Be Aware of Dishonesty


The world is full of scams, and all things that we seek come with a price-tag. However it is important to note that not everything that catches the eye of attention is worth having. As the saying goes, “All that glitters is not gold.” We all face things daily that we wonder about, such as the question of authenticity.

The other day I came across a supplement scam, in which you could start a trial at a near free price of $1.95. But the dilemma was, that once I signed up my information, it was very difficult to back out. Also I had to go through the hassle of long phone calls. On top of the phone hassles, I had to cancel my trial in order to prevent being billed past trial days. I also had to pay for the package to be sent back to the company as part of the trial. I can relate this struggle with other forms of payment in which people often blindly sign for a commitment, without looking into future consequences. It is very important to look deeply at the face-value of any investment or future goal. Many times people and companies will try and rip you off or certain investments may cost you an arm and a leg, just so things can work out in the opponents favor.

It is a sad truth, but the world is not always full of rose gardens and marbled floors. With each day their are security nets and people who don’t necessarily receive the care they really need. Each day everyone also faces choices, and with each choice we are left to make decisions. I recall an assembly when I was in Middle School in which a principal was introducing my new 6th grade class of students. He told my class, “As you move up from this point in your life, you will continue to develop more choices”. His statement was absolutely the truth, life is all about choices and ultimately what you gain, either positive or negative from the choices that you make.

To help avoid dishonesty it is important to find the sunny days rather than the cloudy days. Ultimately happiness and honesty go hand in hand and they are states of mind in which goals are pursued and obtained to their truest potential. If you are being dishonest it is really hard to satisfy your true needs that you hunger for.

Part of diversifying and growing potential comes through the acts of honest content. Life is full of complexity and things will always continue to evolve in sophistication and intelligence. But without honesty some of the greatest powers such as love and inspiration can never unite. Through honesty, similarities and differences can be found between two related variables. Fortunately we all have the ability to change and adapt to changes so we can all detach from dishonesty. By the strength of knowledge people can recognize truth and reason through the logic of what is being defined. To rule is to serve, and to motivate it requires incentive. The only thing that we can guarantee is that intelligence will continue to grow, but the question is how much will we let dishonesty affect the outcomes of our morality?

Nobody likes rules, but we all need rules to regulate. Also note that being honest will bring you far, but if you cannot improvise or adjust you cannot defeat dishonesty. We should all realize that determination is the ultimate motivator, and that drive never forgets or steps away from the strength of learning. Be aware of dishonesty and overcome it with adversity and resilience.

The Importance of Trust and Reliability

Trust and Relate

Time and time again I hear about people breaking truces and complaints about relationships being broken down. It’s a never-ending cycle for those who get caught up in the jam. We all know it’s no good to form close bonds only to have them break apart. The hard part for everyone is always to keep together with trust, so strong relationships last, but trust isn’t always easy to find. You always have to wonder, how does one keep the strength that comes in the beginning with your first steps?

I find people always like to be judgmental and everyone has their own opinions about everything. It seems like everyone just wants to be right about whatever they know, but the greatest thing that someone can learn is how much they actually don’t know. At times it seems like coming to an agreement with the opposition can be a tug-of-war. As the artist Slug states in his song Say Hey There, “It’s a tug-of-war for who loves you more.” Life is full of partnerships and relations no matter the environment. Some partnerships are more casual while some are more serious, but the most important thing is how you treat others around you.

Nothing is more important than trust. In order to trust others, you have to trust in yourself. In order to love others, you have to learn how to love yourself. In order to grow and develop what’s already present, you have to look at your course of reliability. Everyone always needs someone to trust, so that they can reliably set goals and accomplish tasks. Although such ideas seem simple, it seems that simple is hard to come by these days. Everything is made so sophisticated nowadays, that it keeps the mind in a constant swirl.

In a world full of crooks and robbers looking to get away with as much as possible, there also happens to be some very special people. The world has always had some special people. I believe the world has also always had people who want to cause change and conquer ego-driven selfish desires. It’s almost like it’s something pre-wired into our DNA. In order to change the course of people’s lives and truly make a difference look upon relationships. Every human has relationships in their lives and duties to fulfill whether things relate or not. We all face consequences and we all face struggles. With every plate there’s a new load waiting to be fulfilled.

If the people of the world visioned a world with no boundaries, what would they see? Would we see global peace or globalization of ideas, jobs, and technology? Despite all the washed-down opinions and formal ways of thinking, the confidence of experience helps sow trust. If you can wake up with a smile each day and be grateful for the people and work they put forth, this builds reliability. If you were to ask anybody what they wanted, I assure you that they would likely say that they want trust and reliability.

