What Are You Holding?

What Do People Hold

At times we all forget what we may be clinging onto or things that have happened in the past that affect the way we go about life. Holding onto ideas, people, or qualities can be a good thing, but too much of anything always ends up resulting in bad situations or addictive behaviors.

As part of a healing exercise I have learned that one of the best ways of learning about yourself and how to apply problem-solving techniques for yourself is to list what you hold onto.

If you can come up with a list of ways you hold onto things and why you do it is a very liberating experience. For example if you write down what you are doing now, what you are with-holding yourself from doing, what you’re avoiding, why you’re avoiding things, and asking yourself what you really want, it is a terrific exercise.

Here is my own sample piece…

Where Are You Holding?

  • I am holding onto security and people I feel comfortable with.
  • I am holding onto the idea that education is only defined by a piece of paper or classroom environment.
  • I am holding onto the idea that I always have to be in a hurry and that I can’t slow down.
  • I am holding onto fear and taking chances.
  • I am holding still in order to explore what is truly possible if I take matter into my own hands.
  • I am holding back from helping others to live up to their true potential in order to build and create a beautiful universe.
  • I am holding onto the idea that I must become an expert in many different fields rather than focusing on certain fields and areas or niches. I should give other experts more of my personal time in order to learn from them.
  • I am holding onto an idea that I should try and know all sorts of answers but rather I should be more humble and avoid acting like I know magical answers to unknown questions.
  • I am holding onto the idea that success is defined by SIMPLY by money.
  • I am holding onto the idea that I can’t become wealthy or successful at a young age, simply because society and school teaches me so.
  • I am holding back from taking risks and gambles, primarily due to the fact that I am afraid of falling on my face, going broke, or losing hard-earned money.
  • I am holding onto new ideas and possibilities rather than taking action upon them.

There you go!

By doing this exercise or brainstorming why you hold onto things or asking yourself why you are the way you are, you learn a lot. Sometimes you have to weigh the similarities with the differences, and the differences with similarities and BOOM look what you might find.

Always explore and always release yourself from certain things. Being attached or holding onto something for too long is never healthy. In order to build resistance you have to learn how to let go and you also have to learn how to let in.

Life is short, but it is also sweet. Life can be a slice of whole wheat bread or life can be a slice of key lime pie, it’s all up to you! Life is a steady process of becoming something and combining strengths and weakness’s. Often times we can look at other people and we can even trade our traits and characteristics in order to build and create the impossible.

What the world really needs is people who are not afraid to live and not afraid to dream. Keep exploring until you have found out what’s really holding you back. Once you find what’s holding you back let it go and let it be. Then find a way in which you can fix the problems that you might be facing.

Nobody should ever let anything distract them from the end result of their personal pursuits. Sit down and begin to gain some insight on what it is that you need to do.

Grow your propositions, build your engines, receive feedback, and collaborate your ideas in order to innovate. Cheers to building a better future and the pursuit of your personal will!

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Why It’s Time To Develop Some Talent


For too long I have lived my life thinking I was living for some sort of race. The fact is life is not a race, and their is no definitive finish line.

The most important aspect is to develop skills especially learning maturity and learning how to operate in an efficient manner without disruption. It is strange to think, but if you can learn how to do something even if you don’t know how to do something you have agility.

If you can develop your talents around what makes you happy, you can become golden. I believe everyone looks for certain ways to try and make themselves happy or other people happy. Through this wild pursuit, we can go wild in thought and even far in miles. By digging deep and reaching far, we all make new discoveries and we see past blindfolds and illusions.

I have found that what we all truly want is to be happy and content. If you look at separation and cooperation these are both  powerful feelings.

Emotions are healthy and they are something that we all share. Emotions can often be translated into whatever talents a person might hold. These emotions contain energies and these energies can be used to build and construct beautiful creations, however you must first nurture your talents.

The greatest feelings are to be truly happy, passionate and creative. With the ever-changing world around us, being joyful and spreading wealth through compassion and kindness is super important.

I believe anyone can do anything, but it is a matter of training your personal mindset. Not everyone has patience or dedication, which are two requirements for training your mindset or transitioning your mindset.

The power inside the mind can be released but it is all up to the individual. Clearing and surfacing your subconscious, conscious, and unconscious mindsets lead to interesting discoveries.

So many people get caught up in things that don’t really matter to them, or take on tasks that don’t truly satisfy their inner-being. It is only through searching that we discover and find the jewels of life. Direction and Passion go hand in hand.

