Comparing Blenders With Juicers

Blenders Vs. Juicers

When it comes to trying to live healthy and incorporating the right foods into your diet, it is not always an easy task for everyone. Thankfully, with modern technology and appliances, people can quickly incorporate healthy foods through juices and smoothies.

I understand, not everyone has a blender or a juicer. Many people can get confused and struggle to decide whether a blender or a juicer is right for them. I believe both are great and they offer different capabilities depending upon the brand and model that you purchase.

The benefits of a blender may include…

  • Ability to add supplements along with your other list of simple ingredients. (You can add powders and oils to boost your nutritional value inside your shake).
  • Rather quick clean up by the course of hand wash, dishwasher, or running the blender with soap inside.
  • Quick and easy to operate, most blenders will take no longer than 30-45 seconds to blend, but it honestly depends on the ingredients inside. If you incorporate a lot of ice and frozen fruits with little liquid the process may take longer. Also Vitamix or Blendtec blenders are very strong, but if you put extremely hard ingredients inside it may take longer in order to completely break down. (By hard ingredients I would mean something such as coconut chunks, avocado seeds, pineapple cores, etc.)

The benefits of juicers may include…

  • They offer fresh juice which is loaded with healthy enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that are processed and broken down differently than a blender.
  • They offer multiple speeds and some offer different features. Some are better suited for citrus fruits and some can do tougher veggies such as wheat or barley grass. Their are even some models made by Omega that offer a pasta maker, the ability to homogenize, a food processor, or even the ability to make nut butters.
  • Juicers are very quick and they not only get the job done but they make you much healthier in the process.

Ultimately I use blenders a lot more than juicers because it is quicker and not such a pain to clean up. My biggest downfall, when it comes to juicers is that the cleanup process takes me a while and I feel like the pulp often goes wasted.

I am aware that there are recipes out there that do use leftover pulp broken down from fruits and vegetables, but that is a whole different process in itself.

Whether you are looking for a way to become healthier or you feel you lack energy and you are looking for ways to change your lifestyle in a more beneficial way, juicing and blending can make a difference. I have had some sales experience where I worked for a company that sold and offered blenders and juicers.

The decision comes down to the consumer, but I just like to add my thoughts and advice for those who are looking to move towards juicing and blending. Blenders and juicers can get pricey, but if it is something that you are going to use daily, it is worth investing in a good one.

A lot of products are made overseas and the parts can easily crack and break down, but some brands do offer warranty’s and some stores will accept returns.

Adding fresh juice has really personally helped my overall vitality and energy levels. Someday’s my mind and body feel super refreshed and I know exactly the reason why. The body and mind really can rejuvenate and heal through the course of healthy habits and through the use of more fruits and vegetables.

By being consistent with healthy habits, it can make all the difference in a person’s life.

Why Self-Education Can Be Just As Dazzling As College

Where Is Opportunity

All people have different interests. That is part of the reason why everyone goes their own separate ways when it comes to achieving an education. Some people believe that a world-class education is only defined by the school that someone attends, however I would have to refute that belief. I believe that a world-class education is dependent upon the material that you consume, not really the institution that you attend.

Everyone has their own personal learning styles that fits their unique personality as well as strengths and weaknesses. In this day and age information is abundant and courses are spreading out over all sorts of contexts.

With the abundance of MOOC’s students can now get a world-class education from any seat of the house, apartment, condo, or whatever living space. People can pursue MBA’s at an institution or take online only courses through Business directed MOOC’S. Depending upon a person’s personal travel situations and the location and convenience that certain programs offer you don’t always have to be physically present for each classroom type learning experience.

Many people always debate the question of furthering their education, which is always beneficial, but it always comes with a cost. Ultimately, As Blake Boles stated in his book, Better Than College, “Time, not money, is the ultimate nonrenewable resource.” This statement really emphasizes how the resource that exists, which we cannot go backwards to receive more of, is time.

