How A Five Dollar Purchase Changed Me

Small things lead to bigger things

One day as I was cleaning off shelves in the clearance isle of my work, I saw something that caught my eye. While most people probably would have brushed it aside or considered it useless, I discovered a great gem.

What I found was a meditation CD full of great sounds and rhythms intended to bring the mind, body, and soul together. It was a great find for me, since it was a great way for me to relax my mind and escape the inner chatter and chaos of my daily schedule. I’m sure anyone who has ever had a busy schedule or grueling  time with school and work understands the feeling.

After some practice and listening to the audio CD, it was a great way for me to calm my mind and improve my level of concentration and feelings. I felt that utilizing the meditation CD really helped me improve my grades and test scores. My performance at school and work was improving because I was making an effort to improve.

Previously I feel I have struggled with holding my attention and focus, however I feel using meditation has been a great aid. I still fight the chatter of my mind and my ideas of imagination, however I am beginning to understand how important attentiveness truly is.

Over time I have really learned it’s easy to think thoughts at lightning speed and have ideas come in and out of one’s mind, but it is much harder to manifest things. It takes much more time and effort to be effective in multiple aspects of living.

In order to place ideas and thoughts into proper perspective, you need to be precise.  It takes time and patience as well as persistence to get things correctly in order.

The timing of my purchase was during my last semester at my nearby community college of my hometown. The classroom demands were really beginning to test my mental ability, so I had to discover a way to conquer my challenges. I quickly figured out that discipline had to be developed, and like a seed, discipline needs to be nurtured.

I was trying to spend my days in a frugal manner, cooking my own food, being independent, and spending countless hours in the library. Once I learned that being proactive and surrounding myself in the right environment was helping me succeed I knew I had to continue with my drive.  Once you begin to master certain areas of your life you can accomplish great feats!

I’ve always struggled with learning certain concepts and as a result, the lesson I have learned is discipline must be acquainted!

What About Life and It’s Meaning?

What's The Meaning of Life

May I dare ask, what is the meaning of life? Do you ever ponder and look up at the blue sky or the stars in the night and wonder, how has this wonderful world been created?

As we live day to day we gather knowledge which translates to wisdom. Here’s my portrayal…

The meaning of life is to experience. Living life is experiencing the sun on our faces. It is feeling the moisture of the wet dewy grass on our toes, and it is to feel the wind in our hair and the warm or cold breeze that comes and goes.

Life is walking on hot blacktop, or cold tiles with bare-feet.

Life is experiencing the birds chirping and singing song after song. Living is to kiss and hug, roll around in the dirt and then doing it again.

Life is tasting the wonders of the world both sweet and sour, spicy and tangy. Living is laughing and enjoying every moment as if it were your last.

Life is a struggle which makes everyone stronger. Living is suffering, and then realizing that with pain we all have something to gain.

Life is about giving rather than receiving. Living is wanting to give more and more.

Life is enhancing others lives by taking potential and turning it into something better.

To suppress others from living is truly wrong. By locking others up, and sheltering them from experience,  it is shameful for humanity.

Everything  that is living in the flesh has a desire to sense life and feel what it is to be free. While our energy can be felt and spread, it is up to us to spread divinity, wisdom, kindness, and love.

Through  our experiences we are transformed. All of our experiences are translated like electrical impulses spreading past the boundaries of time.

To experience is to see, taste, touch, hear, smell, and know. To experience is to know what it is to live in the present, not the past, nor the future.

When you look back at life, ultimately it’s a composition of the collective experiences stored in our minds. The mind is like a hard drive where information gathers and spreads.

We are all life, and we are all energy combining to make this world what it is, and what it can potentially be!

Blackberry-Peach Energy Recipe

Blackberry Peach Smoothie

It’s been a little while since I’ve shared a recipe but one memorable shake that I have made lately has been the nutrient packed Blackberry-Peach Energy shake.