Releasing the greatness of human capability comes down to critical thinking and sound judgement. Personal knowledge is accumulated through time and practice. If you do not have the patience to learn and translate your learning into practice, not much will be accomplished.

Finding meaning and presenting meaning are critical characteristics. Develop your talents, become a leader, be an introspector, and become a tenacious fighter. Invention always will occur so utilize your personal talents.

Now is the time for action. Anyone can help instill social, political, and economical upheaval. If you are ambitious join the world of invention and freelancing.

If you never try something new, you will never know what you are capable of doing. If you find things that need to be done or fixed, then do it for yourself or others.

Why should anyone cut the strings on their own personal potential? Anything that holds true worth depends upon searching and learning!

How To Do Simple Cooking

Simple Cooking

Although cooking for yourself takes time and energy out of your day, it can be a pleasurable experience. If you enjoy eating and I believe that most people do, you can make it fun. I must say though it is definitely helpful if you cook when you’re not starving, cause this can be uncomfortable indeed.

Personally, I like to eat healthy and stay away from processed foods as much as possible so I do like to utilize fresh veggies and do a lot of stir fry’s. Cooking on the pan is pretty simple, all you need is some healthy oil such as olive oil or coconut oil, my two personal favorites. In addition, you need a fine knife and some cutting boards. The knives and cutting boards are a wise investment as it allows you to finely chop, dice, and mince your veggies or meats just as you would like.

Picking the right pan to cook on is important as well, I understand some people like non-stick since they believe it is convenient, however some pans have harmful chemicals that one should be aware of such as PFOA. More can be read on this site… http://lowfatcooking.about.com/od/healthandfitness/a/nonstickpans.htm.

I like cast iron pans, but these pans are heavy and they can be a pain to clean up, so if you are generally a hurried person, who doesn’t like to take time to clean this pan may not be suited for you.

I understand that cooking takes time and you often have to run to the grocery store, but cooking for yourself is one of the best and most efficient ways of saving money. It always boggles my mind, as to how much money people actually spend going out to eat. If you can teach yourself how to be a good chef, you can begin to thrive and save money.

Also cooking simple meals will make you much healthier, in essence this leads to a much happier life and it’s often fun to cook for others! Becoming a better chef in the kitchen is a good skill to have. By developing cooking skills it symbolizes that you are able to cook for yourself and others, translating to the fact that you’re a dependable person.

Although cooking is a pain for some people and some people are clueless in the kitchen, it is never too late to try and learn how to cook.  After all, everyone has to eat and feed themselves. A great way to save money, have fun, and live simply, is to try some simple cooking.

I’m pretty sure just about every human-being loves food, it is one of the great treasures that life provides  us. Cooking can be a fun hobby and a good way to eat healthy. When you pick the right foods and cook for yourself, it is a great way to turn away from unhealthy processed foods that make you feel sick!

How To Make Money In The Creation Economy

Creation Is Key

We now live in an era of freelance work, where opportunities exist for people of all different skills. If you are willing to seek out work or showcase your value and skills you can make figures online.

Depending upon your specific talents or skills their are a lot of people looking for workers who will provide some sort of value. Without realizing at times, people have a lot of power at their hands. Everyone possesses the ability inside to thrive and make great things, but it all depends on choices. After all we are all creators!

As I have stated before, technology is taking over and anyone can become an artist, singer, writer, inventor, or designer. Some devices are so complex, such as certain smart phones and tablets and they all have applications that enable people the opportunities to create brilliant things based all upon ideas.

It may be hard for some people to figure out, but usually it is the simple things or ideas that win out when it comes to creation. In all reality, not everything has to be sophisticated.

Nowadays less is more, and doing things for other people is one of the greatest ways to achieve satisfaction. If you are doing the things that you enjoy and living happily, than that is a great achievement indeed. I find it quite important for people to pursue their passion and not to focus primarily on money.

When it comes to money, it should always be secondary or else you will never be truly happy. If you do things in order to primarily just make a profit your work will generally reflect that approach.

Taking time off to perfect your artistic talents and hobbies is a smart maneuver nowadays in a swinging economy where job satisfaction and dependability are constantly changing.

The other day I was at a party and I meet a kid named Dillon. He was taking a semester off of school and going on an internship with an organic farm in Oregon. I really appreciate people like that, since he is going to pursue his purpose and he’s trying to make a positive difference for humanity and our food supply in America. Also on a side point, it looks like local farming and permaculture is going to become a larger trend in the nearby future.