Whatever time you spend is precious and education is a vital part of anybody’s identity and their future. If you truly want to have a bright future and not put yourself in a position where you feel like a number or strangled in certain ways, self-educating or creating your own educational template is probably the best thing you can possibly do.

A lot of people tend to focus primarily on credential, and this is simply because for the past four to five decades it was the only way to get into certain areas of the workforce. When you look at today’s economy it really couldn’t possibly be any more open. The number of people who are overqualified for their jobs is outrageous. If you go around asking, you are likely to discover a lot of people who have degrees that don’t even pertain to the job title that they hold.

Also, honestly I think that the economy will just continue to open up through alternative revenue streams. As more global competition crosses borderlines of countries all across the globe, we will see how fierce the competition of well-paying jobs will become.

The world is becoming a giant marketplace for talent and certain companies and agencies are licking their chops as they gander upon all the potential employees that exist across multiple landscapes.

If you can get ahead by pursuing your own personal interests and you can find a way to expand your knowledge in a way that benefits vocational work, you can skillfully begin to produce by both engaging your hands and mind.

Certain jobs will always exist and I happen to be a big advocate of free-lance opportunities. Free-lance jobs are not very concrete since they are primarily just projects that don’t always guarantee any future long-term income from particularly a single source. However they do allow you to creatively grow and expand through the course of valued work.

During my stint of self-education for the past several months I have found how much a person could do if they truly set their mind to certain goals. Ultimately learning on your own is much different than a class-room environment and there is no teacher or professor yelling or telling you to turn in assignments or to complete your quiz, but self-education doesn’t necessarily mean that it is any less beneficial for future qualifications.

I like to create and discover, and by making my own schedule and learning templates, I find much more personal freedom.

Some of the most beneficial parts of self-educating includes…

  1. Getting an edge in upcoming industries and areas of work.
  2. More personal freedom when it comes to learning material.
  3. The ability to meet small or large goals depending upon your personal ambition.
  4. Discovering new ideas, themes, and possibilities.
  5. Limitless ways you can grow your potential for future job opportunities and school programs.
  6. The possibility of becoming great in a particular area of study or any personal interest.
  7. Developing a better sense of social media and how to use it to your advantage and success.

Curiosity stretches across multiple spectrum’s and by reading your own material and following unanswered questions, you begin to realize how wide open the world happens to be. I believe that a lot of people are getting cheated by their educations since they are overpaying for simple degrees that may not be necessary within the next 10 years or less. I can’t predict the future but I do know that the world wide web is ever expanding and the world is becoming more debt-ridden.

Quality education is truly what you make of it, and the libraries of the world offer some of the greatest literary art that anyone could fathom. For the young kids of the world who are looking to make their mark and potentially rebuild our countries future and the economy’s of the world, we all have to consider education and balancing the equality of the education offered.

If you have discipline, ambition, and tenacity you can easily create your own assignments and read material that you feel interests you personally and helps build your identity so you can benefit your community and the world as a whole. Instead of just “getting ahead in school”, with higher education, make a concrete goal. A goal such as reading 15 books in five months, writing 50 blog posts, writing a book, or designing a business plan can all teach you things and benefit people in the process.

As psychiatrist Heidi Grant Halvorson from Harvard once stated, “But there’s just no fooling yourself if you’ve set a specific goal; you know when you’ve reached it and when you haven’t. If you haven’t, you have little choice but to hang in there and keep trying if you want to succeed.” Whether you are in school or not, chances are that you set certain goals for yourself. Everybody creates to-do lists and we all have priorities but it is ultimately up to the person on far you want to proceed with certain goals.

By finding a way to learn new things and expand your knowledge base ,whether you start off in a college classroom or in a library, you are always taking a beneficial step towards a brighter future. When you expand knowledge it really benefits the world in a collective way since everybody is connected to each other in intuitive ways.

Degree’s and college education can get your foot in the door for certain positions, but the rest is up to you. Some of the most successful people have made their fortunes through working hard and smart. Advanced degrees are not always a requirement although they may appear to be a good resume booster. Hard-work and competency are in short supply, and these days, these qualities will bring you the farthest, regardless of what your educational credentials happen to be.