I was excited when I walked into the grocery store and I saw some blackberries on sale at a deal of five for five dollars. After seeing that, I knew that I had to use these power berries in order to make a delicious smoothie.

The ingredients that I include in this smoothie are packed with antioxidants from the blackberries and Chia seeds. If you are not familiar with chia seeds, they help make an excellent supplement.

Chia seeds have many health benefits.

The taste is very uplifting and the shake helps you maintain an energetic feeling throughout the day. Having it first thing in the morning will have you feeling re-vitalized and ready to take on the day with full speed.

Chia seeds have been traditionally used by Aztecs and Mayans for their ability to retain water and help the body avoid dehydration. Including chia seeds in your diet, also helps limit body cravings making it suitable for those interested in dieting or weight loss.

Personally I don’t consume chia for their weight loss potential, but rather their high level of omega-3 fatty acid content, as well as their strong antioxidant support. The antioxidant support really helps fight free-radicals, which are becoming a larger factor in most of the urban air and genetically modified foods.

For more details on antioxidant content and weight loss information check out this link:

Besides the high nutritional content in this smoothie it really has a pleasant taste and it is easy to implement into your diet. Switching around nutrients and substituting some ingredients such as strawberries for blackberries helps change up the taste and nutritional diversity.

This smoothie is a true delight, and it can really help kick-start anyone’s day. If you’re willing to experiment with supplements and super-foods give this quick little smoothie a try!

Blackberry-Peach Energy


  • 1 cup vanilla Almond Milk
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 2 tablespoons chia seeds
  • 1 cup frozen peaches
  • 1 cup of fresh blackberries
  • 1 fresh banana
  • 1 tablespoon Udo’s 3-6-9 oil


  1. Fill blender with 1 cup orange juice.
  2. Fill blender with 1 cup almond milk.
  3. Add two tablespoons chia seeds.
  4. Add 1 tablespoon of Udo’s oil.
  5. Add 1 banana.
  6. Add 1 cup blackberries.
  7. Add 1 cup peaches.
  8. Blend.
  9. Sip and Enjoy!


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Facing Your Own Facts

Facing The Facts

Looking into your habits and ways of living is a very beneficial reflection. At times we don’t always realize who we are, or who we have become until we do serious reflecting and what I might call soul searching.

In order to learn more about yourself and others you have to dive fully into reality.

If you really want to fulfill your own greatest potential, facing the truth about yourself is something that has to be done.

Personally, I’ve heard it over and over again in my own life. People have always enjoyed having conversations with me because I can talk about a broad range of subjects. However most people throughout my life would say, “Hey why don’t you talk more”? People have always considered me a quiet person, but whenever I heard that sentence, that noise would go through one ear and out the other. I’ve never enjoyed hearing that, but that’s just my own personal ways. I am naturally introverted, but as a result I have learned to love life, and I love the idea of flexibility and creativity.

Some basic facts that I know about myself that I have come to know are my introverted ways, and my tendency to listen more than I speak. As a result I tend to listen to what others say a lot and I hold a lot of things and thoughts internally in my head. I also automatically tune into some eavesdropping without intending to be intrusive, due to my natural tendencies. I say this because this is just my own facts and how I tend to go about most situations.

I’ve always thought to myself if I could somehow shatter fears and just cold approach everything with no boundaries or rejection, success would be inevitable.

After doing some reflections I’ve seen how this can positively help for life experiences.

Some benefits of self-reflection and what I’ve found by looking at my own characteristics include…

  • Realizing why certain situations keep occurring in my own life.
  • Finding out why I’ve continually missed out on certain opportunities.
  • Discovering why I have particular strengths and weaknesses.
  • Building self-awareness, which can lead to more benefits for yourself and others around you.
  • A more mature approach to life and how improvements can be made.
  • Seeing life with a new pair of lenses and looking for ways to improve myself and others.

Throughout my life, I have probably missed out on some fun events and great opportunities of social scenery. But honestly I’ve had some very special memories with some world-class friends from my hometown and family members overseas. Experiencing a broad spectrum of environments and reaching out of comfort is important for personal growth.