I believe in people who not only have goals set for themselves, but they also go out and do things. Everyone holds the globe as their audience and we all have personal responsibilities. A lot of people can get stuck in a strut with dead-end jobs, and some people begin to question whether what they are doing is truly worth it. If you can pursue your hobbies or learn how to create something out of nothing, I believe anyone can go far in life.

Everything ultimately comes down to ones inner drive and whether you are willing to take the time and risks necessary to accomplish whatever you want to create.

If you are starting off, or you already have some skills or crafts to sell, here are some great web tools for creating and selling specific gifts of expertise…

Anybody can become an entrepreneur or pursue their dreams, but not everybody actually does it. If you have no confidence or no inclination to take risks, then you will never grow. Heck, all of the tools that you really need are out their in the world, it’s just a matter of taking the time to develop your own little master plan of making something for the world.

People now have the freedom to make money on their own terms. The only issue is taking action upon goals and creating something of monetary value that others would be willing to pay for.

All forms of art are a form of expression and I believe that if a person is going to thrive during a creation economy you can’t be fearful of expression. Many people like to shelter their feelings and I also used to be a person like that. But after a while, you start to realize that if you are going to thrive in anyway, you have to take steps beyond and get out of your comfort zone. You have to be willing to put forth a work ethic that has no signs of quitting.

I believe intuition and following the heart are important factors, but most importantly it is crucial to open-up. If you never do, your creativity and personal value will be hidden away from the world.

If people never took action, our world would never transcend and positive balance along with restoration inside the world would never happen. I understand we all face obstacles and not everyone gets what they want, but if you don’t get what you want, you can at least put up a fight and create something for the world or something that empowers others.

Life is full of lessons and values, but it’s about what you make for others and how you treat others. Surely anybody can walk along the roads that have already been paved, but what  about all the potential roads that have yet to be paved?

In the creation economy, YOU are the creator and  YOU possess the power of what is possible.

Production is key and it starts with doing, the more you do, the more opportunities their will be that come across your way! Why settle for mediocrity when you can shoot for the stars? Why think forward, when you can think beyond?

Why Incorporate The Art of Giving

The Art of Giving

During tough economic times many families suffer through hardships and many find it hard to squeak by. The other day I faced a challenge where I meet a wonderfully vibrant person who was filled with happiness and strength. He was a wise old man who told me how important it was to help others and give away.

The old man told me about the blessings that can come one’s way once one begins to give. Inside the man, there was a bold spirit within him. The experience I had with the old man was filled with laughter and joy. But the experience ended sadly when he left because he was unemployed and struggling with no money in his hand.

The important lesson I learned was that their are people in need, and that what goes around comes back around. However, it depends on how you treat others. If one is seeking blessings or strength from above they need to treat others the way they would like to be treated. It is sad, but a lot of times we search and go so far in order to try and succeed and achieve, yet at times we forget about the importance of helping others in need.

There are times I can remember where I felt I could have done more to try and help other people but I felt perplexed in the moment. It’s as if I simply did not know what to do, even though in my heart I felt I should do something. It’s a struggle to change a mindset and it’s difficult to help others in need when you feel slightly trapped.

When I look back at times I see that I could have done so much more, yet I know there is no time to dwell on the past. Giving back and helping people is one of the greatest feelings. Also I like the quote, “Once you give, you begin to live.” This is a line from Dave Matthews Band in the song You Might Die Trying. It saddens me at times when I see people who deserve much more than what they receive.

Another good line from the song You Might Die Trying is, “To change the world, Start with one step. However small, The first step is hardest of all.” I hope that I can inspire some people to go out and do more good in the world, despite what other people say about you, it is your true reputation that matters. Forget the hate and spread the love.

The world heals through love and unity. The world also heals through the art of giving to others.

Increased Frequency and Enlightening Volumes

Frequency And Enlightenment

As we continue to move forward in the coming years, the overall awareness of the global population is continuing to increase. As more people develop a greater sensual experience of life, it will change the world around us. Many people are waking up to realities that they helped manifest through the art of their intuition.

People are beginning to feel more strength and internal power by restoring their health and overall well-being. Also people are beginning to find a sense of spiritual purpose in their lives or questioning true existence. Through spiritual practices people are beginning to see how energy fields do exist in the quantum realm which can cause outcomes in the physical world. As Penny Pierce states in her book Frequency, “Love is truly understood as the force of nature consistent throughout the cosmos, capable of miraculous things.” It is important to note the role of our minds. I do realize that a lot of people have shutdown their energy fields and they may only believe in material matter rather than the effects of visionary minds.

