Why You Should Study The Affluent And Successful

Study The Successful and Affluent

In order to train yourself to become great, you have to start learning from mentors in the world who are good at what they do. Life is a constant struggle. As Sylvester Stallone says in Rocky Balboa, “It’s not always about how hard you can hit but it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward, that’s how winning is done.”

In order to become successful you have to build up an awareness of how successful people develop their own habits which make them who they are. Often times successful people are so busy and caught up with things that it is hard to ever earn a cent of their time.

Because time is of the essence and it is one precious jewel which cannot be taken back once it passes, it is important to always make the most of what you’re given each day. It is always easy to blame the clock but after all everyone has the same amount of hours to conduct the things that need to be done in order to survive each day.

Identifying wealthy and successful people is not always as easy as it sounds. Many times people cover up their identities and they live very frugally in order to fully appreciate all that they have worked towards and accomplished. Standing out in the crowd with fancy Bentley’s or Maserati’s is generally not the affluent’s cup of tea.

If you spend enough time in your life working hard and earning every cent, it is much more likely that large splurges of consumption are not a developed habit.

From my observations successful people follow certain steps…

  • To me, the first step successful people take is an inner drive to learn in many ways that may be valuable.
  • Next, successful people find importance in being determined. Especially to place accomplishments forth for other people to observe and use as advice. As a result advice helps nurture peers around their circle so they can also come up and live up to their greater potential.
  • Successful people make time to share, help, and give back to others and especially their communities as a whole.
  • The affluent work very hard, but they work even smarter.
  • Successful people know how to locate the right resources at the right timings.
  • Successful people are patient and they know when to make moves and when to keep still.
  • Successful people have a large network, which they utilize in order to share ideas and make investments with trusting partnerships.
  • Successful people always look for ways to grow and improve themselves and their network, resulting in stronger surrounding environments.
  • Affluent people know deep connections are pivotal.
  • Affluent people have strong influences, which they use as guiding wings.

The affluent of society tend to stick around other people who they believe are at their level and they develop ideas and knowledge from the advice of other people with similar or greater wealth.

Keep in mind; when I write about affluence and success in this post, I’m not entirely limiting wealth as materialism. Spiritual wealth, emotional wealth, and physical well being are just as important if not more important forms of success and affluence compared with material wealth. Mahatma Gandhi and Pope John Paul II were two living examples of spiritually as well as emotionally affluent people.

Studying the habits and skills that the successful and affluent have mastered will always work towards your advantage. Once you possess what you think it may take to succeed, you are only just beginning. It takes a lot of discovering, searching, patience, skill, dedication, motivation and mastering to go far with anything. Anything worth having is worth the patience and struggle that it takes to achieve.

Believe in yourself, have faith and as a result you’ll go as far as you can! Just know that observation takes a lot of practice as does any form of study. Also remember that studying wealth and success is important. In order to change the world with you’re own hands and mind, you have to learn from those who do what they do best, study the successful!

Living A Midst An Information Age

Living A Midst An Information Age

When living in a world where information is so abundant it can feel overwhelming to think about all that there is in the world. At times all the resources that are available go to waste and some people don’t always realize what is truly at their disposal.

Students and any people looking to learn have great potential to do wonders with information and knowledge. However it is easy for many to take for granted the fact that the U.S. has so much access to great education especially when living a comfortable lifestyle. Few people fully acknowledge the value of education, but those who do recognize it often go farther and produce superior value for society.

We are truly living during a special era, which is enlightening in multiple ways. Now people can learn whatever they want! Finding access to the correct materials can take years of searching and it may require certain contacts with people who know good resources, but nowadays exactly anything can be learned.

With libraries, eBooks, iTunes U, YouTube tutorials, and blogs, access to abundant information and knowledge is at your fingertips with internet connection. This means knowledge is available at anyone’s disposal. It comes down to the question of whether people are willing to take the time to tap into valuable resources. It also comes down to one’s drive to learn and make a difference.

By properly evaluating resources and constantly looking for deals on how you can get the greatest return on your investments, this practice helps fund a reason-value logic. Finding the right information according to your interest levels, is critical. The type of information that transforms the way people look at life and the way we go about living is essential in order to output more value for society.

Nobody can become a complete expert at everything that the world has to offer, but finding a way to become an expert in a particular area of interest or interests is crucial for development.

Quite often people get lost in classrooms that are controlled by instructors that force pre-set curriculum’s upon people who have alternative ways of learning. For the critical thinkers, philosopher prototypes, and entrepreneurial minds often times school can be boring and it can feel like a closed box setting.