Hard work plus talent equals opportunity. If you beef up your knowledge base, the amount of skills you have will help you stand more confidently a midst an ever growing crowd of people with little skills on how to utilize talents to their advantage. Don’t be a victim of the suckers who try to bite you. Only your personal drive and the resources around you will help you reach the position that you’ve always dreamed of fulfilling.

Why Now Is The Time To Shine

Now Is The Time To Shine

Sadly, I see a lot of people get caught up with their life and they often forget to take risks and step out of their own personal comfort zones.  Some people have been softly cuddled inside for months, or even years inside a zone of little mental growth. Being mediocre at certain skills, tasks, and trades is fine; we all know that it is not always feasible to become great at everything that we want to do.

Ultimately, the most important thing to take away from an hours work, days work, month’s work,  semesters work, or years work is whether you are continually galloping forward. Are you taking the strides that you want to be taking? Are you making a difference in other people’s lives? How would your community feel about what you’re doing? Are you changing the course of history?

People tend to overlook their own personal potential and people often set low standards for themselves because they lack the ability to think further out of the boxes that they have been kept in for so long. After all who wants to settle for a life full of struggle and battles with finances and a host of other external factors. It seems like everyday we hear of new things in the news and chaos going on in the world, but through strength we learn to rise above. It is as if it isn’t enough that each one of us already have certain internal health problems that we combat, and work to fend off, so we can be lively and generate new things for others.

Industries rise and industries fall. People come, and people go. Life proceeds, whether or not people are ready or not.

Certain people like to play the victim mentality or the blame game, but honestly everything that life  throws at people is a test. If you are going to succeed, or if you are going to go out and accomplish the things that you have talked about, their has never been a better time to take affirmative action than now.

The biggest challenge is to understand the nature of the journey that each and every one of us must travel. Everyone takes steps and we all must commit to the steps that we take.

People live through confidence, so nature and it’s divine plans can discover purpose. Nobody should ever be ashamed of their own personal shine.

The human ego does not want to admit any weaknesses but we all share our collection of weaknesses. Collectively, however everyone of us brings different characteristics to the world and to the tables of life. We can all use our strengths to help other’s weaknesses, this leads to a better surrounding world.

If your purpose is to inspire people, then you must go out and inspire. If you want to run your own organization find a purpose and leadership will grow as long as self-focus expands out to a greater world-focus.

In order for you to go out in the world and shine it is important to distinguish between goals and visions.

A goal, is a specific event that once achieved becomes a part of history, which can ultimately lead to another goal and repeat on a set course of continuous action.

A vision, is a view of a futuristic outcome which continues through an ever evolving, hopeful look into the future. A vision can be a limitless destination and an ongoing purpose.

I want other people to elevate their abilities and contribute through courses of action. We are each given a mind and body with infinite potential, but very few ever envision what they are capable of doing.

Exuberant strength and vigor are abilities we all possess. Why should people let certain strengths go to waste?

Create value for others and focus on the things in life that provide value. The power of the mind is what matters. Especially when the mind focuses within its vortex of personal reality. Take your pick… manual labor or brain power? People can always doubt the things that you tell them, but nobody ever doubts your actions.

As leading motivational speaker Eric Thomas once said, “How would your life look if you lived based on faith rather than fear?”  Let go of fear and take certain risks so you can discover your greatest potential. New ways of seeing things are widely available, so it is about that time that creators stepped up to the plate!

Why You Should Take Pride In Independent Thinking

Think For Yourself

Many times people tend to neglect the practice of independent thought. One of the most important skills to develop in one’s lifetime, is the ability to think on one’s own feet and to be sharp and mentally present as much as possible.

When living at a fast pace where no day should be taken for granted, a lot of people like to accept the idea of following orders rather than taking their own personal lead into a new entry.

In order to begin a new venture it requires a lot of thought and preparation, leading to countless hours of mental fatigue. Through the course of repeatedly volunteering your off-hours to a set goal or ambition; everyday can be a day closer to a dream come true.