Within every person, we all possess the ability to rejuvenate and filter our minds. As people begin to realize that some forms of medicine do not work, they may seek ancient Ayurvedic healing. Whether people choose to believe or not, consciousness exists at a large spectrum of levels and variations. Also some people maintain stronger appreciation, often resulting in a beacon of conscious energy from the heart and mind.

Letting go is often a common phase of experience that can help you find a sensation of “the home within”, no matter where you are geographically. Relaxing and letting go, helps open up a person to their truest-self and this can revolutionize one’s overall state of being. Once people let go, they can access the energy of awareness.

I feel that  people all around are beginning to form closer relationships and deeper understanding of life and it’s full beauty that it presents. Being happy and finding joy is quite healthy for one’s inner-being. Life is a journey which battles angles and intensities, but I sense growth is on the horizon for people globally.

Through the expansion of perception, we can all get deeper perspectives on life and continue to grow our learning and memory capabilities. In order to explain further steps of frequency expansion, it is important to discuss the importance of meditation and yoga. I am still learning the wonderful effects of brain wave states and human frequencies, but it is indeed an exciting field of study to research. I am also digging deeper into the effects of meditation and yoga and how these are ancient ways of growing consciousness.

Any way that you look at life, you can’t help but notice how everything we experience is connected in oneness and incredible insight. I hope people can continue to enjoy the beauty of life and the visionary pleasures that exist in the world. After all joy is one of the greatest physical, emotional, and mental states we can achieve!

Staying Consistent


Out of the mind battles that I have fought, the hardest and most persistent that I face daily is the struggle for consistency. Whenever I feel that I am beginning to be persistent or driving closer to a goal I always face the question, “Am I walking the talk?” After all, nobody likes it when a person talks this and that and impresses you with their words only to fall flat from the idea of consistency in the real world, right?

Many times I face the challenge of whether or not I should stick to a new idea or goal I set in mind. My biggest struggle is being decisive, partly because I hold such a strong interest in so many different areas of education.  I like to remain open-minded, and I also understand that many other people like to be open-minded as well. I should note that this can be just as much of a strength as a weakness. I understand that in order to prevent getting stuck in a stand-still I need to continually improve and takes strides forward. As my father once told me, “You cannot be good at everything, but as long as you’re good at something, that is what matters.” Although I try my best to understand my fathers words of advice I still struggle with consistency and getting stuck in what I would call “mind-traps”.

My love for learning and many career paths make it hard for me to be a decisive person. Also if I may add, my family background and careful financial ways make deciding on a future pathway a very eager and nerve-wracking experience. As the saying goes, “Don’t talk the talk, if you can’t walk the walk”. I like this quote a lot because it basically symbolizes hypocrites or people who say that they are going to do something, only to turn away or fall short of their word.

We all should know what hypocrisy is, and that it is inevitably something we all face to a certain degree. However I must say it is important to realize, that times often change, and certain changes can affect the outcome of your future decision-making. I know it is important to make smart choices and that it is important to be aware of my environment, both politically and socially. Their are always occurrences that arise that can make someone or break someone and I know being a victim is never a good thing.

Here’s a list of some of my biggest struggles

  • Keeping a balance of work-life, school, and socializing
  • Pursuing my passions and making time for others
  • Deciding what I truly want to do with my life
  • Being a decisive person
  • Balancing work with reading/writing
  • Focusing on one thing at a time versus several projects
  • Keeping up with my interests and being smart with my time management

I do know it is important to walk forward with any momentum, but bouncing around with many ideas in your head is difficult, especially if you want to accomplish the things you originally set out for yourself.

In order to flow efficiently throughout my daily life I find it important to be conscientious of my habits and my world around me. Following trends of the modern day and participating in stimuli during an information age can have one feeling dazed and confused at times.

Finding a way to function at a proper or consistent level is not always what society formulates for you. I am beginning to realize that the best path may have to be paved by my own mind and resistance. In order for me to be fluidly creative and financially fit for example, it may be a tough challenge at first, but my vision has to be fully aligned. To be fully aligned, certain areas of my life need proper balance. I know that when I am out of whack in certain chakras, or energy centers it may cause me to fall out of consistency, but the same laws apply for everyone.

In order to remain a driven individual with an intent to help others, I have to balance my scale of interests. I realize I need to seek guidance from those with more greater experience. Life is a struggle but it’s about how you deal the cards your dealt with.

