How A Five Dollar Purchase Changed Me

Small things lead to bigger things

One day as I was cleaning off shelves in the clearance isle of my work, I saw something that caught my eye. While most people probably would have brushed it aside or considered it useless, I discovered a great gem.

What I found was a meditation CD full of great sounds and rhythms intended to bring the mind, body, and soul together. It was a great find for me, since it was a great way for me to relax my mind and escape the inner chatter and chaos of my daily schedule. I’m sure anyone who has ever had a busy schedule or grueling  time with school and work understands the feeling.

After some practice and listening to the audio CD, it was a great way for me to calm my mind and improve my level of concentration and feelings. I felt that utilizing the meditation CD really helped me improve my grades and test scores. My performance at school and work was improving because I was making an effort to improve.

Previously I feel I have struggled with holding my attention and focus, however I feel using meditation has been a great aid. I still fight the chatter of my mind and my ideas of imagination, however I am beginning to understand how important attentiveness truly is.

Over time I have really learned it’s easy to think thoughts at lightning speed and have ideas come in and out of one’s mind, but it is much harder to manifest things. It takes much more time and effort to be effective in multiple aspects of living.

In order to place ideas and thoughts into proper perspective, you need to be precise.  It takes time and patience as well as persistence to get things correctly in order.

The timing of my purchase was during my last semester at my nearby community college of my hometown. The classroom demands were really beginning to test my mental ability, so I had to discover a way to conquer my challenges. I quickly figured out that discipline had to be developed, and like a seed, discipline needs to be nurtured.

I was trying to spend my days in a frugal manner, cooking my own food, being independent, and spending countless hours in the library. Once I learned that being proactive and surrounding myself in the right environment was helping me succeed I knew I had to continue with my drive.  Once you begin to master certain areas of your life you can accomplish great feats!

I’ve always struggled with learning certain concepts and as a result, the lesson I have learned is discipline must be acquainted!

What About Life and It’s Meaning?

What's The Meaning of Life

May I dare ask, what is the meaning of life? Do you ever ponder and look up at the blue sky or the stars in the night and wonder, how has this wonderful world been created?

As we live day to day we gather knowledge which translates to wisdom. Here’s my portrayal…

The meaning of life is to experience. Living life is experiencing the sun on our faces. It is feeling the moisture of the wet dewy grass on our toes, and it is to feel the wind in our hair and the warm or cold breeze that comes and goes.

Life is walking on hot blacktop, or cold tiles with bare-feet.

Life is experiencing the birds chirping and singing song after song. Living is to kiss and hug, roll around in the dirt and then doing it again.

Life is tasting the wonders of the world both sweet and sour, spicy and tangy. Living is laughing and enjoying every moment as if it were your last.

Life is a struggle which makes everyone stronger. Living is suffering, and then realizing that with pain we all have something to gain.

Life is about giving rather than receiving. Living is wanting to give more and more.

Life is enhancing others lives by taking potential and turning it into something better.

To suppress others from living is truly wrong. By locking others up, and sheltering them from experience,  it is shameful for humanity.

Everything  that is living in the flesh has a desire to sense life and feel what it is to be free. While our energy can be felt and spread, it is up to us to spread divinity, wisdom, kindness, and love.

Through  our experiences we are transformed. All of our experiences are translated like electrical impulses spreading past the boundaries of time.

To experience is to see, taste, touch, hear, smell, and know. To experience is to know what it is to live in the present, not the past, nor the future.

When you look back at life, ultimately it’s a composition of the collective experiences stored in our minds. The mind is like a hard drive where information gathers and spreads.

We are all life, and we are all energy combining to make this world what it is, and what it can potentially be!

Facing Your Own Facts

Facing The Facts

Looking into your habits and ways of living is a very beneficial reflection. At times we don’t always realize who we are, or who we have become until we do serious reflecting and what I might call soul searching.

In order to learn more about yourself and others you have to dive fully into reality.

If you really want to fulfill your own greatest potential, facing the truth about yourself is something that has to be done.