Learning and finding interesting information are not simply limited to classrooms or a closed box setting. The standard education that is often put out for kids on a silver plate does not always work in the best interest of the real world.

Also the overall well-being of people and the economy as a whole are affected by education. I find it sad that most high schools feel that the idea of joining college or the military is the only option to succeed in life.

One practice that I am beginning to learn more about, which was common in the past, is apprenticeship. Apprenticeship is a good option for young people in search of a future occupation.

I encourage people to go out in the world and learn new trades and skills. I also think that high schools should teach kids the importance of generating cash at an early age or develop kids so they can produce some sort of value for other peoples lives. Despite being in school for 13-14 years straight most kids decide not to challenge the idea of whether a university directly after high school is the best route to take.

I personally feel that one of the most important skills and values to learn at a young age growing up in an educational system is to form trusting relationships with friends, neighbors, and colleagues. If people share ideas and skills with one another we can create a very abundant society.

It ultimately comes down to how wisely people can use the information that is available and how to transform other people’s lives in the most positive way’s possible.

Working for free in pursuit of knowledge and spending time with like-minded people creates a bubble of thought, frequency, and value for the world.

Here is an excellent quote by Anya Kamenetz inside the book Better Than College, “If you were starting a top university today, what would it look like?

You would start by gathering the very best minds from around the world, from every discipline.

Since we’re living in an age of abundant, not scarce, information, you’d curate the lectures carefully, with a focus on the new and original, rather than offer a course on every possible topic.

You’d create a sustainable economic model by focusing on technological rather than physical infrastructure, and by getting people of means to pay for a specialized experience.

You’d also construct a robust network so people could access resources whenever and from wherever they like, and you’d give them the tools to collaborate beyond the lecture hall… If you did all that, well you’d have TED” (Boles, 121).

Here are the links to an excellent article and book…

  1. Article on TED: http://www.fastcompany.com/1677383/how-ted-connects-idea-hungry-elite
  2. Link to Book: http://www.amazon.com/Better-Than-College-Successful-Four-Year/dp/0986011908/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1380381790&sr=1-1&keywords=better+than+college

I feel that by placing people who have deep connections and values together, companies and start-ups can flourish. The best way’s of advancement in any industry are by using the tools inside and beyond the classroom and lecture halls of the world.

Creation comes from within, and in order to create you need to learn how to release the inner energy that drives all forms of being.

The best advice I can give is to gather worth within your closest network and build around your web.

Trusted friends with common ideas are the best friends you can ever have. If you are to take on any obstacles the world throws upon you with any success you need to build relationships and relationships only grow stronger through honesty, trust, and positive thinking.

Why You Should Read More And Watch Less Television

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When it comes to the idea of an education, not all forms of learning are treated equally. For some people a degree may automatically be associated with the thought that financial security and freedom will be granted automatically.

But with anything that you aspire for, you have to learn new ways to pursue and seek things out in life. By going out and seeking the things that you want to accomplish rather than sitting around and waiting for things to come and line up for you, you begin to develop discipline and what I call, character-shaping.

One of the biggest distractions that commonly holds people back from their ultimate potential is often times the TV screen, Laptop monitor, or Portable electronics. However out of the three that I mentioned the TV generally prevents the most human potential, due to its alpha frequency waves that often hypnotize people, resulting in hours of wasted time. Check out www.cognitiveliberty.org, for more details on that.

With that being mentioned most people seem to lower their cognitive potential by limiting their learning only to a classroom environment. The truth of the matter is that our whole world is a learning environment and that books are one of the greatest tools for the mind to utilize. Without learning new things people would never grow or expand in potential.

Sometimes I am truly surprised to find out how much time some people waste watching Television. It’s good to entertain yourself but hours upon hours of watching certain things often cuts down your potential. Personally I love football and soccer, so that’s generally what I’ll watch on TV, but it’s important to keep a balance. I also enjoy watching movies on Netflix, but I make sure not to overspend my time doing so.

Reading is fun if you do it right. If you aren’t doing it right, it’s probably because you feel like you’ve been forced to read things you didn’t like your entire life. When you’re grown up, nobody should be forcing you to read anything. It should be your choice.

When it comes to education and reading, it often comes in many different shapes and forms. Some forms of education are more expensive than others.

School and books can have varying costs but the world is abundant when it comes to information. It really isn’t hard to simply put a few hours a day into reading a book or exercising your brain.

Whether it’s college textbooks or any book of interest, often times learning new things can be a very fun and rewarding experience. Some people may find reading to be a waste of time, but I would have to say that is a narrow minded approach. Learning is never wasteful, especially if you can retain something from a reading experience.

