Desktop Poet Numero Uno

Throughout my life I’ve always loved writing poems and reading lyrics. During my childhood my older siblings would goof around with me and jokingly say all my problems would only happen to me making them original. As they would say, “I was down with the O.P.P.” As a result growing up in the 90’s they came up the the title O.P.P. from the popular song at the time by Naughty By Nature. Through time this word translated into the phrase “Original Peter Problems”. In essence I would like to dedicate this page of my blog as the “Original Poetry Page”.

Lake Side Queen

Stolen rings and foreign things all guided by an angel’s wings.

When some say love is out of reach, it falls right cobbler like a peach.

But when you say you have no friends, I know that story never ends.

So take what you’re given, but continue with a heart that’s driven.

Only you possess the honesty, while others fight self-consciously.

Buffalo Road

The evening rainfall hits against the glass,

Yet another hour seems to pass,

Soon this bus will find it’s destination,

But time doesn’t call for procrastination,

Riding by the river,

Near slope’s that make you shiver,

In a place that will never wither.

What Struggle

Some get trapped in a nine to five,

Other’s slangin’ to stay alive,

Another night another bottle,

Now the young one’s running on full throttle,

How many people try to swallow down the pain,

Even in the rain,

It’s a struggle to stay sain,

But the sorrow keeps coming back tomorrow.

Peace-In Peace-Out

When I pull out the pen,

I relax like zen,

Some try to flirt,

Some dig it under the dirt,

People listen to the struggle,

But don’t understand the tuggle,

You can become curious,

But don’t become furious.

Unclipping The Wings

Time to get up, and cut ties with all deception,

I’m gonna keep workin’ hard until I catch my reception,

If you have hopes and dreams you gotta demonstrate what it takes to succeed.

Don’t move too fast, but continue to do my deed.

Start Thinking

Every evening I toss and turn,

But when I wake up I live and I learn.

Life ain’t the same if you’re playin’ for the cup,

People can ignore you and then say what’s up.

The further you dig ,

The more beauty you fig,

Especially if you make your own gig.

Starry Eyed Queen

I fell in love with this girl after the very first day that I met her.

After every moment I wondered if things would continue to get better.

Some things in life can be a big surprise.

Deep inside the heart is where treasure lies.

Together people build a community,

Together life can be lived in unity.

Love is what I recommend,

But many roads come with a bend.

So live strong,

Since everlasting love won’t be long.

What’s Purpose

It’s about starting the right business.

It’s about feeding the poor.

Living for forgiveness,

Not living to allure.

It’s about exploring,

Not sea shoring.

Creating economic prosperity,

But not stealing clarity.

Redefining the way,

Without causing dismay.

Life Behind Shades

The world is a ghetto of haves and have-nots,

Everybody looking for ways to have lots,

But too much greed still ties knots.

Ever wonder what that person does,

Do people post just cause,

What ever it is we all dig through fuzz.

Old Ways New Deals

Let’s take it back for real,

When we used to trade cards for value,

Neighborhood friends always looking to deal.

Every master plan uncaps the glue,

Sending letters home capped in seal,

Another night flying with my crew.


Truth is what freed me,

Pain is what made me.

You can try to feel it,

But it’s hard to reveal it.

Embarking upon unknown,

Only to find one born alone.

All watch out for the lace,

Pacing through space,

Without hints of a trace.f

Stolen Cards

This girl stole my heart,

Now that’s a felony.

Stuck in a game like Mario Kart,

Is writing art or destiny.

Lord give me a sign,

Or perhaps some sunshine.

Running for ideas,

Playing without Adidas.

Landing on some inspiration,

Every breath brings inhalation.


You can try your best,

But life’s a test.

You think you know me,

But it’s best to show me.

All throughout life,

Walking under the knife.

Some search for peace,

Some pay the lease.

If it takes so long,

The strength must be strong,

I can write in paper, or sing in song.

What If

What if this was the last day,

What if it took off on relay,

What if all I did was lay,

What if providing love would pay,

What if these words I never say,

What if people stare in dismay,

What if we got together another day.

Office Strength

Here we go a new beginning,

Who knew the beat was singing,

Across the street the bow was slinging,

Nowadays the clock be ringing.

Got off the seat and on the grind.

Stand up straight or left behind.

What you think your the only one,

Between us all it’s all undone.

As the tension grows deeper,

My heart say’s this one’s a keeper,

On me you better be no sleeper.

Ladies of Control

These girls don’t leave my brain cell,

It took a couple steps, we we both fell.

One thing I learned was how to sell,

Encounters never included any yell,

If we agree we’d both gel.