Personally, I’ve heard it over and over again in my own life. People have always enjoyed having conversations with me because I can talk about a broad range of subjects. However most people throughout my life would say, “Hey why don’t you talk more”? People have always considered me a quiet person, but whenever I heard that sentence, that noise would go through one ear and out the other. I’ve never enjoyed hearing that, but that’s just my own personal ways. I am naturally introverted, but as a result I have learned to love life, and I love the idea of flexibility and creativity.

Some basic facts that I know about myself that I have come to know are my introverted ways, and my tendency to listen more than I speak. As a result I tend to listen to what others say a lot and I hold a lot of things and thoughts internally in my head. I also automatically tune into some eavesdropping without intending to be intrusive, due to my natural tendencies. I say this because this is just my own facts and how I tend to go about most situations.

I’ve always thought to myself if I could somehow shatter fears and just cold approach everything with no boundaries or rejection, success would be inevitable.

After doing some reflections I’ve seen how this can positively help for life experiences.

Some benefits of self-reflection and what I’ve found by looking at my own characteristics include…

  • Realizing why certain situations keep occurring in my own life.
  • Finding out why I’ve continually missed out on certain opportunities.
  • Discovering why I have particular strengths and weaknesses.
  • Building self-awareness, which can lead to more benefits for yourself and others around you.
  • A more mature approach to life and how improvements can be made.
  • Seeing life with a new pair of lenses and looking for ways to improve myself and others.

Throughout my life, I have probably missed out on some fun events and great opportunities of social scenery. But honestly I’ve had some very special memories with some world-class friends from my hometown and family members overseas. Experiencing a broad spectrum of environments and reaching out of comfort is important for personal growth.

I have always enjoyed parties, but unless I’m around familiar people I find it harder to thrive in those social situations. In reality I tend to keep to myself and I work towards goals. Due to my ways of thinking and natural habits, I tend to seclude myself and tune myself into projects, reading, and opportunities of personal growth. Personally, I prefer to form more harmonious relationships with people and I don’t like to cause stirs or conflicts of negative energy.

I’ve always considered achievement as being important because it is something that you can display and prove. However without realizing, by constantly striving  to achieve, it is easy to isolate yourself from the world which is not always a healthy habit. Not to mention, it can be painful at times to seclude yourself from situations when you’re always aiming for achievement, but it is a sacrifice that has to be made for anyone who is striving towards perfection.

I believe that I’ve probably missed out on some great people and possible relationships because of my self-centered approach to things that I try to do, but if I could spread any wisdom I’d say, sharing with others is key. I can confidently say that I have lived many happy days despite my unorthodox ways of living and creating value for other lives.

I’ve also come to the realization that if I were to open up myself, becoming equally extroverted and introverted, it would lead to a strong balance in life. Developing some sort of balance between introversion and extroversion would likely help anyone strive much more in all aspects of life, whether it be family, career, or personal relationships.

I would recommend cold approaching people in any situation. Whether it be face to face or directly calling someone the likelihood of forming a stronger connection to the other person will go up by ten-fold.

In today’s digital world it is easy to get caught up with keyboards and constant text bombardment, but all people prefer relating face to face. The power of communication and emotions are much stronger and potent when they are spoken in direct form.

Besides my own train of thoughts, I know it’s important to be considerate of others and to learn from others. A major reason I began blogging rather than just writing stories is in order to benefit and share knowledge and information with other people.

I’m not really sure if it’s karma or a universal law, but I do know that whenever I help and share things with other people something comes back my way eventually.

After all, life is meant to be lived for others not just for yourself and accomplishments.

If you can do amazing things in the world like create things, heal people, and form a strong basis of understanding of how things work then by all means do it! Life is abundant and it is full of new things and new perspectives which arrive each and every day. Life is ever-changing and ever-renewing.

Face the facts, whether you like it or not it’s something that we all have to face!

Why You Must Realize That Life Has Flaws

Strive Towards Perfection

At times we all look back at the progress we have made and the memories we continue to hold onto. Days, weeks, and months can pass by, but the experiences and their richness depend on our effort exhorted. When we live life seeking to reach something or some sort of goal we can become trapped in a single-minded perception.

At times we all forget about the importance of spending time with others and appreciating the presence of good company. The thrills of life can leave a person in a mindset of constant pursuit. It is not until we face suffering, pain, and triumph’s that we have a fuller feeling of reality.