I have always enjoyed parties, but unless I’m around familiar people I find it harder to thrive in those social situations. In reality I tend to keep to myself and I work towards goals. Due to my ways of thinking and natural habits, I tend to seclude myself and tune myself into projects, reading, and opportunities of personal growth. Personally, I prefer to form more harmonious relationships with people and I don’t like to cause stirs or conflicts of negative energy.

I’ve always considered achievement as being important because it is something that you can display and prove. However without realizing, by constantly striving  to achieve, it is easy to isolate yourself from the world which is not always a healthy habit. Not to mention, it can be painful at times to seclude yourself from situations when you’re always aiming for achievement, but it is a sacrifice that has to be made for anyone who is striving towards perfection.

I believe that I’ve probably missed out on some great people and possible relationships because of my self-centered approach to things that I try to do, but if I could spread any wisdom I’d say, sharing with others is key. I can confidently say that I have lived many happy days despite my unorthodox ways of living and creating value for other lives.

I’ve also come to the realization that if I were to open up myself, becoming equally extroverted and introverted, it would lead to a strong balance in life. Developing some sort of balance between introversion and extroversion would likely help anyone strive much more in all aspects of life, whether it be family, career, or personal relationships.

I would recommend cold approaching people in any situation. Whether it be face to face or directly calling someone the likelihood of forming a stronger connection to the other person will go up by ten-fold.

In today’s digital world it is easy to get caught up with keyboards and constant text bombardment, but all people prefer relating face to face. The power of communication and emotions are much stronger and potent when they are spoken in direct form.

Besides my own train of thoughts, I know it’s important to be considerate of others and to learn from others. A major reason I began blogging rather than just writing stories is in order to benefit and share knowledge and information with other people.

I’m not really sure if it’s karma or a universal law, but I do know that whenever I help and share things with other people something comes back my way eventually.

After all, life is meant to be lived for others not just for yourself and accomplishments.

If you can do amazing things in the world like create things, heal people, and form a strong basis of understanding of how things work then by all means do it! Life is abundant and it is full of new things and new perspectives which arrive each and every day. Life is ever-changing and ever-renewing.

Face the facts, whether you like it or not it’s something that we all have to face!

How To Overcome Reflections and Stagnation

Reflection and Stagnation

Over the last few months I’ve come to the realization that I have been a bit of a slacker. Whether it has been sleeping past alarms, or lacking the motivation to keep all the balloons up in the air that I have set up for myself in my schedule.

I have also come to the realization that I have been chasing after simple pieces of paper. Whether it has been  working hard chasing dollar signs or hours of study to obtain a diploma, my mind has been focused on trying to bring these things to fruition.

After a while I must say, I felt the need to escape the regular groove or pattern, so to speak. Getting outside the classroom and into the real world of fast-pace thinking, quick deadlines, and a customer-first mentality helped me get a better picture of harmonious relationships and how deals actually work.

I have come to a couple conclusions…

  1. All people want to receive full attention and help when they are in need.
  2. All people like to receive the best service and value possible without feeling cheated or mistreated.

The way I look at life is with excitement. I feel like life is a constant build-up, and for many people and companies this may very well be the truth. For a lot of people, making things from the ground up is not only a desire but rather a necessity for growth into the future. Great things take a while before they are manifested, but in order to perfect any art or creative vision it takes time to polish things up.

Visions are gradual and they take a long duration of time before they are completely understood.

Staying on track, remaining focused, and meeting deadlines are crucial, but so is keeping a solid ground and stability within your greatest interests. Finding a way to rise above your personal struggle and bring life and prosperity into other people’s lives is a great thing, if you can manage to accomplish it.

Even though at times it may feel like the world is against you and your backs against the wall, you have to remember to persevere. One step at a time, one-day at a time, and one-week at a time effort has to be made towards your greatest priorities.