Being consistent often requires you to conquer time management. It also can be defined through achieving goals you set in mind for yourself. One thing I have realized, is that consistency can often battle my tendency to think, understand, investigate, and innovate my way towards solutions. Without fluid synchronicity and even-mannered thoughts it’s always tough to remain persistently consistent.

No matter what adversities we all face, we can all learn new ways to incorporate consistency through the act of adaptation. To remain consistent is best when you do not overwhelm yourself. It is often easy to forget how much time we have to fulfill our desires and often times it can result in chores and certain tasks being forgotten or delayed.

I am confident that any person can blaze their way to success, but it’s crucial to remain calm despite stressful factors. Life can always get hectic, but it’s about how you carry the burden and how you walk away with more experience and expertise. What you ultimately take away from each given day, often teaches you more than you would ever think. Positive psychology is a developing thought pattern that can lead to a successful life, but it is always better if you can be consistent with the way you live life!

Be Aware of Dishonesty


The world is full of scams, and all things that we seek come with a price-tag. However it is important to note that not everything that catches the eye of attention is worth having. As the saying goes, “All that glitters is not gold.” We all face things daily that we wonder about, such as the question of authenticity.

The other day I came across a supplement scam, in which you could start a trial at a near free price of $1.95. But the dilemma was, that once I signed up my information, it was very difficult to back out. Also I had to go through the hassle of long phone calls. On top of the phone hassles, I had to cancel my trial in order to prevent being billed past trial days. I also had to pay for the package to be sent back to the company as part of the trial. I can relate this struggle with other forms of payment in which people often blindly sign for a commitment, without looking into future consequences. It is very important to look deeply at the face-value of any investment or future goal. Many times people and companies will try and rip you off or certain investments may cost you an arm and a leg, just so things can work out in the opponents favor.

It is a sad truth, but the world is not always full of rose gardens and marbled floors. With each day their are security nets and people who don’t necessarily receive the care they really need. Each day everyone also faces choices, and with each choice we are left to make decisions. I recall an assembly when I was in Middle School in which a principal was introducing my new 6th grade class of students. He told my class, “As you move up from this point in your life, you will continue to develop more choices”. His statement was absolutely the truth, life is all about choices and ultimately what you gain, either positive or negative from the choices that you make.

To help avoid dishonesty it is important to find the sunny days rather than the cloudy days. Ultimately happiness and honesty go hand in hand and they are states of mind in which goals are pursued and obtained to their truest potential. If you are being dishonest it is really hard to satisfy your true needs that you hunger for.

Part of diversifying and growing potential comes through the acts of honest content. Life is full of complexity and things will always continue to evolve in sophistication and intelligence. But without honesty some of the greatest powers such as love and inspiration can never unite. Through honesty, similarities and differences can be found between two related variables. Fortunately we all have the ability to change and adapt to changes so we can all detach from dishonesty. By the strength of knowledge people can recognize truth and reason through the logic of what is being defined. To rule is to serve, and to motivate it requires incentive. The only thing that we can guarantee is that intelligence will continue to grow, but the question is how much will we let dishonesty affect the outcomes of our morality?

Nobody likes rules, but we all need rules to regulate. Also note that being honest will bring you far, but if you cannot improvise or adjust you cannot defeat dishonesty. We should all realize that determination is the ultimate motivator, and that drive never forgets or steps away from the strength of learning. Be aware of dishonesty and overcome it with adversity and resilience.

The Importance of Trust and Reliability

Trust and Relate

Time and time again I hear about people breaking truces and complaints about relationships being broken down. It’s a never-ending cycle for those who get caught up in the jam. We all know it’s no good to form close bonds only to have them break apart. The hard part for everyone is always to keep together with trust, so strong relationships last, but trust isn’t always easy to find. You always have to wonder, how does one keep the strength that comes in the beginning with your first steps?

I find people always like to be judgmental and everyone has their own opinions about everything. It seems like everyone just wants to be right about whatever they know, but the greatest thing that someone can learn is how much they actually don’t know. At times it seems like coming to an agreement with the opposition can be a tug-of-war. As the artist Slug states in his song Say Hey There, “It’s a tug-of-war for who loves you more.” Life is full of partnerships and relations no matter the environment. Some partnerships are more casual while some are more serious, but the most important thing is how you treat others around you.

Nothing is more important than trust. In order to trust others, you have to trust in yourself. In order to love others, you have to learn how to love yourself. In order to grow and develop what’s already present, you have to look at your course of reliability. Everyone always needs someone to trust, so that they can reliably set goals and accomplish tasks. Although such ideas seem simple, it seems that simple is hard to come by these days. Everything is made so sophisticated nowadays, that it keeps the mind in a constant swirl.