The mind has to be cleaned and renewed so a clearer vision can be held.

I know that there have been plenty of moments where I’ve fallen for false exhibitions, only to realize that life is full of demonstrations. The exciting part of life is that norms are always evolving and what was once held as a tale, could become the truth in one’s own reality.

It is important to keep in mind that life can provide many examples and templates of success and how to follow given patterns to achievement. However, it is just as important to note that flaws are inevitable.

We all go searching whether close or a far and we look to find solutions. The remnants of yesterday are here for everyone to learn from and gather. Ultimately, what we build and put forth using the traces of materials and knowledge that we each collect, helps define who we have truly become.

Today each and everyone is their own architect of their inner potential and creative power. What you put forth and the importance of what you put forth is your personal choice. For some people they spend their lifetime in pursuit of boasting their display, hoping others will take excitement in their achievements.

Through the course of vanity, some seek to be known, but through the course of love we find the truth to be known. Life is full of dreams and constructs. It’s important to know what you build can always fall down, and whatever works can continue to be built.

Whether you seek perfection or not life will always give you a taste of your own personal share of flaws. Flaws are present to shape you, not to break you.

When all else fails you can always relate to the guidance of past experiences. If you move towards goals with the guidance of others and a clear vision nothing can stop you, not even your flaws.

Why You Should Pursue Your Calling

Pursue Your Calling

For many people exploring and searching interests is a constant buildup. Often times we all like to speculate and think over experiences that we have had, whether alone or with other people. Also a lot of times our experiences build up to bigger and greater things as we constantly learn new lessons and correct certain steps or mistakes of the past.

I think that it is important to ponder upon big questions that we share in our existence, and to always grow and pursue our greatest potential. In order to live a rewarding life and inspire yourself and others I think it’s crucial to find the things that you like to do and to dig deeper in those areas.

By studying yourself and your own personal interests it helps you get more exposure and experience in your personal strengths. As a result, more exposure in beneficial settings may help enable your talents to flourish.

When you pursue your inner calling you may feel your intuition elevate or sense a level of trust, especially when you’re in a comfortable spot or happy emotional state.

At times life can feel like a repeated cycle, often we do a lot of the same things everyday often without paying much attention or focusing on change. Not to mention we all get caught up in tricky situations and have to find a way to untangle ourselves from roadblocks that get in the way.

Here are some things you may notice as you pursue your inner calling…

  1. You Walk The Path That You Envision In Your Mind
  2. You Experience The Power To Pursue Your Goals or Set Them Aside At Any Time
  3. Happiness Is Welcomed Into Your Life Both Now and Into The Future
  4. You Begin To Learn Your Capabilities
  5. Instincts Can Lead To New Opportunities For Growth and Potential
  6. You Learn What Works And What Doesn’t Work For You
  7. Pursuits Lead To Great Discoveries
  8. You Begin To Experience Possibility and The Reality That Life Can Present

Whether you consider your inner calling predestined or a constantly evolving motive it helps lead to new occasions. Depending on your personal philosophy and outlook, any day can a great day it’s all up to you. As long as you keep your goals full and avoid an empty state of mind, you won’t be just another passerby in the worldwide network.

Time is one of mankind’s greatest enemies, so it’s best to give opportunity your undivided attention. Pursue your callings and step up to the experiences that the cards of life present you with!

Comparing Blenders With Juicers

Blenders Vs. Juicers

When it comes to trying to live healthy and incorporating the right foods into your diet, it is not always an easy task for everyone. Thankfully, with modern technology and appliances, people can quickly incorporate healthy foods through juices and smoothies.

I understand, not everyone has a blender or a juicer. Many people can get confused and struggle to decide whether a blender or a juicer is right for them. I believe both are great and they offer different capabilities depending upon the brand and model that you purchase.

The benefits of a blender may include…

  • Ability to add supplements along with your other list of simple ingredients. (You can add powders and oils to boost your nutritional value inside your shake).
  • Rather quick clean up by the course of hand wash, dishwasher, or running the blender with soap inside.
  • Quick and easy to operate, most blenders will take no longer than 30-45 seconds to blend, but it honestly depends on the ingredients inside. If you incorporate a lot of ice and frozen fruits with little liquid the process may take longer. Also Vitamix or Blendtec blenders are very strong, but if you put extremely hard ingredients inside it may take longer in order to completely break down. (By hard ingredients I would mean something such as coconut chunks, avocado seeds, pineapple cores, etc.)