Whoever you believe in and look up towards, you can use those people as an example to meet your own deadlines.

As I like to think, keep your feet on the ground and look up. Be optimistic and keep your small steps realistic. Once you make the small steps you can gain respect, and build a reputation. Once you build the small steps you can go anywhere you want from there.

Be mobile and learn how to manage your life to the best of your ability. Remember, nobody knows what your engine that keeps you moving forward is capable of, except for you. Sometimes we put things aside and we take breaks, but by keeping something in locomotion, it will help take your experiences that you bring and your results to the next level.

Why You Must Realize That Life Has Flaws

Strive Towards Perfection

At times we all look back at the progress we have made and the memories we continue to hold onto. Days, weeks, and months can pass by, but the experiences and their richness depend on our effort exhorted. When we live life seeking to reach something or some sort of goal we can become trapped in a single-minded perception.

At times we all forget about the importance of spending time with others and appreciating the presence of good company. The thrills of life can leave a person in a mindset of constant pursuit. It is not until we face suffering, pain, and triumph’s that we have a fuller feeling of reality.

The mind has to be cleaned and renewed so a clearer vision can be held.

I know that there have been plenty of moments where I’ve fallen for false exhibitions, only to realize that life is full of demonstrations. The exciting part of life is that norms are always evolving and what was once held as a tale, could become the truth in one’s own reality.

It is important to keep in mind that life can provide many examples and templates of success and how to follow given patterns to achievement. However, it is just as important to note that flaws are inevitable.

We all go searching whether close or a far and we look to find solutions. The remnants of yesterday are here for everyone to learn from and gather. Ultimately, what we build and put forth using the traces of materials and knowledge that we each collect, helps define who we have truly become.

Today each and everyone is their own architect of their inner potential and creative power. What you put forth and the importance of what you put forth is your personal choice. For some people they spend their lifetime in pursuit of boasting their display, hoping others will take excitement in their achievements.

Through the course of vanity, some seek to be known, but through the course of love we find the truth to be known. Life is full of dreams and constructs. It’s important to know what you build can always fall down, and whatever works can continue to be built.

Whether you seek perfection or not life will always give you a taste of your own personal share of flaws. Flaws are present to shape you, not to break you.

When all else fails you can always relate to the guidance of past experiences. If you move towards goals with the guidance of others and a clear vision nothing can stop you, not even your flaws.

Why You Should Pursue Your Calling

Pursue Your Calling

For many people exploring and searching interests is a constant buildup. Often times we all like to speculate and think over experiences that we have had, whether alone or with other people. Also a lot of times our experiences build up to bigger and greater things as we constantly learn new lessons and correct certain steps or mistakes of the past.

I think that it is important to ponder upon big questions that we share in our existence, and to always grow and pursue our greatest potential. In order to live a rewarding life and inspire yourself and others I think it’s crucial to find the things that you like to do and to dig deeper in those areas.

By studying yourself and your own personal interests it helps you get more exposure and experience in your personal strengths. As a result, more exposure in beneficial settings may help enable your talents to flourish.

When you pursue your inner calling you may feel your intuition elevate or sense a level of trust, especially when you’re in a comfortable spot or happy emotional state.

At times life can feel like a repeated cycle, often we do a lot of the same things everyday often without paying much attention or focusing on change. Not to mention we all get caught up in tricky situations and have to find a way to untangle ourselves from roadblocks that get in the way.

Here are some things you may notice as you pursue your inner calling…

  1. You Walk The Path That You Envision In Your Mind
  2. You Experience The Power To Pursue Your Goals or Set Them Aside At Any Time
  3. Happiness Is Welcomed Into Your Life Both Now and Into The Future
  4. You Begin To Learn Your Capabilities
  5. Instincts Can Lead To New Opportunities For Growth and Potential
  6. You Learn What Works And What Doesn’t Work For You
  7. Pursuits Lead To Great Discoveries
  8. You Begin To Experience Possibility and The Reality That Life Can Present

Whether you consider your inner calling predestined or a constantly evolving motive it helps lead to new occasions. Depending on your personal philosophy and outlook, any day can a great day it’s all up to you. As long as you keep your goals full and avoid an empty state of mind, you won’t be just another passerby in the worldwide network.