In a world full of crooks and robbers looking to get away with as much as possible, there also happens to be some very special people. The world has always had some special people. I believe the world has also always had people who want to cause change and conquer ego-driven selfish desires. It’s almost like it’s something pre-wired into our DNA. In order to change the course of people’s lives and truly make a difference look upon relationships. Every human has relationships in their lives and duties to fulfill whether things relate or not. We all face consequences and we all face struggles. With every plate there’s a new load waiting to be fulfilled.

If the people of the world visioned a world with no boundaries, what would they see? Would we see global peace or globalization of ideas, jobs, and technology? Despite all the washed-down opinions and formal ways of thinking, the confidence of experience helps sow trust. If you can wake up with a smile each day and be grateful for the people and work they put forth, this builds reliability. If you were to ask anybody what they wanted, I assure you that they would likely say that they want trust and reliability.

No matter what you’ve seen, or who you’ve seen, we all want the same things. We all want to face challenges, defeat them, and then move on. As Chris Guillebeau says in How To Live A Remarkable Life In A Conventional World, “There are people who will stop at nothing to stand in your way, as well as other obstacles you need to be aware of from the start. The opposition that you face will come in many different forms, but the most common are gatekeepers, critics, and the widespread acceptance of mediocrity.” Forget the walls that are built around you and build relationships that last. Use the central idea of trust and reliability. Count your relationships and ask yourself how many of them have true-meaning? The more you look at the people in your life, the more you can quickly see that money doesn’t buy friends, but the experiences you have with meaningful people is what truly matters. All we can do is just keep on keepin’ on, but one day or another disappointments will end up in triumph’s and victory.

Why You Should Make Yourself Recession Proof

Make Yourself Recession Proof

There is no doubt that the recession is really striking some families hard and many people are finding it hard to make ends meet. Many people are graduating school or exiting school only to find the harsh realities of the modern work force. The sad reality is that many people are in the same line fighting for jobs with resumes that really don’t look much different, when compared to their counterparts.

When your sitting in an unemployment agency waiting for your turn to get an interview for a job, or if you’re sitting at home waiting for that call back from the host of jobs you applied for, it is highly likely that you are competing with a host of other applications. People need to learn ways in which they can market their ideas and the abilities that they have.

Juggling part-time jobs and working in industries that are outsourcing jobs to other countries, just make it harder for everyone involved. People need to pay bills, and families have mouths to feed, so why are all the costs continually skyrocketing? Our countries economy is suffering and we are living in a capitalist society mostly full of people who are too broke to go out on a spending spree. Plain and simple, people don’t have the extra spending cash that they used to have in the past.

The problem is people need to learn how to find opportunities and create new opportunities from the discoveries they make. Our society is lacking jobs and it is time that people take a step forward and start creating their own jobs. It is quite apparent that our law makers don’t completely care about the average families bank account. Law makers and politicians mostly care about themselves and whether or not they’ll keep getting a paycheck and a possible raise for following their bosses orders.

If you can come up with ideas and start your own business venture, this will essentially lead to a wealth of opportunity in your life.

Here are some ideas…

How To Make Yourself Recession Proof

  • Always prove that you’re willing to work hard.
  • Display your talents and capabilities.
  • When others say you won’t make it, DON’T LISTEN!
  • Stick with what you know, but stay open to ideas.
  • Accept challenges and embrace the unknown.
  • Invest wisely.
  • Market your identity
  • Stop thinking, and start doing the things you want to achieve.
  • Identify your weak spots and strengthen your qualities.
  • Put more effort into making changes in yourself and the world around you.
  • Elevate your awareness and stay away from the people or things that do not serve you.
  • Learn how to utilize the resources that you have.
  • Don’t ever come up with stupid excuses.
  • If you have a vision, pursue it.
  • Always keep it real, always be yourself.
  • Be intelligent and find causes that motivate you, or people that motivate you.

People need to learn how to hustle for what they want in life. Any way that you look at society, it is obvious that we are a midst a growing crisis. The United States and the world as a whole is developing more and more. We are also growing at such a level that technology is taking away a lot of jobs. Also one most note that corporations are making greater profits by moving work overseas.

People need to start standing up for themselves and look at the bright side, the world is changing and everyone can make a difference. But in order to make a difference you have to start with yourself, no matter how big or small of a figure you may be.