Nine Great Male Mentors That Will Change Your Life

So You Want To Be Great

It’s not uncommon for people nowadays to be fixated on the screen and become obsessed with Hollywood, fame, politics, and the attainment of power that high positions may entail. But the question to ask is what is greatness? Does one have to reach the levels of fame to be great?

Here is my interpretation of greatness…

To become great it takes years of hard work and dedication of grinding day in and day out. This hard work usually involves a lot of behind the scenes stories of trials and tribulations that go uncovered for many years until talent is recognized and properly groomed.

In my eye’s the biggest issue that faces mankind and obtaining greatness is fear. As Eric Thomas stated, “What would your life look like if you lived by faith rather than fear?”

To become great it takes constant inspiration and constant exertion. It takes very strong and disciplined action to conquer fear and rise above the crowd of average and align yourself with the ideas and habits of the world’s shape-shifters.

To become great you must place yourself on the path that best serves your talents and your purpose.

You must ask yourself, who you are, and what am I looking for? People love clarity and money loves clarity.

To become great you must focus especially on WHO you’re targeting as well as WHAT you’re targeting. It’s necessary to obtain inspiration from a place higher than the self. It will take the realization that life is not about the self, but rather an alignment of collective consciousness within the individual. To be great and inspire, is to realize that the individual is serving a higher purpose and doing something for the betterment of humanity and mankind which is beyond the self-interests of the individual.

Many people today struggle with meaning in their lives and so many people search for meaning in many different ways and forms only to fade away from the truth, which is to live a purpose driven life. Whatever your talent and whatever your art form, you must act now and take your course. Your destiny is now. There is no more tomorrow, but only today.

As the great business author Dan Kennedy quoted, “Position yourself to be at the top of the mountain. The wise man sits at the top of the mountain, not the bottom.”

In order to help bring others to a higher vision and allow creativity to spill upon the world, I’ve compiled some websites and podcasts in this post, that I specifically like to utilize to gain further insight on the world and gain inspiration. It’s important to have a tool-belt of good information and resources that you utilize.

Here are seven websites that include channels that will help you become more informed and as a result help you reach your higher potential and awareness in order to create your own label of greatness in the world…

1. Mark Sisson

This author and blogger is notorious for his expertise on the subject of nutrition and specifically the paleo diet. He has made it his life’s work to be fit and healthy and he does by keeping up with the young bucks at the age of 63. I’ve looked up to Mark as one of the pioneers in the health and fitness genre due in large part to the amount of research that he provides on his blog about food and the specifics behind the qualities of certain nutrients. I first stumbled upon the blog in my later high school years and I’ve adopted a lot of health advice from the blog over time. Be sure to check out the bio of this independent researcher. The foundations that I’ve developed about energy, health, happiness, and productivity have been in a large way influenced by this author.

2. Dr. Robert Morse

This website is very informative regarding naturopathic medicine and true health and vitality. The ND Robert Morse is well versed in diseases, medicine and the body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate. The doctor has a very informative YouTube channel that happens to include a lot of good practical advice and educational resources.

3. Maverick Traveler

This website is terrific for self-improvement and it shares a boat load of great stories told by the author James Maverick. The topics range from how to become a self-sufficient man, breaking free from the corporate world, traveling around the world, and attracting beautiful women. The Maverick Man happens to be a post-western man who fights against the westernized world and seeks freedom through traveling, meeting new women, and launching a business. James Maverick holds a high level of wisdom and experience in the real world, that he shares through his blog. His writing and work on the subject of entrepreneurship is some of the best business writing you will find in the blogosphere. Check out this article The Road To Greatness.

4. Bold and Determined

I’ve mentioned this blog before in another post. Bold and Determined incorporates some strong principles on becoming disciplined and taking life by the horns. If you want to make more money through an online business and learn how to go out and kick some ass out in the world, you should definitely read some of Victor’s posts. For example, read the post Stop living your life in transit.

5. Anabolic Men

All around great website that talks about the importance of proper dieting and supplementation for males. It mainly covers testosterone production in the body and how to increase testosterone levels in a natural manner. The site also covers some of the foods that benefit or weaken testosterone levels and why you should cut certain foods out completely. Check out this article The story of the Anabolic Men blog.

6. Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter is an interesting personality. He comes from a humble background from the south side of Chicago and is well educated in street smarts as well as academia. He brings a good mixture of humor, confidence, and humbleness to his videos which can help anyone new to the fitness genre. If you’re sensitive to vulgar language and excessive swearing he might not be the right mentor for body transformation. He happens to have multiple programs to help people get the body of their dreams. He has some good podcast videos such as Best Ways To Burn Fat Fast. Also check out his YouTube channel and this Motivational video…

7. Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas is a living legend who has more willpower and inspiration inside his flesh than any other Keynote Speaker that I’ve seen besides perhaps Tony Robbins. Eric Thomas will help you transition your mindset into a winner and he will purge you of any victim mentality thoughts that may be lurking in your head. His material and Youtube Channel is full of quality and inspirational videos. Check this video out:

8. Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes has some great concepts and ideas to put into practice. His school of greatness is centered on eight principles. Here’s the 8 Principles of Greatness:
#1 Create a vision.
#2 Turn adversity into advantage.
#3 Cultivate a championship mindset.
#4 Develop hustle.
#5 Master your body.
#6 Practice positive habits.
#7 Building a winning team.
#8 Be of service to others.

It may sound simple, but these principles are game-changers if you’re willing to take action in the real world. But remember even if you can master and develop these principles; don’t forget about humility and gratefulness. The book School of Greatness can be purchased here. Check out this interview with Eric Thomas.

9. Dr. Robert Cassar (Earther Academy)

This website is basically an academy that allows access to many informative videos centered on the topic of Naturopathic health, raw foods, detoxication, and terrain modification. Dr. Robert Cassar discusses a lot about the harmful parasites that are present in most processed foods and how to eliminate harmful addictive habits and foods that are abundant today. He has a great series of videos called Earth Shift Project on YouTube that can help inform anyone on Naturopathic remedies. Check out this great video on Healthy Foods To Help Assist With A Healthy Transition To Optimal Health…

Now that I’ve shared these mentors and resources, let’s get hungry and get to the task of changing lives. You have the information to revolutionize your life and the lifestyle of others. You only have 24 hours in the day so focus on time it’s your most precious resource. Cut out the negativity and transition your mindset, life is beautiful as long as you’re willing to make it through the struggles and obstacles!

There is opportunity wherever you turn, as long as you’re willing to dig your own goldmine. Go out and create your greatness.

Peace and Happy New Year!


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