Time is one of mankind’s greatest enemies, so it’s best to give opportunity your undivided attention. Pursue your callings and step up to the experiences that the cards of life present you with!

Why You Should Let Go of Your Materialistic Mindset

Let Go of Materialism

Beginning out in the world, it is easy to succumb to the material world and the way it is glorified. When we look at billboards, magazines, or commercials we are often bombarded with materialism.

Everywhere we turn there is someone trying to persuade and sell something that we might have, might need, or something we don’t have any interest in.

It often surprises me that people give in so easily and they let their mind’s get hijacked by materialism and useless purchasing of multiple things, thinking that this stuff that they purchase will bring instant happiness. Many people throw money away purchasing things that end up picking up dust or breaking down because they hold little quality value.

I realize that some people have an addiction to endless purchasing, and this often leads to an excess of things that are not necessities. In order to create change, some people just have to learn to break free from marketing gimmicks and the flaws hidden behind them. Also it is important to build up purchasing awareness.

I find it surprising when people spend credit for things that hold high value today. Many times these same items can often be purchased at a lower cost tomorrow, next month, or the next year if you are able to snoop out the right deals.

I happen to be very thankful for technology, since it has lead to advancement and made lives easier. Also not to mention, technology has made our lives more fun because of all the entertainment that it gives people at their fingertips. Despite the power and wealth of information that these material goods and technology provides us with, it is important to not get carried away.

With all the material excess, our society loses certain skills and develops a purchaser mindset rather than developing by building and making things. When our society continually purchases and buys to the point where we put ourselves in large amounts of debt, this leads to consequences.

Due to the fact, that our world is reaching a point where we are sucking resources dry in order to fulfill the requests of consumers, we are doing damage as a result. Many times we all fall victim to causing harm, especially when using things in excess or taking resources away from other countries and leaving them dry as a result.

If we are to progress and maintain the world through harmony we all need to play our part. By developing a game-plan of using less and letting go of material things that we don’t necessarily need in our day-to-day lives, we begin to make steps in the right direction.

It is crucial to develop frugal habits and financial wisdom. If you can develop the ability to differentiate between your purchasing options and use your basic knowledge to make the right investments you can live to your fullest potential and YOU CAN defeat the odds.

Life often throws many objects at people, quite literally, but if you can find a way to prosper with the simple gifts that life provides you, there will always be room to flourish. Let go of the things that don’t matter and find ways to appreciate the people and the world around you.

Focus less on things and more on people and re-designing your life in an optimal way. Soak in nature and the beauty of the world. Life’s too short to get caught up in the material world full of glitz and glamour.

The Need For Urban Innovation

Urban Innovation

The world is currently progressing at a rapid pace. City landscapes are expanding and new frontiers are being exploited. With all the innovation that happens to be taking place, often times people tend to forget the meaning of keeping up with progress.

As a result certain social classes and parts of the global population get left stranded or have their needs set aside. Our current ways of thinking seem to emphasize fulfilling our own needs rather than helping those who are in greater need.

In order to help provide change and adjust the lives of those in poverty, we need to innovate. If our communities and nation were to start providing more goods with strong value, then we could build stronger trade values and increase prosperity for everybody across the nation.

For people with lower incomes and those close to the poverty line, it is unfair that healthy foods are unaffordable and cheap goods of little quality are widely available.

In order to place jobs of value back into our communities and cities, so we can all equally flourish, we need to start doing more at home. Too much food and material goods are being imported, resulting in lost knowledge and over-dependence on foreign nations to make and provide everything.

If we all started taking steps towards re-creating the know-how of our ancestors, then valuable change could come rather quickly.