If you want to grow in potential you have to begin to cut out the things that hold you back and prevent you from getting ahead of your peers. Most people like to take the easy way out and wait for things to come to them. However if you can go out and get the things you want you will quickly learn that when being proactive, life will generate more possibilities.

Self-education is a big quality if you want to possess entrepreneurial skills or possess any traits that may put you ahead of competitors. By following your own path and learning your greatest interests, you will quickly become an expert in your field, career, or any area that draws your attention.

I believe anybody can be smart or a highly educated person. Often times a diploma doesn’t always fairly represent what someone knows. What truly matters is what you take away from the things that you learn in your life. Retaining the information you learn, especially from specific learning environments will often lead to great things.

Textbooks provide a lot of good quality information, but not everything supplied in textbooks always applies to everyday life. Some skills and learning are only supplied through the qualities of hands on experience. Some people quickly learn that by working out in the real world, you begin to realize things that were never taught in a classroom environment. Also unfortunately some subjects that need further research in our world are very intriguing but may not even be available in schools.

The key is to stay ambitious, pursue the things you want to learn, and always find ways to reward yourself for accomplishments. By reading more books you always benefit yourself and others around you. By turning off the TV screen, often times you are one step closer to a successful path. The more pages you turn, the more educated you will become. The more educated you are, the more likely you are to get ahead in whatever you desire.

How To Question And Learn New Things

Rise Through Your Learning Curve

I was always told there were two very powerful things to acquire in this world growing up, “Money and Knowledge”. However when you look around at the world today there are many ways in which both of these subjects is deceiving the eyes of the public. We are a midst a growing problem where the wealth distribution between the Upper-Class and Lower-Class are seeing greater rates of disparity.

The rich are happily getting more and more stacks of cash flow in their favor, while the Middle-Class people are losing jobs and falling down the ladder. Some families made smart enough investments to build wealth, or hold occupations in industries that have comfortable positions. For people across the U.S. of all ages and social classes the only keys to getting ahead in an ever changing world is through education.

But with the subject matter of education comes another big question, how do you define a good education that will guarantee you a good job for the upcoming years ahead? We are now living among a special age, an information age. This is a time where you can learn anything you can imagine, a lot of times without college courses to back it up as well.

The social class system in America over the last 50-60 years has catapulted due to Universities and College degrees landing people jobs. That being said times have evolved and simply going to College doesn’t always equate to the guarantee that you will capture a solid career based off of simply holding a degree alone.

The necessity to build up your knowledge and experience is becoming more critical than ever as the job market narrows down. The minimum-wage jobs of America are beginning to see more faces of college graduates rather than what were once just high school graduates. Also more people are becoming under-employed and working harder and longer than they did before, for less money, mainly those who have been laid off of previous work.

When looking at whether the standard of knowledge really holds a level of certainty in America, I believe it is unfair to base knowledge simply upon what is learned in a classroom environment. Some may assume that knowledge is acquired through hard work, effort, and in some ways suffering, but even that statement may be unfair to assume.

Knowledge is a tool and forever will be and it cannot be obtained tangibly like money. Knowledge cannot be touched through sensory experience but it is something that can be accumulated through time and effort just like money. By building your awareness you can set out your own personal standards for knowledge and begin to act successfully in your own practice.

Going out in the world and working through any first job is a good first-hand experience and you can begin to see some of the harsh realities of the world we live in. Living comfortably simply isn’t manageable on a minimum wage in America. If you truly consider sky-rocketing inflation rates not to mention the necessities we need to pay for, many people are now being left in the trenches with insurmountable debt.

Living in today’s world it’s important to hold qualities to separate yourself out from the crowd. If you want to excel or get ahead in whatever subject or field you have in mind, it is important to make the time to educate yourself so you can become as closest to an expert as possible in your category. Don’t let fear, rejection, or distractions take away your desires.

I hope that by no means do I suggest or advise that College and Universities are not a necessity, for they provide great experience and foundations for serving out knowledge. My goal is to simply make a person open their eyes to all that is already open to them. Look into opportunities and seek out ways that you can invest your time more wisely towards education and learning. If you don’t understand how things work, learn more!

Here are just some great ways you can Educate Yourself for free or good places to utilize resources…

  1. Public Library
  2. Barnes and Noble
  3. Half-Price Books
  4. Google Scholar
  5. Khan Academy
  6. TED Talks
  7. YouTube Documentaries
  8. Netflix Documentaries (Monthly Fee)
  9. iTunes U