The benefits of juicers may include…

  • They offer fresh juice which is loaded with healthy enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that are processed and broken down differently than a blender.
  • They offer multiple speeds and some offer different features. Some are better suited for citrus fruits and some can do tougher veggies such as wheat or barley grass. Their are even some models made by Omega that offer a pasta maker, the ability to homogenize, a food processor, or even the ability to make nut butters.
  • Juicers are very quick and they not only get the job done but they make you much healthier in the process.

Ultimately I use blenders a lot more than juicers because it is quicker and not such a pain to clean up. My biggest downfall, when it comes to juicers is that the cleanup process takes me a while and I feel like the pulp often goes wasted.

I am aware that there are recipes out there that do use leftover pulp broken down from fruits and vegetables, but that is a whole different process in itself.

Whether you are looking for a way to become healthier or you feel you lack energy and you are looking for ways to change your lifestyle in a more beneficial way, juicing and blending can make a difference. I have had some sales experience where I worked for a company that sold and offered blenders and juicers.

The decision comes down to the consumer, but I just like to add my thoughts and advice for those who are looking to move towards juicing and blending. Blenders and juicers can get pricey, but if it is something that you are going to use daily, it is worth investing in a good one.

A lot of products are made overseas and the parts can easily crack and break down, but some brands do offer warranty’s and some stores will accept returns.

Adding fresh juice has really personally helped my overall vitality and energy levels. Someday’s my mind and body feel super refreshed and I know exactly the reason why. The body and mind really can rejuvenate and heal through the course of healthy habits and through the use of more fruits and vegetables.

By being consistent with healthy habits, it can make all the difference in a person’s life.

How To Put Yourself In Situations That Make You Happy

Happy Places

A lot of times, people tend to forget how important it truly is, to put yourself in a good setting. In order to prevent stress and unwanted confrontations it is vital that a person knows when one should take up a task and when to say no to certain situations.

Without a lot of thinking involved, the true instinct of most people is to pursue things that bring satisfaction, and tasks that leave one feeling fulfilled within the heart and soul. Everyone has different interests but at the end of the day, when it comes to reflection and accomplishments we all suffer the same age old questions of “What am I doing?”, and “What have I done today”.

Often times goals are set up big and small and we question them, then we set them aside for days, weeks, or months. Once we stumble upon these goals that are written out, once again we begin to question, have I met these goals? Did I do what it is that I truly wanted to accomplish?

As anyone who has tried to create something would know, the act of accomplishment and finishing any form of art takes a lot of work, effort, and dedication. Also whenever someone completes something, just because something may appear complete, that doesn’t always translate to the idea of quality work.

Anything of supreme quality, requires hours of contending concentration and focus. The problem is however, most people spend a lot of their time doing things that don’t necessarily fulfill their happiness, or make their life or other people’s lives happier.

In order to take your own personal level of health, well-being, and overall experiences to a greater level you have to learn how to discern good decisions from bad decisions. Also it is crucial to live your hours of the day within your own personal strengths. Nobody likes wasted time and money spent on activities that drag the mind in circles with no incentive or any personal drive and stimulation involved.

People like to spend their time doing the things that they enjoy and people also like to have enough security around them that they don’t have to worry about financial fallout and living off the streets scraping dollars just to get by. Discover the things you do, and ask yourself, why do I do these things? If something makes you tremendously happy, it is best that you continue the pursuit, if you don’t want to do something, you don’t have to truly waste your time with things that make you extremely unhappy or depressed.

Life is too short to spend your life wishing. Everyone has wild ideas but if your thoughts just sit around in your head all day with no contest, all the creative juice and imagination goes to waste. If you really want to be a force to be reckoned with, live your life in a fashion where all the time that you allocate, is spent on things that fill you with gratitude.