Close Encounters

What the hell is American Eagle,

Maybe if you were cool you’d wear a seagul.

In my day I fought in Vietnam,

Nowadays troops fighting radical Islam.

Somehow you road the railway,

But all you want is to sail away.

Here we are arriving at the station.

Everything I write is my creation.

Stranger Danger

Put me on the schedule,

I don’t need no module.

Living life to the fullest,

Who knew truth was the cruelest.

Check it out,

When you’re in doubt.

If you post it,

Better boast it.

If you post it, they will view it.

Here’s the mind in which you drill,

Here’s the mind in which you thrill,

Here’s the mind that stay’s still,

Here’s the heart that you fill.

Familiar Days

Searching for my homeland,

Finding pockets full of sand.

Washing away familiar,

Slipping becomes muddier.

What is extracurricular,

In particular,

What is perpendicular.

Shuffling with reason,

People fighting through treason,

Every element brings a season.

People want life to believe in,

Keep the fin, if you want to win.

Warrior’s Routine

I ain’t no bodybuilder but I hit the weights,

Push and pull like I take on freights.

Waking up with a smile,

All it takes is one dial.

Everyday is a gift,

Pour the flour, let it sift,

Every soul’s gotta lift.

Funny how things change,

Certain words seem strange.

What It Takes

My mind’s racing like the Indy,

The weather’s blowing real windy,

I know some wisdom, call it Cindy.

I’ve seen a lot of pain,

Driving down the lane,

Nobody like to walk with cane.

They say if you wanna land on Venus,

It doesn’t take a genius,

You have to conquer mars

All it takes is a few stars.

Supreme Beauty

She was super classy,

Clothing never worn too flashy.

Her intelligence bewildering,

But words never hindering.

Just a glance could dazzle the mind,

If only time could rewind,

Things can really unwind.

On The Run

Watch what you say,

It may come back to play,

I lived my life in a hurry,

The one thing mother did was worry,

If you know that success is in your reach,

Boy you better preach,

Workin’ non-stop, always around-the-clock,

Let me have a slice of bread, so I can keep my belly fed.

No this ain’t La-La Land, Don’t get your feet stuck in quick sand.

Track of Creation

Patience is key for someone like me.

Rapping lines to fertilize the earth,

Using the mind’s manifestation to find worth.

Watch me shine, as I undue the twine.

It’s your turn to step up to the plate,

Better hurry up before it’s too late.

Let the mind use the physical for its plan,

Utilize collective consciousness within your clan.

Are you using mathematics as a tool,

Or are you floating through the system like a fool?

To Inspire, we should all set the limit higher.

Good Will

Find information and nurse this,

Here I am spitting verses on verses,

Still a body and soul search for purpose,

Life ain’t a rodeo or a circus.

Community Corrections

Too many kids out on the street drinking,

Instead we’ve gotta find a way to make them start thinking.

Perhaps we’ll find a system worth linking,

Perhaps we’ll find a regulation worth shrinking.

Let”s balance the sails, keep life boats from sinking.

Setting A Sail

What can you do when you can’t turn back the clock,

You can take what you’ve earned and invest in stock.

You can supplement your mind or chose to hold a glock.

Whether you have knowledge or power you stuck on the block.

You can wait for tomorrow or today you can knock.

The choice is yours, but some doors they close and they lock.

If you ever travel far remember to look for a dock.

Shining Possibilities

What a truly beautiful day,

Sometimes all you have to do is sit and play.

Some ladies like to sip on wine,

I like to sit back and enjoy the sunshine.

If you look over yonder you’d see a twine,

If people got together we’d all be fine.

What a truly beautiful day,

Let’s all shine together what do you say.

Never Quit

No matter the obstacles we all need grit.

If you wanna make it far it takes more than a bit.

Some people take a lot of punches, most get hit.

Whatever the struggle you must never quit.

Ease the temper and you won’t become lit.

Whatever the struggle you must never quit.

What’s Love

What is love when it breaks you down?

What is love if you never frown?

What is love if you never clown?

What is love if you never fall down?

What is love if you never try?

What is love if your a passerby?

What is love without a cry?

What is love if you can’t fly?

Looming Days

Sometimes I do too much to consume,

Sometimes I spend too much time in one room

Life is just a dream, until you wake up and scream.

Keep your lights on high beam, until you open a seam.

Let me on your team, so I can finally gleam.

Scope Aim

Looking backwards leads you nowhere, let loose the hair.

Find some beauty but don’t stare, aim to impress with the outer wear.

As the pot fills up, the soup gets thicker.

Forget the gun shot’s and the liquor.

Forget burger flippin’, I ball hard like Scottie Pippin.