Ultimately we all know that every person has to make individual decisions and that nobody but ourselves can be blamed for our own personal choices, mistakes, and failures. The keys to independent thinking involves utilizing the knowledge and wisdom to the best of one’s abilities from peers, adults, and professionals in the surrounding world.

Without the advice and experience of past-veterans and people of skill and expertise, young apprentice’s would never grow and prosper. Life is a never ending learning cycle, but without teachers and leaders in particular industries the cycle of skills and trades would never pass on from generation to generation.

It is always important to listen and observe from those of higher levels of experience in any industry, but it is just as crucial to utilize independent forms of thinking. Without new ideas and thoughts being used one can ever grow and prosper in ways that the world has never seen before.

Some may argue that authority is necessary in order to enforce certain rules and guidelines, however it is just as crucial to allow freedom of thought in order to maintain growth and expansion. Self-sufficiency is a great ability for just about any personal skill, because it proves that someone has taken the steps necessary to run and organize a set of given tasks. By interceding independent thought patterns along with the ability to be self-sufficient it is a mighty feat.

Although certain parts of the American culture likes to hold certain people back from their potential, it is important to break free from the chains of incompetence. Without people thinking for themselves and creating new ideas and inventions people become too dependent upon others. When people become too dependent on others to build, make, and create things this defeats the purpose and function of living a self-sufficient life, and continuing the groundwork’s of a independent thinking nation.

For instance if one were to look at the course of manufacturing in the U.S; for years now people have become too dependent upon purchasing and buying material goods from the nation of China. As a result certain skills and trades have become forgotten and people’s time has not been put to good use, since people have become over-consumers. People have become so comfortable buying and accumulating that most people have forgotten the time and skill that life requires in order to create and innovate.

I believe that people can transform the economy and themselves by re-organizing the way that they live their lives, but it will take a radical shift in thinking for many across the nation. For some they are still blinded to the reality of the fact that many jobs and industries have been stolen, and that many people’s past paychecks are being sent to people overseas. Some people have also accepted the idea of working harder for lesser pay than what they previously obtained. The simple fact is that industries have moved overseas in order to increase profits, avoid higher taxes, and pay for cheaper labor for those on the bottom of the corporate ladder.

Although their may not be positive things along with the fact that jobs are becoming scarcer in the U.S; it is important to keep awareness and to always incorporate independent thinking. Opportunity always exists, ultimately it comes down to an individuals drive and mental focus. The mind is a special weapon and nobody can use it better than you!

How To Put Yourself In Situations That Make You Happy

Happy Places

A lot of times, people tend to forget how important it truly is, to put yourself in a good setting. In order to prevent stress and unwanted confrontations it is vital that a person knows when one should take up a task and when to say no to certain situations.

Without a lot of thinking involved, the true instinct of most people is to pursue things that bring satisfaction, and tasks that leave one feeling fulfilled within the heart and soul. Everyone has different interests but at the end of the day, when it comes to reflection and accomplishments we all suffer the same age old questions of “What am I doing?”, and “What have I done today”.

Often times goals are set up big and small and we question them, then we set them aside for days, weeks, or months. Once we stumble upon these goals that are written out, once again we begin to question, have I met these goals? Did I do what it is that I truly wanted to accomplish?

As anyone who has tried to create something would know, the act of accomplishment and finishing any form of art takes a lot of work, effort, and dedication. Also whenever someone completes something, just because something may appear complete, that doesn’t always translate to the idea of quality work.

Anything of supreme quality, requires hours of contending concentration and focus. The problem is however, most people spend a lot of their time doing things that don’t necessarily fulfill their happiness, or make their life or other people’s lives happier.

In order to take your own personal level of health, well-being, and overall experiences to a greater level you have to learn how to discern good decisions from bad decisions. Also it is crucial to live your hours of the day within your own personal strengths. Nobody likes wasted time and money spent on activities that drag the mind in circles with no incentive or any personal drive and stimulation involved.