No matter what you’ve seen, or who you’ve seen, we all want the same things. We all want to face challenges, defeat them, and then move on. As Chris Guillebeau says in How To Live A Remarkable Life In A Conventional World, “There are people who will stop at nothing to stand in your way, as well as other obstacles you need to be aware of from the start. The opposition that you face will come in many different forms, but the most common are gatekeepers, critics, and the widespread acceptance of mediocrity.” Forget the walls that are built around you and build relationships that last. Use the central idea of trust and reliability. Count your relationships and ask yourself how many of them have true-meaning? The more you look at the people in your life, the more you can quickly see that money doesn’t buy friends, but the experiences you have with meaningful people is what truly matters. All we can do is just keep on keepin’ on, but one day or another disappointments will end up in triumph’s and victory.

Why You Should Make Yourself Recession Proof

Make Yourself Recession Proof

There is no doubt that the recession is really striking some families hard and many people are finding it hard to make ends meet. Many people are graduating school or exiting school only to find the harsh realities of the modern work force. The sad reality is that many people are in the same line fighting for jobs with resumes that really don’t look much different, when compared to their counterparts.

When your sitting in an unemployment agency waiting for your turn to get an interview for a job, or if you’re sitting at home waiting for that call back from the host of jobs you applied for, it is highly likely that you are competing with a host of other applications. People need to learn ways in which they can market their ideas and the abilities that they have.

Juggling part-time jobs and working in industries that are outsourcing jobs to other countries, just make it harder for everyone involved. People need to pay bills, and families have mouths to feed, so why are all the costs continually skyrocketing? Our countries economy is suffering and we are living in a capitalist society mostly full of people who are too broke to go out on a spending spree. Plain and simple, people don’t have the extra spending cash that they used to have in the past.

The problem is people need to learn how to find opportunities and create new opportunities from the discoveries they make. Our society is lacking jobs and it is time that people take a step forward and start creating their own jobs. It is quite apparent that our law makers don’t completely care about the average families bank account. Law makers and politicians mostly care about themselves and whether or not they’ll keep getting a paycheck and a possible raise for following their bosses orders.

If you can come up with ideas and start your own business venture, this will essentially lead to a wealth of opportunity in your life.

Here are some ideas…

How To Make Yourself Recession Proof

  • Always prove that you’re willing to work hard.
  • Display your talents and capabilities.
  • When others say you won’t make it, DON’T LISTEN!
  • Stick with what you know, but stay open to ideas.
  • Accept challenges and embrace the unknown.
  • Invest wisely.
  • Market your identity
  • Stop thinking, and start doing the things you want to achieve.
  • Identify your weak spots and strengthen your qualities.
  • Put more effort into making changes in yourself and the world around you.
  • Elevate your awareness and stay away from the people or things that do not serve you.
  • Learn how to utilize the resources that you have.
  • Don’t ever come up with stupid excuses.
  • If you have a vision, pursue it.
  • Always keep it real, always be yourself.
  • Be intelligent and find causes that motivate you, or people that motivate you.

People need to learn how to hustle for what they want in life. Any way that you look at society, it is obvious that we are a midst a growing crisis. The United States and the world as a whole is developing more and more. We are also growing at such a level that technology is taking away a lot of jobs. Also one most note that corporations are making greater profits by moving work overseas.

People need to start standing up for themselves and look at the bright side, the world is changing and everyone can make a difference. But in order to make a difference you have to start with yourself, no matter how big or small of a figure you may be.

Taking A Break From Formal Education

2013-08-07 10.11.06

After spending two years at a local community college where I grew up, I felt very restrained with what I was able to accomplish. Although I had a great experience learning interesting things and meeting new people in class I still felt a drive to do more with my life then spend four straight years in lecture halls and classrooms filled with exams and quizzes.

Inside my heart I felt a need to drive away to sense a feeling of freedom and exploration. My days in college often were exhausting as I would spend half my day in classrooms, the library, or the tutoring center in order to get ahead in my education. During the major course of my first two years in college, I also spent a considerable amount of time working each week in order to pay bills and fund my educational investment.

During my course of school I often read and studied to the point of exhaustion. The classes I took were in preparation of a medical pathway. My schedule which contained heavy course loads and constricted time management all battled the supplies of school, work, health, and family matters.

I always felt like every week my to do list was expanding and it seemed like I was never able to completely focus on everything I had set in mind.