Live with reverence and make your actions strong and sure so that when people look at you, they automatically recognize that your will has no limit. Some say life is all about “The Pursuit of Happiness” but I might argue why pursue happiness when you can live in synchronicity with happiness? The basis for all start-ups is building from the roots all the way to the core-foundations. Anyone can have happiness, but the key is to repeat the steps you have taken, so happiness continues to stroll upon your way of life.

If you really want to be happy, place yourself in situations that make you happy, life will have much more value and the people you surround yourself with will also be much more happy. The more value you put in your life and others around you, the better off the world is as a greater whole, especially when your purpose aligns together with your true intention!

Why Incorporate The Art of Giving

The Art of Giving

During tough economic times many families suffer through hardships and many find it hard to squeak by. The other day I faced a challenge where I meet a wonderfully vibrant person who was filled with happiness and strength. He was a wise old man who told me how important it was to help others and give away.

The old man told me about the blessings that can come one’s way once one begins to give. Inside the man, there was a bold spirit within him. The experience I had with the old man was filled with laughter and joy. But the experience ended sadly when he left because he was unemployed and struggling with no money in his hand.

The important lesson I learned was that their are people in need, and that what goes around comes back around. However, it depends on how you treat others. If one is seeking blessings or strength from above they need to treat others the way they would like to be treated. It is sad, but a lot of times we search and go so far in order to try and succeed and achieve, yet at times we forget about the importance of helping others in need.

There are times I can remember where I felt I could have done more to try and help other people but I felt perplexed in the moment. It’s as if I simply did not know what to do, even though in my heart I felt I should do something. It’s a struggle to change a mindset and it’s difficult to help others in need when you feel slightly trapped.

When I look back at times I see that I could have done so much more, yet I know there is no time to dwell on the past. Giving back and helping people is one of the greatest feelings. Also I like the quote, “Once you give, you begin to live.” This is a line from Dave Matthews Band in the song You Might Die Trying. It saddens me at times when I see people who deserve much more than what they receive.

Another good line from the song You Might Die Trying is, “To change the world, Start with one step. However small, The first step is hardest of all.” I hope that I can inspire some people to go out and do more good in the world, despite what other people say about you, it is your true reputation that matters. Forget the hate and spread the love.

The world heals through love and unity. The world also heals through the art of giving to others.

Increased Frequency and Enlightening Volumes

Frequency And Enlightenment

As we continue to move forward in the coming years, the overall awareness of the global population is continuing to increase. As more people develop a greater sensual experience of life, it will change the world around us. Many people are waking up to realities that they helped manifest through the art of their intuition.

People are beginning to feel more strength and internal power by restoring their health and overall well-being. Also people are beginning to find a sense of spiritual purpose in their lives or questioning true existence. Through spiritual practices people are beginning to see how energy fields do exist in the quantum realm which can cause outcomes in the physical world. As Penny Pierce states in her book Frequency, “Love is truly understood as the force of nature consistent throughout the cosmos, capable of miraculous things.” It is important to note the role of our minds. I do realize that a lot of people have shutdown their energy fields and they may only believe in material matter rather than the effects of visionary minds.

Within every person, we all possess the ability to rejuvenate and filter our minds. As people begin to realize that some forms of medicine do not work, they may seek ancient Ayurvedic healing. Whether people choose to believe or not, consciousness exists at a large spectrum of levels and variations. Also some people maintain stronger appreciation, often resulting in a beacon of conscious energy from the heart and mind.

Letting go is often a common phase of experience that can help you find a sensation of “the home within”, no matter where you are geographically. Relaxing and letting go, helps open up a person to their truest-self and this can revolutionize one’s overall state of being. Once people let go, they can access the energy of awareness.

I feel that  people all around are beginning to form closer relationships and deeper understanding of life and it’s full beauty that it presents. Being happy and finding joy is quite healthy for one’s inner-being. Life is a journey which battles angles and intensities, but I sense growth is on the horizon for people globally.

Through the expansion of perception, we can all get deeper perspectives on life and continue to grow our learning and memory capabilities. In order to explain further steps of frequency expansion, it is important to discuss the importance of meditation and yoga. I am still learning the wonderful effects of brain wave states and human frequencies, but it is indeed an exciting field of study to research. I am also digging deeper into the effects of meditation and yoga and how these are ancient ways of growing consciousness.