People like to spend their time doing the things that they enjoy and people also like to have enough security around them that they don’t have to worry about financial fallout and living off the streets scraping dollars just to get by. Discover the things you do, and ask yourself, why do I do these things? If something makes you tremendously happy, it is best that you continue the pursuit, if you don’t want to do something, you don’t have to truly waste your time with things that make you extremely unhappy or depressed.

Life is too short to spend your life wishing. Everyone has wild ideas but if your thoughts just sit around in your head all day with no contest, all the creative juice and imagination goes to waste. If you really want to be a force to be reckoned with, live your life in a fashion where all the time that you allocate, is spent on things that fill you with gratitude.

Live with reverence and make your actions strong and sure so that when people look at you, they automatically recognize that your will has no limit. Some say life is all about “The Pursuit of Happiness” but I might argue why pursue happiness when you can live in synchronicity with happiness? The basis for all start-ups is building from the roots all the way to the core-foundations. Anyone can have happiness, but the key is to repeat the steps you have taken, so happiness continues to stroll upon your way of life.

If you really want to be happy, place yourself in situations that make you happy, life will have much more value and the people you surround yourself with will also be much more happy. The more value you put in your life and others around you, the better off the world is as a greater whole, especially when your purpose aligns together with your true intention!

Why You Should Train Your Mind With Stimulation

Stimulate The Mind

Everyone goes through ups and downs in their daily, weekly, or monthly routine. I’m sure you are already aware of the idea of consistency and how far it can lead you on the path to success but what is often overlooked is what truly stimulates the mind.

Many times it can be hard to find something to embrace or something that drives inner passion and drive. One does not have to look too far as long as a healthy lifestyle is incorporated through the act of mental or physical exercise. A healthy body helps create a healthy mind, in return better synchronicity between left and right hemispheres and increased cognitive abilities will seep out.

Reaching mental clarity is never an easy task nor does it happen right away. When purifying and clearing the mind it will lead to significant changes in your daily routine. As a result of changes, health levels will increase in spiritual, physical, and emotional ways. Positive emotions are the best emotions to include and they produce the most stimulation for the mind.

According to Napoleon Hill, author of Think And Grow Rich and leader in career success, there are Seven Positive Emotions:

  1. Desire
  2. Faith
  3. Love
  4. Sex
  5. Enthusiasm
  6. Romance
  7. Hope

The book can be found here:

Without a stimulus it can be hard to reach high heights in success or achievement. I would also include that discovery, invention, and creation are needed in repetitive cycles. If you cannot repeat certain steps you will forget the know-how and you will not continue on incline.

According to Daniel Burrs, “Creativity is a function of knowledge, curiosity, imagination, and evaluation. The greater your knowledge base and level of curiosity, the more ideas, patterns, and combinations you can achieve, which then correlates to creating new and innovative products and services.” The basis is that the mind is a muscle and it requires vigorous training in order to reach spectacular feats, just as a body-builder must put in many workouts and days of carefully selected meals and nutrition plans.

In my eyes the human mind really is not a whole lot different from the body in the idea that it can grow, age, decay, and rejuvenate.

Through acts of mental stimulation such as finding positive emotions and pursuing passions or hobbies, the mind has an innate ability to materialize what may be intuitive skills and habits. It may not be easy to find motivation at first, but once motivation has been turned on, it can be like a trigger of a gun and it can spiral forward until goals are achieved. Stimulation is one of the beautiful correlations that exists in union with motivation.

People have a full capacity to become great, but often times people are afraid to act upon their own personal potential. Too often I see distractions leading people astray, but this is quite normal, focus and attentiveness are hard characteristics to represent daily. In order to expand mental focus there have been studies that show that classical music, meditation, and nootropic enhancers can help create more activity within the cognitive domains of the human mind. Memory, attention, and movement across different frontiers of the brain can occur but speculation and questions still exist.

Whatever your personal goals or interests are, I believe anyone can train themselves to become great achievers. Excessive thoughts can lead to action, and action can lead to new opportunities!