After doing some research and exploring some possibilities I decided that taking a break from school, and developing some practical skills and real-world experiences may help nurture my future. The prospects of future education also appear to be leaning more towards a self-educated population, especially as more learning material becomes more openly available.

Also with the idea of a home-school education, often times depending on the environment, these students far surpass their peers when it comes to skill sets and academic performance levels.

It is becoming more and more apparent that not everyone who attends college, holds the common interest of their future education as their number one priority when attending school. However if the ultimate goal of a student is not to become highly educated, the best attribute to develop is social characteristics.

One of the best abilities to develop in educational institutions is the ability to socialize and network. The ability to connect with people and prospects who hold common interests can lead to internship opportunities as well as future job opportunities.

The price tag of self-education and exploring the opportunities of what the world has to offer can be as big or small as one can manage. However the costs of education from an institutional aspect continues to skyrocket at an alarming rate, leaving many wondering whether the risk-reward will lead to a favorable future.

The testing grounds are not only subject to classrooms. Many offices and facilities across the nation and the globe are in search of ambitious learners and researchers. The opportunities of the world are available, they are just becoming harder to seek out and competition is becoming more arduous as degrees become more common place in the market of our economy.

The ability to utilize key resources, become versatile, and develop poise are necessities. Looking at life with a smile and taking it head on will help one embody a better tomorrow.

Remember to look at life as a never-ending learning cycle and steer your thoughts with positive intentions. As a result you will go far.

How Traveling Expands Your Perception

Traveling Expands Perception

Traveling is not always a possibility for everyone. This is one fact that I have learned over the course of my life.

Fortunately I will admit I have been blessed to have been able to travel around a bit in my lifetime.

Whether it comes down to financial strains, lack of curiosity, or fear of traveling, I understand it can be difficult to travel. However, upon my experiences of traveling I must say, I have had some spectacular experiences.

I have enjoyed sight seeing, and opportunities to view places have arisen. I have seen foreign places which do not possess any remnants of any environment that I have been familiar with growing up.

By growing up in American suburbia, I feel I have really missed out on some of the spectacular places that the world encompasses. The journeys of seeing the world outside my usual living space have been mind-opening to say the least.

The different places that people inhabit as well as the daily tasks come in different shapes and forms.

Through the course of seeing another country, as well as speaking another language the experience itself, from another side of the globe is nothing short of astounding. The fascination of viewing all the history and various art forms that have survived the course of history help you see how things have changed and evolved over the years.

Traveling Art

To expand upon that, many cultural values continue to repeat and artists never truly die. You can look back in time when things were much simpler and technology didn’t consume as much time as it does now, and artists truly thrived. It was through love across vast cultures, that many art forms branched into being and inspiration sprouted.

With the different places, bring different faces. Along travel’s you can begin to observe the course that other people embark upon. Everyone that you meet have their own walks, their own styles, and their own character.

Some people live life in a hurry,  while others are calm, chill and relaxed. These same calm people feel so blessed just to see another day of sunshine and enjoy the present moments that life has to offer. Their are also those who live life to their fullest potential, while others choose to beg and wait for the glory days that never come.

When you begin to view the people that you run into during traveling, it is always hard to fully understand where they came up from. Following up on that, their are certain folks who carry themselves in a fashion in which they can be understood.

All the people that you encounter have their own habits, cliches, and personas.

During traveling you see how countries run different rules and regulations as well as different traditions that pass through the course of time.

Along the ride of traveling, you can see exotic regions and places that share so much rich beauty that words cannot always explain them. A picture is worth a thousand words, but what are traveling experiences worth? An experience and a journey is worth a billion words or more, especially when journey’s always continue in growth.

By traveling you get to see things that may contain links to your families past. You also get to potentially share feelings that your distant relatives had sometime during their existence.

The beauties of the world are truly breathtaking and really can touch one’s soul. I really wish that other people could experience and see other parts of the world and the wonderful scenery’s. Dreams can be far richer than picket fences and five bedroom homes filled with gadgets.

When you share with family and friends it always builds up an experience, but traces of loneliness can’t always be fled from. The mind-expansion that takes form during travels is always worth the risks and fear that one endures. By living fully and deeply you experience great joy and satisfaction from traveling.

Nothing beats the experiences of traveling and seeing new things, especially the potential learning that comes from the encounter. Although I can’t prove any dendrite growth from traveling, I can almost guarantee that the experience itself will generate some life-long memories, creating intelligence.

The way you perceive life, and the many trials that you embark upon often change when you travel. Plus, you never know how much new destinations really may inspire you or the people you know. Life is a never-ending loop of ups and downs, so learn to make the best with what you’re given each day!