Dudes look back, like what you Rooibos sippin’.

Waiting for the day we all house flippin’.

Reach For Higher Ground

In a world of forgetfulness we wonder where’s the good times.

All the trouble and information requires mountain climbs.

The world is indeed a strange and mysterious place.

Always floating among infinite space.

The mind is like a weapon so use it well.

Drifting far away who can tell.

The puppets and the master’s put under spell.

Companies fall when they no longer sell.

Let’s build the world as we intend.

Bridges and trains with multiple bend.

Truth or Fiction

It’s still hard to break feelings, but everyone has their own dealings.

One minute life is true, another minute your feet stuck in glue.

Life can take a lot of self-control.

But its important to let out your soul.

Words can bring people delight. Words can even bring the blind sight.

I didn’t mean to surprise you with the real. But gal this is how I deal.

I’ve seen things that used to be dreams, however at times I’ve uncovered the seams.

Random Recollections

Sippin’ on almond breeze, and lookin’ at palm trees tall as a son of a beach.

Let’s work on construction of the mind, not construction of the pavement.

Collective consciousness, now let’s try and conquer this.

Use my cerebellum like a baretta, I just wanna make things better.

Let’s praise the righteous ones, not the dollar signs.

Life is a constant battle between, the past, present, and future.

Nobody likes to get hit in the heart with a dart.

But not even distance can sever love apart.

No it doesn’t matter how old you are,

It only matters how bold you are.

Use the handbook of the Navigator.

Become a third-eye navigator.

Twists and Turns

Everything’s wrong, but everything’s right.

Still chasing after something, perhaps someone.

Just gonna continue working through the fight.

Gotta make wise decisions, yet still have fun.

Looking to do good, looking to do right.

Islands and Peninsula’s 

Some people stay at home and act cool,

Others get drunk and act a fool.

I’m sure everyone likes to kick ass,

Some people prefer to fish and catch bass.

Do people really like glamour and fame?

When people make a lot of money, do they act the same?

Poetic Justice

I’m a sucker for love, who falls with desire.

When it comes to knowledge, I seek a source higher.

I seek to be truthful, not to be a liar.

When I walk around, you can see me in versatile attire.

When I sit alone, I wish to show my voice like a choir.

What is something that we all need? What is dire?

Do something good, do something well, that way you can comfortably retire.

Time For Elemental Change

We swim through time like fish in the sea.

An era of time where people beg and plea.

Elemental change is something we can all be.

You can do it big or do it small,

With enough effort you can have it all.

Whatever the legacy it’s your call.

Living Like Your Last Day

If today were your last day, how would you live?

Would you encounter your fears?

Would you spend cash on beers?

If today were your last day, how would you give?

Would you encounter with cheers?

Would you write out emotion in smears?

Do it right without a doubt!

Raise it loud and make it shout!

Put it all in blood, sweat, and tears.

If today were your last day, how would you live?

Confronting Love Like Lullabies

Put your mind in the moment when two lovers meet.

When one is courageous enough to take on the feat.

When minds collide this collision is more than neat.

Why is it that some covet love like a piece of meat?

Whenever you confront you never leave in defeat.

Once again just remind me, how and when did we meet?

No Shame In Pain

In this world I’ve seen some pain,

But me, I want to walk others through the rain.

It’s hard to break feelings,

But everyone has their own dealings.

One minute life seems true,

The next minute you’re stuck in gorilla glue.

Life can take a lot of self-control,

But you’ve got to learn how to let out your soul.

Writing words can bring delight,

Words can even bring a blind man sight.

Cliffs of Vision

Now look at that ain’t that kind.

Something about beauty that captivates the mind.

Going through struggles everyone stuck on a grind.

Looking at others in something we find.

Suddenly thoughts collectively bind.

With every journey we look to unwind.

Ponderin’ Coasts

Does time really exist?

Or do we just age?

Another year gone by, turn another page.

Cooking up melody’s and drying sage.

Ponder more and you’ll get the gist.

Keep your hands up, clench the fist.

Stay busy, finish your list.

Emancipate the mind, flee the cage.

Interesting Vibrations

Put your mind in the moment when two lovers meet.

When one is courageous enough to take on the feat.

When minds collide this collision is more than neat.

Why is it that some covet love like a piece of meat?

Whenever you confront you never leave in defeat.

Once again remind me, how and when did we meet?

New Days Approaching

I don’t wanna be poor no more,

I just wanna settle the score.

Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore,

At times I kick it at the vitamin store,

Where people ask me questions galore.

I can start a business outside the door.

What about rhyming?

I can do that for sure.

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