Any way that you look at life, you can’t help but notice how everything we experience is connected in oneness and incredible insight. I hope people can continue to enjoy the beauty of life and the visionary pleasures that exist in the world. After all joy is one of the greatest physical, emotional, and mental states we can achieve!

Staying Consistent


Out of the mind battles that I have fought, the hardest and most persistent that I face daily is the struggle for consistency. Whenever I feel that I am beginning to be persistent or driving closer to a goal I always face the question, “Am I walking the talk?” After all, nobody likes it when a person talks this and that and impresses you with their words only to fall flat from the idea of consistency in the real world, right?

Many times I face the challenge of whether or not I should stick to a new idea or goal I set in mind. My biggest struggle is being decisive, partly because I hold such a strong interest in so many different areas of education.  I like to remain open-minded, and I also understand that many other people like to be open-minded as well. I should note that this can be just as much of a strength as a weakness. I understand that in order to prevent getting stuck in a stand-still I need to continually improve and takes strides forward. As my father once told me, “You cannot be good at everything, but as long as you’re good at something, that is what matters.” Although I try my best to understand my fathers words of advice I still struggle with consistency and getting stuck in what I would call “mind-traps”.

My love for learning and many career paths make it hard for me to be a decisive person. Also if I may add, my family background and careful financial ways make deciding on a future pathway a very eager and nerve-wracking experience. As the saying goes, “Don’t talk the talk, if you can’t walk the walk”. I like this quote a lot because it basically symbolizes hypocrites or people who say that they are going to do something, only to turn away or fall short of their word.

We all should know what hypocrisy is, and that it is inevitably something we all face to a certain degree. However I must say it is important to realize, that times often change, and certain changes can affect the outcome of your future decision-making. I know it is important to make smart choices and that it is important to be aware of my environment, both politically and socially. Their are always occurrences that arise that can make someone or break someone and I know being a victim is never a good thing.

Here’s a list of some of my biggest struggles

  • Keeping a balance of work-life, school, and socializing
  • Pursuing my passions and making time for others
  • Deciding what I truly want to do with my life
  • Being a decisive person
  • Balancing work with reading/writing
  • Focusing on one thing at a time versus several projects
  • Keeping up with my interests and being smart with my time management

I do know it is important to walk forward with any momentum, but bouncing around with many ideas in your head is difficult, especially if you want to accomplish the things you originally set out for yourself.

In order to flow efficiently throughout my daily life I find it important to be conscientious of my habits and my world around me. Following trends of the modern day and participating in stimuli during an information age can have one feeling dazed and confused at times.

Finding a way to function at a proper or consistent level is not always what society formulates for you. I am beginning to realize that the best path may have to be paved by my own mind and resistance. In order for me to be fluidly creative and financially fit for example, it may be a tough challenge at first, but my vision has to be fully aligned. To be fully aligned, certain areas of my life need proper balance. I know that when I am out of whack in certain chakras, or energy centers it may cause me to fall out of consistency, but the same laws apply for everyone.

In order to remain a driven individual with an intent to help others, I have to balance my scale of interests. I realize I need to seek guidance from those with more greater experience. Life is a struggle but it’s about how you deal the cards your dealt with.

Being consistent often requires you to conquer time management. It also can be defined through achieving goals you set in mind for yourself. One thing I have realized, is that consistency can often battle my tendency to think, understand, investigate, and innovate my way towards solutions. Without fluid synchronicity and even-mannered thoughts it’s always tough to remain persistently consistent.

No matter what adversities we all face, we can all learn new ways to incorporate consistency through the act of adaptation. To remain consistent is best when you do not overwhelm yourself. It is often easy to forget how much time we have to fulfill our desires and often times it can result in chores and certain tasks being forgotten or delayed.

I am confident that any person can blaze their way to success, but it’s crucial to remain calm despite stressful factors. Life can always get hectic, but it’s about how you carry the burden and how you walk away with more experience and expertise. What you ultimately take away from each given day, often teaches you more than you would ever think. Positive psychology is a developing thought pattern that can lead to a successful life, but it is always better if you can be consistent with the way you live life!