Why I Let Go of The Negative Emotion of Jealousy

Leave Negative Emotion In The Past

Out of various emotions expressed, I firmly believe that jealousy and envy are two very poor feelings that can and should be eliminated for anyone looking to develop strong personal character. In order to grow strong as a human and truly flourish and resonate well, I feel like finding a way to release negative emotion is critical.

Over the course of time, I’ve had to learn that in order to be joyful and happy and truly resonate well with other people, it isn’t healthy to be jealous or show any signs of negative emotions.

In order to live within a balanced harmonious state of being, it takes some life experiences as well as an exploration of one’s consciousness. Personally, I’ve found great fulfillment utilizing tools like meditation a mental exercise, as well as sports as a means to switch my gears away from negative emotion.

When you begin to dive deeper within your mind and emotional experiences that you’ve shared with others, it starts to form a memory base in the mind where you store warm fuzzy feelings and close bonding.

Feelings of love, warmth, and friendship are all emotions that we seek to keep.

We all seek relationship bonding and we all seek love and care from others.

When I look back, I can relate to holding feelings of jealousy of other guy’s material possessions like boats, clothes, cars, residences, and yachts. I also held some feelings of wonder on how certain males were able to obtain massive amounts of material possessions. Other things that I used to be a slightly jealous of, was other people’s great skills in sports, art, or public speaking.

Looking back what I’ve come to learn though, is that this is all quite foolish indeed. A strong male figure can’t truly live a strong balanced life if he holds feelings of jealousy.

When you detach and let go of the negative emotion of jealousy, you find greater peace and you let worry out of your life. As a result, you invite imagination inwards which can lead to a happy life.

Jealousy is not a trait that males should possess. The sooner you can seek to get rid of jealousy and other negative emotions like hatred, the better it will be for your well-being.

Yeah sure you might not be completely happy about your current lifestyle such as your job, acquaintance, or place of residence. Or perhaps I’m wrong, maybe you love your job, place of residence, and acquaintance, if that’s the case keep the love and balance in your life.

The good news is, we’re all human and we can all adapt to change.

Learn to admire the talents and skills that others have so you can grow in appreciation. When you learn from others and begin to build yourself up through positive reinforcement and positive affirmations you worry less and focus your energy on your own fine works.

Let go of jealousy and let in appreciation.

Utilize some meditation or check out some material from Deepak Chopra.

No matter what your past was like, you can come to the present moment and gain clarity. Once you decide to switch the direction of your life in a positive direction by gaining more focus and clarity you can begin to do amazing things for the lives of others.


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