Agriculture is a big factor in the world especially as the world’s population continues to expand. If we want people to also be healthier and not overly-dependent upon hospital care, we should expand organic farming into urban settings. If we allow healthier food into the diet of our population on a grander scale it could potentially help prevent disease and illness related to poor dietary choices.

A system that thrives off the profits made on people of ill health, is not very efficient nor is it morally correct.

Learning ways in which we could efficiently utilize space in vertical landscapes could effectively bring more food into our communities on a large scale.

Although the idea may seem abstract or foreign, I believe that it is very possible for everybody to contribute in their own little ways. Providing a system that presents benefits for multiple parties involved can help to contribute value for everyone. Our current system of wasting materials and energy is very ineffective and costly.

If we started more hydroponic and aquaponic growing techniques in conjunction with permaculture and homesteading designs, it would help contribute to the innovation of food production in urban settings.

In order to provide more value for our communities and the globe as a whole, we should push for more farming under smaller scales. Whether people did their own private operations and used rooftops and open lots or worked as a farming business it would be quite effective.

Ultimately it comes down to collaborative efforts and informing people so we can begin to build projects of great value and social importance.

If we could privatize our food production and keep large scale mono-culture out of the farming business of urban projects, we can have stronger communities and healthier people!

Why You Should Train Yourself For Greatness

Show Your Greatness

Let me ask, who likes to be mediocre or just average? When you ask a little kid what they want to be when they grow up, most times they will try and tell you that they are going to be good at what they do. Most people, and I say most people, because not everybody has the same ambitions or aspirations; have the idea of being great at what they do.

Nobody should ever go out and just aim to be good enough or simply aim to pass the test. Life will always throw obstacles and sometimes life is a chase for the things that you want. But my goal is not to have people live by a mindset that they have to chase after everything that they want. Rather wouldn’t it be better to live by bringing the things you want closer and nearer to you, so endeavors can be accomplished.

If you could simply learn and train yourself through constant discipline and ever-present awareness, think of all the miraculous things that you could do. Think about all the childhood dreams, stories, and tales that you read and how you are going to twist life in a manner that beauty will arrive in your life.

Anything can happen, it simply comes down to your determination and your hunger level for your goals. If you map out your personal objectives in a way that embody’s you, or personifies your inner-being, great things will happen.

When life doesn’t throw you a bone, you have to find one yourself or save some bones for later. Taking care of the tasks at hand and the goals that are presented each day can be a daunting task. Just staring at a long list of things can often strike fear in the eyes of the list’s beholder.  That is why focus and determination are so important. Never let priorities slip away too much. Do all that you can so you can focus on one thing at a time and just move swiftly to the next task, once you narrow things down.

Just remember, before you know it, once you set something off, you are already displacing your task at hand, and replacing it with other more tempting experiences. So in order to prevent unwanted results and slipping goals, you better have plans-to-action in place. If you are going to be successful you have to surround yourself with everything that you are and everything that you want to be.

Learn how to live in the moment and become great, through setting a mindset that immerses itself in any given situation or challenge presented. People love challenges because a challenge presents something new or foreign to our current way of thinking. After all, critical thinking and strategy comprehension uncovers itself after conquering challenges. Challenges are terrific because they present something that we have yet to experience or fully engage ourselves with.

Everybody has a different grind and everybody has different levels of skills and ability. The time is now to release your talent and battle out the market. Communities need change, cities need change, and countries need change. As the level of income disparity continues to build across major economic powerhouses worldwide, life becomes harder for many people. If you want to make it in your field or profession know yourself, know your market, and know your competition. If you study your targets well, you will separate yourself from the crowd.

By keeping a steady mind and learning all aspects of your outer and inner worlds you are training for greatness. Any person who has ever made a large impact, never did so by sitting on the sideline their whole life. We all need breaks and we all need to refresh our minds, but just remember that whatever your destiny is, you can let it happen through relentless perseverance.